K went 8 hours last night till this morning in between feedings. Since we always only feed from one side, and I am just awake, I decided might as well pump the other side. Since our bout with thrush, I had stopped pumping, and only recently squeeze in a pumping session every other day.
BUT, I was shocked that on the side I didn't feed from this morning, I only got LESS than 1 oz! I tried pumping for about 10 min. Then I tried pumping on the side I did BF from and it was just a few drops. Turned it up so high, it kind of hurts a little now. But how can it be that I got so little milk when I hadn't even fed from that side in 8 hours?!?!

I know I've been ravenously hungry the past few days (assuming a growth spurt) and been trying to eat a lot more. I've also been waking up hungry, but usually skip a breakfast since K will sleep in till 10:30-11 am. Felt bad about that and went and got 2 breakfast sandwiches immediately!

So I'm not sure if my lack of milk is because:
a) Body is regulated to STTN and BF'ing from one side.
b) Not making enough milk because I'm hungry.

OR what else could it be?
Should I be concerned? Add more pumping sessions to increase supply? Start taking supplements like Fenugreek?
* Well, actually I did take one dose last night because I felt like my BBs are already feeling so much smaller than before (and my supply/engorgement had already regulated about 3-4 weeks ago).

Feeling concerned...