Sorry I post frequently on this board- I just feel a bit overwhelmed and none of my friends have dealt with this situation.

So, baby girl (13 weeks) is now transferring 2 oz at weighted feeds (!) which is huge progress from the first 8 weeks of no more than 1.25 at a feed. Since about 6 weeks, our regime has been to do 7-8 feedings a day with 3 bottles of 2 oz of formula offered after every other feeding. She had substantial gains with this set up for those 6 and 8 week check ups.

At check ins with the LC, she has gained 7 oz from weeks 8-10 and from weeks 10-12 she has gained 5 oz. I've had a difficult time waking her for an 8th feeding (this is usually after 830 pm) so we average 7 feedings most days. This means now on the low end she is only getting around 20-22 oz a day of BM and formula.

The LC things she looks good- she has always been in the 90+ percentile for length so she is long and skinny, but not gaunt. The LC has two charts that say 25 oz a day is good to aim for and another chart that says at her current weight, 32 oz is ideal. She was hesitant to encourage me to increase bottles due to concerns over bottle preference and said we could keep doing what we are doing.

I feel worried that she may not even be getting 25 oz a day. She is not fussy after feedings and seems happy... but I just feel concerned I am not giving her what she needs.

What would you do? Start supplementing after more feedings and not worry about the bottle preference issue? Increase current supplementing to 3 oz and keep them to every other feeding so she doesn't get a bottle 7x a day? Trust the LC that things are okay and leave it alone?

(BTW - The pediatrician (whom we don't see again until her 16 week check up) has historically wanted me to bump things up because of early weight gain issues. Since she had great gains at 6/8 weeks she didn't reschedule us to return until 4 months. I don't know if she would be as accepting of the weight gains lately or not.)