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December 2018 Moms!

  1. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: Baby. Or the train ride. I don’t know. I’m so over commuting to work.

  2. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: public transportation is the worst, especially while pregnant. I hope this is baby!

  3. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @lindseykaye: @LindsayInNY: @mediagirl: sounds like you’re all moving along, hopefully it won’t be too long. Is everyone pretty much due within the first week or so....I can’t remember?

    @LindsayInNY: hope you feel better soon, nausea is the worst feeling.

  4. lindseykaye

    pear / 1559 posts

    Here's an updated (I hope) list. If anything is different for anyone let me know and I can edit

    December 2018 Moms

    12/2: LindseyKaye (#2)
    12/5: MrsMollyAlexandra (#1)
    12/6: Emmalina (#2)
    12/7: LindsayinNY (#2)
    12/8: Chillmama86
    12/10: Mediagirl (#2)
    12/10: Christy412 (#2) Delivered 11/12!
    12/11: ThePaperButterfly (#2)
    12/12: MotherRunner (-3 wks, #3)
    12/15: MrsMom (-3 wks, #2) scheduled c-section 12/3
    12/20: IrishEyes (#1), Gorbylon (#2)
    12/25: DizzyMiss (#3)
    12/30: katrocap (#2)


  5. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @lindseykaye: Thanks for updating!! I’m so excited for all the babies!

  6. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @lindseykaye: thank you! I'm going to have this baby on the 5th now, if all goes well!! It seems like all of us that are active here are having early December babies!

  7. lindseykaye

    pear / 1559 posts

    @mediagirl: Aw yay - less than a week for you!

  8. Emmalina

    pea / 22 posts

    @lindseykaye: And I'm scheduled for the 4th! Just a few days to go!!

  9. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: has your nausea subsided? How are you feeling? I had some come on last night and it woke me up at midnight (along with heartburn). Blah

  10. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: Nausea only seems to come on when I'm commuting home on the train. It's weird. Otherwise feeling the same - like a turtle on my back and otherwise uncomfortable. Soon!!

  11. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    I thought the nausea was train/motion related. Except I worked from home today and it still happened towards the end of the day. But then, weirdly, I got super nauseous, thought I was going to throw up, and got the sweats. It took a good 15 minutes to pass and I was able to get DD from daycare. I haven’t had that bad of a feeling since but have been in the bathroom 💩 more.

  12. lindseykaye

    pear / 1559 posts

    @LindsayInNY: Strangely I had almost an exact same bout of nausea and sweats and, uh, lots of bathroom time today too. No previous nausea though to speak of. I figured it was my lunch not sitting right. Ended up laying down for about 45 and it subsided and I had dinner as usual.

    Still tons of Braxton Hicks contractions all day every day. Got a nice massage earlier and am pretty certain it was my last day of work. Planning to send maybe an email or two this weekend and turn on my out of office reply!

    At this point I’d love NOT to have a baby tomorrow because it’s our local downtown arts festival as well as the holiday tree lighting and Santa visit at night. But - who knows hahaha. I’m just hanging out ready when she is.

  13. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: bathroom time has really picked up for me, too.
    @lindseykaye: a friend said to me, "plan something you really want to do, that'll make the baby come..." 😊

    I'd really like to know what BH contractions feel like. My last pregnancy I didn't have them. This pregnancy the baby loves to jam her giant body into me so I don't know if it's a BH or just a butt in my ribs.

    I had people saying bye to me today at work even though Monday is my last day. Haha.

  14. lindseykaye

    pear / 1559 posts

    @mediagirl: That’s what I was kind of thinking too! Like getting up to go to the restroom while waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant - that’s when it will come!

    So far, she’s letting us keep our plans but some rain has delayed our venture out for a bit. Mama took a nice nap though after LO decided she wanted to get up at like 5:30 🙄

  15. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @lindseykaye: DD too - 6am! “My clock isn’t turning green.” No sh!t, because it’s nighttime and not time to wake up. So tired.

    So my random nausea, sweats didn’t come back. I’ve been fine since. Weird.

  16. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1397 posts

    Just stopping by to say thank you for keeping me on the list. Today was our due date. Wishing all of you ladies healthy and happy pregnancies and deliveries!

  17. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @yellowbeach: hugs. I hope you were able to do something even though you couldn't go on your big trip. I hope tomorrow goes well!

  18. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    I'm so tired. 3 hours sleep last night. 9:30-11pm and then 5am-7am. I spent the day in my robe, on the couch. At least my team and my husband's team both won today.

  19. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @yellowbeach: Big Hugs!! Always thinking of you ❤

    @mediagirl: sleeping is getting sooo difficult. I guess it’s nature’s way lol

    We’re all set for our section tomorrow. Still nervous and a bit emotional, but feel prepared.

