My mom is planning to come for the birth of our son, EDD May 12. We have only two options.

1. She comes from April 12-May 18th (5 weeks, and that way she is present for my baby shower, for the birth and a little help after birth, provided he doesn't come late!)


2. She hops on a flight when I go into labour, and spends 3 weeks with us (that way she misses the shower and the actual birth, but will have more time after delivery to help out)

Both DH and I are very comfortable with my mom and we're not worried about being under the same roof with her at all. We really just want her present for the shower, birth, and to help after delivery, especially since I haven't seen her at all since we got pregnant, but we have to choose one of the options mentioned above.

In light of how much help you needed in the final weeks leading up to delivery, and in the weeks after delivery, when would you suggest is the best time for her to come? I would be off work and DH's job is very flexible so he would be at home a lot as well. DH's mom also lives near and is available round the clock.