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December 2014 Moms (and their kids)

  1. MamaG

    pomelo / 5239 posts

    DH is unexpectedly in the hospital this weekend due to a recent issue that popped up. It’s terrible timing and we are trying to just plow through this and get to the other side. K lost her mind leaving the hospital. She’s not a total Daddy’s girl but she’s rattled about Daddy not coming home. Poor girl has never been away from either of us.

  2. Miss Ariel

    nectarine / 2006 posts

    @MamaG: oh no! Hope he has a speedy recovery and is back home soon.

  3. FaithFertility

    eggplant / 11791 posts

    @MamaG: I'm so sorry

  4. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3004 posts

    @MamaG: oh no, I’m so sorry! I hope he’s better and back soon.

  5. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22908 posts

    @MamaG: Oh no! I hope he has a speedy recovery and the girls will settle down!

  6. MamaG

    pomelo / 5239 posts

    Thanks ladies. Unfortunately he’s still in the hospital until at least tomorrow. He’s having a biopsy now but we won’t get the results for 7-10 days. We are just so anxious to return to a more normal routine with him at home.

  7. MrsF

    honeydew / 7273 posts

    @MamaG: I'm so sorry your DH is having health issues. I hope you're all home together soon!

  8. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30240 posts

    @MamaG: So sorry!! Hope he's home soon!

  9. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22908 posts

    @MamaG: Is hubby home now? Hope everyone's doing okay

    I know K is like the last kid on earth to get potty trained, but we're finally there! I'm super glad we've been taking her lead. School said last week she's ready, so she's been diaper free and without accidents so far! And of course, the not pooping have started, so I have to remember to tell her she can ask for a diaper to poop if she needs.

  10. MamaG

    pomelo / 5239 posts

    @snowjewelz: thanks for asking, unfortunately no he’s still in the hospital. It sounds like hopefully Friday or Saturday. Y’all this has been the craziest thing we have dealt with. And not having people local we can rely on is hard. Thankfully my sibling is in a position she could come to my rescue.

  11. josina

    pomegranate / 3001 posts

    @MamaG: You guys have had it so tough with the non stop strep and now this! Hopefully everyone is healthy soon!!

    @snowjewelz: Yay for potty training and sounds like it's going well!

  12. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22908 posts

    @MamaG: I'm glad she is able to be there for you! I can't imagine the stress of having to juggling everything especially no even having a firm discharge date. I hope K is doing better too!

  13. winniebee

    hostess / wonderful grape / 20800 posts

    @MamaG: I'm so sorry you guys are going through this!! Hang in there mama

  14. winniebee

    hostess / wonderful grape / 20800 posts

    @snowjewelz: congratulations! My niece was born 11/13/14 and is just now peeing on the potty. Total refusal until just now.

  15. AngelicOne

    clementine / 997 posts

    @snowjewelz: K wasn't the last, M is! We've been watching the Daniel Tiger potty episodes a lot to get him excited about it. Now we've gotta work on the no diaper part because he's fine to sit, but only with clothes on. LOL

    @MamaG: Oh no! Hope DH is healthy & home soon. I'm glad your sibling is able to help some at least.

  16. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22908 posts

    @AngelicOne: I'm rooting you on! We've really only just started "for real"!

  17. catgirl

    clementine / 973 posts

    @snowjewelz: @AngelicOne: DD has been pee trained since October but she still won't poop on the toilet. She asks for a diaper every time. We are gearing up for a big move next month and I've decided to not even care until we get settled in our new place. Good luck!

  18. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22908 posts

    @catgirl: Ugh she was pooping on the potty for a good stretch, now I think I have to offer her a diaper to poop b/c she's been holding it.

  19. MrsF

    honeydew / 7273 posts

    @MamaG: This must all be so stressful! I hope things are looking up soon

    @snowjewelz: Yay K! - and yeah, the poop stuff was an issue for my kids

  20. MamaG

    pomelo / 5239 posts

    Thanks again ladies. It looks like DHs official diagnosis is going to be ITP aka low platelets for no identified reason. It’s seriously scary stuff. And as far as we can tell there no identified warning signs that his platelets are plummeting.

  21. snowjewelz

    wonderful apricot / 22908 posts

    @MamaG: Wow, that's really crazy that there's no explanation. Will he have to go for further testing to try to find out the root cause?

  22. AngelicOne

    clementine / 997 posts

    @MamaG: How scary! Hope y'all can find a treatment that works for it.

  23. FaithFertility

    eggplant / 11791 posts

    @MamaG: I'm so sorry, how scary! I pray they figure it out for you all!!!!!


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