we're reforming bedtime around here in a number of respects and so we have an opportunity to incorporate new aspects into our routine. our main challenge is that (1) due to rearranging for WFH purposes, all our 3 kids are sleeping in the same room and (2) the 4.5 year old is tired at bedtime, the 9 month old is tired, the 2 year old is absolutely bouncing off the walls, and we can't leave her to CIO/put herself to sleep because she wakes the baby. we already wake her up from her afternoon nap but i know we need to do it even earlier. but i'm also looking for suggestions we could incorporate into our bedtime routine that both the 4.5 year old and 2 year old could do that would help them calm themselves a little. we already do shower, jammies, books, lullabies. there is plenty of nagging involved already so i'm looking for something they might actually enjoy, or a fun low-key quiet task i can assign them? would love to hear any creative solutions!