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  1. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4061 posts

    @Kitkat: present arrived late idea is cute!

    @MrsJBeeG: fun to pick how to tell them

  2. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    August Mamas

    8th: bhbee (#3), fuzzypeaches (#3)
    10th: KitKat (#2)
    14th: mrsjbeeg (#1)

    Jan 3rd: Bhbee
    Jan 4th: MrsJBeeG

  3. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    I thought it would be fun to start the due date list. as I sit in our hotel room Christmas morning waiting for DH to wake up. Not that anyone should feel sorry for me as I’m an early to wake person and like my quiet time before the world starts moving.

    Hope everyone is feeling well and has a wonderful holiday with family.

  4. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 239 posts

    Merry Christmas everyone! Tentatively joining!

    Location: NC

    EDD: 8/27

    First child? Third! My daughter is 5 and my son is 17 months.

    Any symptoms? Nausea started basically as soon as I got my BFP. So far it’s under control as long as I eat regular meals. I’m also completely exhausted. But that might be due to my kids...

    Who have you told? Just my husband and best friend.

    Current thoughts/feelings/fears: I’m always paranoid about the possibility of a loss. I lost a pregnancy before I had my daughter, and now I’m always nervous until I hear a heartbeat. But I’m grateful every day that I am pregnant!

    Congratulations to everyone!!

  5. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    @CoffeeMom: welcome and congrats! 8/27 is my birthday

    @MrsJBeeG: thanks for starting the list! I have an appointment 1/10

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    @CoffeeMom: congratulations and welcome!

  7. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    August Mamas

    8th: bhbee (#3), fuzzypeaches (#3)
    10th: KitKat (#2)
    14th: mrsjbeeg (#1)
    27th: coffeemom (#3)

    Jan 3rd: Bhbee
    Jan 4th: MrsJBeeG
    Jan 10th: KitKat

  8. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    What’s everyone craving? I’m craving clam chowder. Seriously considered having it for lunch and dinner today (I limited myself to just lunch ) Last pregnancy it was cheeseburgers and lemonade.

    Meanwhile, the thought of Chinese food or any sort of leftovers make me want to vomit 🤷‍♀️

  9. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4061 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: thank you for setting up the list!

    @Kitkat: my happy place is sour right now. Not exactly a craving but it sounds good where many things don’t.

  10. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    @Kitkat: I’m not really craving anything right now. I have noticed that certain things taste “funny” to me - sadly Swiss cheese seems to be on the list and I’m a cheese lover. And I’ve even ditched decaf coffee as it tastes weird.

  11. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: ugh that sucks! Hopefully that’s a first trimester only thing.

  12. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    I spent the day at the doctors. Turns out my labs revealed elevated TSH that suggests hypothyroidism. It’s not much above the threshold but they are putting me on synthroid and monitoring levels every three weeks to ensure it’s lowering my TSH to the preferred pregnancy level. I’m grateful they discovered it so early given the scary effects it can have in a baby - but adding two regular doctor appointments a month just to check it seems daunting with everything else going on.

  13. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4061 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: sorry you have to deal with that, no fun but hopefully it keeps anything scary from happening.
    I am with you on coffee too. I don’t even drink it but my husband loves strong coffee and i can’t stand to be anywhere near it.

  14. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4061 posts

    I can’t believe we still have such a small group here! I think maybe there must be some who haven’t felt up to joining yet?

  15. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    @bhbee: I adore coffee and joke that it’s all there is in my veins. But not when pregnant. Someone made strong coffee today at work and I had to bolt out of my desk to avoid getting sick. It was so overwhelming. Funny how pregnancy really does change our lives temporarily.

  16. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    @bhbee: I was wondering that. But then I think I noticed last year there was a combined July/August board - I wonder if people avoid trying to have August babies for some reason?

