M is 13 months and she had/has for

Breakfast: banana oatmeal (all oat flour) waffles ( http://www.theveggiegal.com/blog/?p=1007 great recipe! Plan to use milk and not water next time. I also add applesauce in and plan to puree blueberries as well) and plain yogurt with homemade applesauce added in and whole milk.

Morning Snack: daycare

Lunch: pan seared steel head/ grilled pork loin, saute spinach & tomatoes and bananas

Afternoon Snack: banana oatmeal waffles and bananas

Dinner: grilled pork loin, peas and red anjou pears / blackberries and whole milk

She also nurses at wake up and bedtime and gets 3 (2oz formula + 3oz whole milk) bottles.