I was blessed with an oversupply and exclusively pumped for my DD. She is almost 15 months have had only breast milk from a bottle. She will happily drink water from a straw/cup or sippy cup. She will also have smoothies (banana, strawberries, splash of whole milk) from a straw/cup. But she refuses to have the breast milk (warmed) in anything but her bottle.
I still have about 2,400oz left frozen in the deep freezer. She is currently having 3 full meals plus a snack (she's a good eater) daily. I currently give her a 6oz bottle in the morning when she gets up, she gets a 6oz bottle at day care before nap, and her last 6oz bottle before bed. We tried skipping her morning and afternoon bottle this weekend and she was fine with it. Haven't messed with the night bottle since her sleep routine is fantastic.
We have a cruise coming up in March and the cruise ship does not allow breast milk on board (FDA regulations). This pushed me to start thinking about weaning quickly.
What would you do? Can I skip 10 days of bottles/bmilk during the cruise and reintroduce when we return home until I run out of frozen? Would you try to replace whole cows milk in the bottles so she has something to drink on the cruise -- IMO though, I think the 2 should be completely separate drinks for her -- ie keep bmilk in bottles and cows milk in a sippy cup. Do toddlers become attached to the bottle after 15 months and "need" it -- this is a habit I do not want her to develop.
Am I jumping too many steps at once? Should I start slow and try to get her to have the bmilk in the sippy cup first?
So many different ways so I was wondering what has worked for you?