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  1. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: I’m so sorry - take care of yourself

  2. Kitkat

    apricot / 253 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: I’m so sorry

  3. Kitkat

    apricot / 253 posts

    So just had my ten week ultrasound (or so I thought) turns out I’m measuring 13.5 weeks and new due date is 7/15. I’m in shock, but I guess the period I thought I had was implantation bleeding. Anyways, guess I’ll be moving to the July board. Good luck with your pregnancies and I’ll miss you ladies!!

  4. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    @Kitkat: wow! Nice to skip the rest of first tri! Best of luck for your sweet July baby!

  5. LabradorLover

    cherry / 218 posts

    @Kitkat: Awesome!! Good luck with everything!

  6. lilyofthewest

    persimmon / 1375 posts

    Hi folks -- I think I'm mostly going to hang out on the September mamas group, but I wanted to check in here. With LO#1 I went to 41+5 or 41+6 and all the mamas in my month group had delivered and moved on the postpartum thread weeks ahead of me!

    Location: Just outside DC

    EDD: 8/23 or 8/24, but since I cooked my first baby well-done, I'm planning for an early September birthday. With LO#1 I got rapidly and progressively crazier every day that passed after about 40+4 and I hope adjusting my expectations makes this pregnancy more bearable if it also runs on the long side.

    First child? Nope, I have a 2.5-year-old.

    Any symptoms? Hungry-and-not-hungry, exhausted, sore breasts and nipples.

    Who have you told? Hellobee, my midwives, my partner.

    Current thoughts/feelings/fears? Repeat loss. 2017 was a crap year for pregnancies for me -- two losses and an ectopic.

  7. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    @lilyofthewest: crossing my fingers this is your rainbow whether August or September!!

  8. math.nerd

    cherry / 176 posts

    @Kitkat: That's bananas! Glad it was a good appointment and things are looking good - but sorry to see you head to a whole other month board!

    I spoke too soon about having mild symptoms. I. feel. crappy. I hate this part.

  9. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    @math.nerd: I’m sorry. I’m in the eye of the ms storm (almost 10w) and I’m just surviving. I’m such a crappy parent to my older kids right now. But every time i feel ok for 5 minutes I freak out a little since this is about the time trouble started to show up in my last loss.

  10. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 212 posts

    @fuzzypeaches: I’m so very sorry

  11. Seslsesl

    apple seed / 3 posts

    Hi everyone! Between a broken computer, back to school craziness, and just general life stuff, I've been totally MIA. I was so sorry to hear about fuzzypeaches and MrsJBeeG - best wishes for future pregnancies
    I'd been feeling better, but have been hit with a lot of fatigue again. I also started spotting a bit Tuesday evening, but the nurse I talked to told me not to worry too much. I'm 11w2d today, and have an appointment on Monday, so hoping it's all good and I can just get into the second trimester. Sending good vibes to everyone!

  12. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    August Mamas

    1st: Seslsesl (#2)
    2nd: CaliforniaDreams (#3)
    10th: bhbee (#3)
    24th: lilyofthewest (#2)
    25th: LabradorLover (#1)
    27th: coffeemom (#3)
    31st: Math.Nerd (#2)
    Sept 4th: EmmaNZ (#2)

    Jan 15th: Seslsesl
    Jan 19th: Math.Nerd
    Jan 22nd: LabradorLover
    Jan 25th: bhbee (NIPT)

    anything to change or add just reply!

  13. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    @Seslsesl: good luck on Monday! are you doing one of the screening tests then?

  14. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    I also just realized the admins changed the board to be by "due date" instead of me and to be in the August 2018 subgroup. yay!

  15. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 212 posts

    So....how early is too early for maternity pants? This is my third baby and I feel like I go into them earlier each time haha. With my first, I stayed in regular pants until around 16 weeks. With my second baby, I was in them before ten weeks. I’m now 7.5 weeks and considering it...

  16. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    @CoffeeMom: i split the different this time. I stared wearing leggings with long tops at like 6 weeks. I tell myself it’s kind of real clothes figure in leggings i can make it a while longer although sometimes the waist still bothers me when I’m feeling really sick.

    ETA also i never stopped wearing my maternity lounge/pj pants from old navy. They fit at any size and are so comfy!!

  17. Seslsesl

    apple seed / 3 posts

    I had my appointment today and things seem to be progressing well! It took my midwife a minute to find the heartbeat, which definitely had me worried, but then she found it low in my pelvis and it sounded perfect! I had my NIPT blood taken and scheduled my nuchal fold scan for next Monday, so things feel like they're moving along. We're planning on keeping the sex a surprise until birth, but it's so tempting with the NIPT testing and being able to find out so early!

    Also, I've definitely transitioned to wearing leggings as much as possible, though it's not always easy to do with my work wardrobe. Thank goodness for maternity tights!

  18. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    @Seslsesl: that’s exciting to hear the hb!

  19. bhbee

    pomegranate / 3180 posts

    How is everyone doing? I’ve felt a little less sick the last couple days ... i still lost my dinner last night but I’m more functional overall. Soooo of course it’s freaking me out even as it’s nice. I’m closing in on 11w so it’s not crazy ... i just really need to get to that appt next week! I also finally remembered that Prevacid is what really helped my heartburn last time and i think that may be making a difference too.

    @math.nerd: good luck with your appt on Friday!!

  20. CoffeeMom

    cherry / 212 posts

    @bhbee: I’ve been feeling a bit better as well, so of course have been freaking out and googling like crazy. I have my first midwife appointment on Monday, so hopefully that goes well and we are able to hear the heartbeat!


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