  17. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4061 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: in Texas where we live (and other states also) the school cutoff is sept 1 so that’s one deterrent i think. No one wants the youngest kid in class or to have to redshirt. It’s also super hot, but honestly my old due date of October would probably be worse because it’s still super hot then and you’ve done the whole hot season. At least in August i can switch to sweating while nursing instead

    I’ve never gotten any babies when i planned but i will be happy for any miracle we get

  18. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    @bhbee: I was thinking the school deadline might be it. Both of my brothers were August babies and I think my mom just held them back a year due to their ages. But like you, I’m just happy to have the possibility of a baby right now and any due date is fine with me.

  19. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: I think I read somewhere that overall, the most births occur in August, so I’m surprised we’re such a small group too.. I was born in August and was always one of the youngest in my class, but never really had an issue with it (besides being jealous when all my friends got their drivers licenses before me )

    The school cutoff here is September 1 too, so even though our two kids will be 22 months apart, they’ll only be one grade apart (DS was born in October). Yay for have two in college for three years! 😬

  20. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 239 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: I’m with you on the coffee! I love my coffee when I’m not pregnant, and each time I buy a bag of decaf in hopes that I can continue drinking it. But by 5-6 weeks, I can’t stand it anymore. This time it hit me super early, around 4.5 weeks!

  21. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 589 posts

    @CoffeeMom: welcome!

    It’s true I can’t believe there are so few of us! For us school cut off is dec 31st so august is perfect lol.

    I feel like I’m actually dying of morning sickness (worse in evening) anyone else? I have been trying B6 instead of diclegis but will definitely fill my prescription when I get back home because I don’t know how I could get through work!

    Anyone else trying any home remedies? I’ve been sick with both my others but never like this 🤢

  22. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 589 posts

    P.s. maybe I missed this but what’s everyone doing for checking gender? I’m going to do a panorama screen anyway and am going to find out 😬 I wouldn’t mind being team green but dh can’t handle it lol

  23. fuzzypeaches

    kiwi / 589 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: can’t they just check that at your ob?? So strange that you need to add more appointments! What a pain!

  24. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: sorry you’re feeling so awful...I’ve been lucky with minimal nausea so far, but a friend of mine had terrible nausea her whole pregnancy and diclegis was a lifesaver for her. As for gender, we’re just going to wait for the 20 week anatomy scan since our insurance doesn’t cover any of the NIPT tests. Neither of us could handle being team green

    I had some first trimester blood work done today...makes this feel more real! Only 12 days till my first ultrasound! 😀

  25. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4061 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: we have no interest in team green i think my ob offers materniti 21 since I’m 36. I think it will be fun to tell the kids the gender when we tell them about the baby - make it more real to them. I’m nervous about getting there since my last loss was a week before my nipt so I’m planning to beg to do it on the early side.

  26. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4061 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: I’ve been trying b6 too but not sure it’s doing anything. But I’m afraid to try diclegis since unisom makes me feel awful.

  27. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: my nausea is way worse in the afternoon and evening. I’m relying on ginger chews and ginger ale a lot. My DH has been teasing me that I’m gonna start to smell like ginger with all that I’m consuming. But I don’t react well to medicines so I’m trying to avoid unisom and other stuff.

    Since I’m 40 - I think my insurance will cover some of the screenings. Haven’t decided which ones I’ll do but I know I’m not interested in team green - I want to know so I can plan the color scheme of a nursery and all that.

  28. LabradorLover

    apricot / 449 posts

    Joining this board because I am 5w4d and going to be a first time mommy!!!

    Location: NY

    EDD: 8/27/18

    First child? Yes!

    Any symptoms? VERY tender and sore boobs, like insanely tender to any touch!

    Who have you told? DH, Bestie and parents

    Current thoughts/feelings/fears? We have been trying for 1.5 years and finally got what we have been waiting for just in time for Christmas. I don’t think it truly has hit me or DH yet but we are so so excited! We had to do fertility treatments so my 7 week ultrasound is in January 8th and I cannot wait! Not too many symptoms yet and hoping the whole morning sickness thing stays away!

