I'm not sure where to put this because it affects so many aspects of my life. I'm considering relocating from our current city back to my home state to be closer to family. My mom and brother/sil both live there and I miss them and could use their help with DS and DH. We have no family here and DH's family is on the other side of the country, not rushing out to help any time soon.

I'm trying to think of every possible thing that needs to be done for this to happen and it's giving me major anxiety because I'm responsible for all of it. I would need to find a job, find an accessible (or easily modified) house in an affordable but safe location, sell my current house, not to mention pack and move all my junk.

If I needed to do any in person interviews it would entail flying out with my son and hiring a caregiver for DH because taking him with the wheelchair is a huge hassle for a short trip. House hunting would have to be done remotely for the most part, but then there's a chance I'll need to fly back and forth to close on the new or old house.

I always thought that I'd eventually move back but now that I'm able to balance work with DS in daycare and DH at home, I realize that I could take a more traditional, less work from home position. Once we're settled in in my home state we'd have help from my family, and my sil even has her extended family in the area.

I do have tons of business contacts from early in my career, but I've changed my focus to a slightly different industry. I worry that if I do find a position I won't be able to move fast enough to have a reasonable start date.

Does this sound like a crazy idea? I'd appreciate hearing any experiences with relocating (specifically for MOM's job) to a new area with a family in tow. Please give me your tips