I had med-free births with both my of my girls. As the birth of baby #3 approaches I've found myself seriously contemplating an epidural. I am just so torn! My first labor was 12 hours long and it was a pretty typical/difficult natural birth, with about two hours of pushing. My second labor was 16 hours long but was so doable! The only hard part was again, the pushing, this time because it was so insanely fast and excruciating. My body just kind of expelled her after just one big push. I screamed bloody murder the whole time. I really don't mind facing labor again, but I don't want to face that kind of pain again. Part of me rationalizes it because it was only a minute or so long. Seems silly to get an epidural to avoid a minute or two of pain… but it was so intense!
But then I think about risks/issues that can come with an epidural. Because of how fast the pushing happened last time I really want to make a decision before going to the hospital.

So tell me about your epidural experience! Anything great, terrible, or surprising?