Not sure what our next step should be:

LO had a blueberry fig bar last weekend, and almost immediately had itchy bumps on her face (not hives, more like little pimples). We figured it wa blueberry or gluten, and planned to give her another later in the week to see if the reaction was a coincidence.

Last night, not thinking, I gave her blueberries with dinner. She ate two before declaring she doesn't like them anymore, and within 10 minutes, the bumps on her face were back.

We asked her if her mouth felt itchy (no) or if her stomach hurt (also no). Poop is normal, and the rash fades within a few hours.

Should we be thinking about allergy testing for one allergy? Just cut blueberries out? I would like to confirm that it is in fact the blueberries, but I don't want to approach this by just feeding them to her again.

**ETA: LO is 3. She's been eating blueberries for years. Come to think of it, we picked a bunch of fresh berries last summer, and I feel like the face rash was present. I thought it might be accidental exposure to dairy (she's allergic) at preschool, but now I'm second guessing that.