  29. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    @LabradorLover: welcome and congratulations!! Glad our little August group is growing...and 8/27 is an awesome birthday

  30. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    August Mamas
    8th: bhbee (#3), fuzzypeaches (#3)
    10th: KitKat (#2)
    14th: mrsjbeeg (#1)
    27th: coffeemom (#3), LabradorLover (#1)

    Jan 3rd: Bhbee
    Jan 4th: MrsJBeeG
    Jan 10th: KitKat

  31. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4061 posts

    @LabradorLover: yay to joining!!!

  32. MrsJBeeG

    apricot / 471 posts

    @LabradorLover: welcome! Glad you joined. And it’s nice to have another first time mom on here!

  33. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 239 posts

    @LabradorLover: Congrats and welcome! We are due date twins

    We will find out gender at the 20 week anatomy scan. We were team green with my first, and found out at 20 weeks with my second. We will find out again because it really helped my daughter last time (and my husband can’t handle not finding out).

  34. LabradorLover

    apricot / 449 posts

    @Kitkat: thank you, I thought you might like my due date!

    @bhbee: thank you!!!

    @MrsJBeeG: I feel the same! I always felt like I was the only one on the other boards so glad we have each other!

    @CoffeeMom: thank you!! We will have to wait and see if we actually have our babies then or who comes sooner! Haha

    Congrats to you all, too!!

    We will definitely be finding out gender at the 20 week scan because we want to know so badly!!

  35. Seslsesl

    olive / 50 posts

    I’ve been lurking and finally decided to officially join!

    Location: NJ

    EDD: 8/1

    First child?: second! I have a 4 year old daughter

    Symptoms: I was super nauseous and fatigued weeks 6-8, but it’s been a little better recently. I still am wiped out earlier in the evening than usual and have waves of morning sickness randomly throughout the day.

    Who have you told?: We’ve told my in-laws and a couple of close friends. My family can’t keep a secret, so we’re waiting a couple more weeks to tell them.

    Current thoughts/feelings/fears: We were lucky enough to get pregnant immediately after I had my IUD removed, which is awesome, but also carries a slightly higher risk of miscarriage due to uterine lining stuff, so I’m anxious to get to the second semester. Everything looks good so far, and everything was on track at my dating ultrasound, so hoping everything stays healthy! We’re also anxious to tell our daughter, but want to wait till I’m a bit further a long - it’s so hard not telling her!

  36. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    @Seslsesl: welcome and congrats!!

  37. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    Hello everyone! I got my BFP a few days ago. I will.be due late aug/early Sept so thought I would join this group

    Location : New Zealand
    Due date : 4 Sept
    First child : nope - 2nd - we have a 2 year old daughter
    Symptoms : super tired and very crampy/ lots of twinges. Makes me a bit nervous.
    We've told : best friend, sister
    Current thoughts : overwhelmed, excited, happy, blessed!

    Looking forward to sharing the journey. X

  38. Kitkat

    apricot / 286 posts

    @EmmaNZ: welcome!!

    Happy New Year, everyone! Looking forward to a great 2018

  39. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 239 posts

    @Seslsesl: yes @EmmaNZ: Welcome and congrats!!

  40. californiadreams

    pomegranate / 3411 posts

    Hello! I was checking for a while for the August 2018 board to be created and i am wondering why it hasn't (like in the drop down list I mean). I didn't know there was an "other due date" board, so this is great that this got started!

    Location: Ontario, Canada

    EDD: August 2, 2018

    First child? third!

    Any symptoms? migraines/tension headaches simultaneous with tooth and gum pain have come in waves. Extrmely mild nausea only if i go too long without eating and FATIGUE! I've heard when you are beyond your first kid, it is hard to tell if you are tired from being pregnant or from having kids....i can tell i am experiencing a whole new level of tired some days.

    Who have you told? my family, DH's family, and a few close friends.

    Current thoughts/feelings/fears? my biggest fear is how the heck i am going to handle 3 kids, lol. even though this was totally planned. I am super excited to have a summer baby though. I have 2 boys born in November and February, so being third trimester in the summer will be a new experience for me.

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