Looks like another April baby for me! Can't wait to meet all you other mamas!

EDD if you have one: April 5th / I think
When Did You Find Out?: 9 dpo
Child Number: Two!
Where You Live: Bay Area, CA
What kind of provider will you see?: OB GYN but thinking of checking out a new hospital so maybe ill see a new midwife?
When's Your First Appointment?: haven't called yet!
What kind of birth do you want?: to go as long as possible without meds and have a healthy/happy baby and mom
What You're Most Excited For: Being team green!
What You're Most Scared About: gaining weight. I gained 70 with DD and I only want to gain <30 with this one
Symptoms so far: waves of nausea, horrible lower back ache and fatigue
Any fun plans for the end of summer/fall?: in charleston visiting my mom and we have a Palm Springs trip planned for October!
Share a picture of your bfp, announcement, &/or chart: