Our almost 3 year old is constantly climbing out of bed at nighttime and naptime. Naptime is one thing but as I write this, it is currently 10pm. DH has been doing the bedtime routine and trying to get DS to go to bed since 8:30pm.

Other than locking his bedroom door at night, (either replacing the lever door with a knob that he can't open OR putting one of those child safety knob covers on the inside knob so we can still open the door from the outside), we don't know what to do.

While I don't want to lock him in, I also do not want to lie in bed with him for an hour or have him sneak out of his room and into DS2's room and wake him up.

My son simply does not listen to DH or I when we ask him to stay in his room and we don't want this bedtime routine to be hours each night. What would you do?