    Last picture as an only child.

  20. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @MrsMom: that is gorgeous!! Good luck tomorrow. Can't wait for you to meet your newest little!

  21. Sams Mom

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3225 posts

    @MrsMom: so exciting and scary at the same time! Can't wait for the update!

  22. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @MrsMom: if I get lucky, we may have due date twins. Early labor has started!

  23. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @MrsMom: Good luck today!!

    @mediagirl: Eek! I went to bed semi convinced I was having contractions. No such luck. So here I am, awake and getting ready for work...

    Similar pic of us with DD:

  24. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: Awww that's so sweet!

  25. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    And scratch that. Took a nap and now they stopped. Sigh.

  26. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: Ugh! Maybe they’ll come back?! What were you feeling?

  27. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: regular, timeable contractions for about 4 hours. To the point that I was using a contraction timer and everything.

  28. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: Oh how odd. Maybe laying down to sleep calmed them and they’ll start back up?

  29. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: I'm hoping so. I'm eating breakfast and am going to walk my daughter to the bus stop hoping that will start things again. I texted with a friend this morning who said this happened to her for a week before every one of her labors!! Since I'm high risk, I'm also going to call my OB later when they open.

  30. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: OMG a week?! I would die lol. I feel like I am already.

  31. lindseykaye

    pear / 1559 posts

    @yellowbeach: @MrsMom: Good luck to you both today!! Thinking of you

    @mediagirl: @LindsayInNY: Hope we all get some movement back soon. I also had regular contractions for a little while about a week ago but they stopped when I got up (noticed them the most laying down on my side) and since then nothing as steady.

    Made the call to start leave today - I was really hoping that by setting up my away message, and having my favorite Mexican food (which we did the night before I went into labor last time) would be good luck for labor but nope! Another rainy day here so I’m hoping to get out for a long walk despitethe showers. Trying my hardest to look at 12/7 as my expected date since that’s when LO came. But it feels so far away!

  32. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    Dying for updates!!!

  33. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: me too! I've been so busy today, I haven't had a chance to think. Now I'm glad I wasn't in labor - got to finalize a lot of stuff at work.

    Hoping all is well with mrsmom!! Intentionally not tagging her. 😊🤞❤

  34. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    Pretty sure I have hemorrhoids. Pooping is so painful and wiping is even worse. I sent my husband out for witch hazel today. I see my OB today and am going to check with them to confirm. I've been having minor pain for a while now but today is just miserable, searing pain. 😔

  35. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: Oh no!! And before labor too! Gosh I feel for you.

    A local girlfriend is a photographer and is trying a new maternity style shoot with me today. Little curious since I'm not the most photogenic but I won't be pregnant again so kinda hoping they turn out good!

  36. mediagirl

    hostess / wonderful persimmon / 25483 posts

    @LindsayInNY: that sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you can enjoy it!

  37. lindseykaye

    pear / 1559 posts

    @mediagirl: Oh goodness that has got to be so uncomfortable. Tucks pads may help - I think they're meant for hemorrhoid relief but I have some purchased for post-labor. Hoping you get an answer AND most importantly some relief.

    @LindsayInNY: Have fun during your photos! I know it feels weird to have pictures taken (does for me every time) but I'm sure they will turn out beautifully and give you some special memories from this time.

    No updates from me. I did schedule and have an acupuncture appt. yesterday evening so maybe that will do something? Trying alllll the things. I was joking with my husband that I'm never more open to alternative remedies than I am past 40 weeks pregnant!
    Currently: eating dates every day, got a massage with reflexology, did acupuncture, having sex, taking long walks, planning fun/important things to invoke Murphy's Law.
    And of course, trying to be patient and enjoy these last days of calm before the storm even if sleep is crap and I'm giant and uncomfortable and everyone keeps asking about the baby

  38. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    @mediagirl: Aside from being zombie tired again... I got a 4ish hour stretch Sunday to Monday and felt like a new person! Now today? Zombie again lol.

    @lindseykaye: Good for you on the sex!! DH was like you stopped offering so I stopped asking... Seriously? You're about to enter a 6ish week period where it won't even be an option. I have a crap drive to begin with and am so tired that I'm not in the mood. That's not to say I would shut him down if he tried though.

  39. Christy412

    grape / 83 posts

    @mediagirl: I’m in the same boat. I’ve always had trouble with them so prior to delivery I started taking colace and also took it in the hospital and am still taking it to help with painful poops! Definitely also get Tucks wipes. I try to increase fiber in my diet but it’s hard

  40. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9147 posts

    All I do is symptom spot now. Which I know is pointless since I don't remember anything leading up to having DD.

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