LOs daycare teacher has been asking us to send more milk and I'm getting to the end of my stash and only able to pump 13 oz per day, which is what I've been sending in. LO is 8 months old and eats solids for breakfast and lunch and has four nursing sessions in addition to her bottles at daycare. I'm not opposed to formula if she needs the extra milk but I'd like to avoid reducing supply even more so I'm trying to hold off on supplementing. But even with pumping four times a day during the week, keeping up one or two extra sessions on weekends, drinking fenugreek tea and eating steelcut oats, I haven't been able to boost supply at all.

Moms who supplemented, at what point did you introduce formula and how did you come to make your decision? My goal is to continue breastfeeding, either exclusively or supplemented with formula, for as close to a year as I can. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!