I have a mild case of mastitis that was at its worst 3 days ago. That day my breast hurt so much and I couldn’t help crying out in pain every time I nursed on that breast. I did a lot of warm compresses and massage, plus Motrin. My doctor never called back and I’m still waiting to hear back, but my SIL gave me the leftovers of her antibiotics from when she had it (don’t know why she didn’t finish them) so I have started antibiotics.

I have a low grade fever that went away yesterday and returned today. I have a headache, body aches, and some dizziness. My back and neck are achy but that’s probably from poor posture while nursing and carrying the baby. My breast is still red in one spot and milk is stuck there, but it isn’t really painful to feed the baby anymore.

So now I am scared I could also have COVID. I feel like if my breast has improved everything else should too. Did anyone experience an improvement of milk flow and reduced pain while still having the other symptoms?