Hi ladies,

FTM here. LO is 2 weeks old and we started supplementing b/c he lost over 10% of body weight while in the hospital. At 6 days we saw the pediatrician and were pleased that LO had gained 7oz in 2.5 days. We met with a LC because we wanted to start pulling back on supplementation. We went back to 20-30ml per feeding but at our next appointment (10 days), he had lost an ounce despite the supplementation. We saw the LC the next day who told us to up the supplementing to 2oz per feeding. At our appt, LO only got 1.5oz from BF (he falls asleep often and isn't transferring a ton) when he needs 3oz per feeding for optimal weight gain.

For now, I'm BF, supplementing (mainly formula, but with BM when I can pump enough), then pumping for 20 minutes. This takes about 1.5 hours each session and we're still not sure it's working. My goal was to EBF, but I'm open to supplementing, just not sure I can sustain all I'm doing now. Any advice, suggestions or guidance?