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Entering Kindergarten September 2017 Parents Chat

  1. looch

    wonderful pear / 26092 posts

    @KT326: oh this was my son to a t!
    I had to pick him up one day and you think that would have made a difference but it didn’t.

    My son had to miss an event, he was there, but he had to stay with the principal and my son wasn’t phased with that consequence at all.

    What helped was a few visits with the school psychologist. She gave him tools, like the lazy 8.

  2. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    It's almost the end of the school year! How is everyone doing? We have a Kindergarten performance coming up next week.

    I'm also amazed at the progress my son has made this year. He can read simple books and write in sentences! He comes home telling me all about things they've learned. Like the food groups, weather, earthquakes and volcanoes.

  3. katsupgirl

    nectarine / 2238 posts

    @KT326: For all the nerves I had about starting K my DD has been completely unbothered. She loves it. So happy I don't have to think about schools again.

    Her class had two performances and they are just too cute. Graduation is going to be adorable.

  4. cascademom

    coconut / 8859 posts

    @KT326: My Kindergartener informed me last week that he has 16 days until he's a 1st grader. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Everything from drawing to math to reading has exploded for him this year. We just need to keep up with sight words and light reading during the summer. I worry about him falling behind a bit, but reading will help.

  5. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4175 posts

    @KT326: I’m totally amazed by reading progress too! And for us it came in bursts which was interesting. I was so worried about my shy girl but this year has really opened her up!

  6. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @cascademom: wow, when does school get out for the summer? We get out June 13th, I can't wait for the break from homework! Drawing is 100x better for us too, it's like one day he just started drawing all these little details in his pictures and I was so amazed!

    @katsupgirl: that's great!

    @bhbee: that's so good to hear! I was super shy going into Kinder and my teacher was fantastic about pulling me out of my shell.

  7. cascademom

    coconut / 8859 posts

    @KT326: School lets out June 4th for us. The very next day, he goes to daycare for camp. They have a ton of fun activities planned for the summer. He's also smitten with one of the summer staff members. The school year for us starts the third week of August. Last year, he started two days after his birthday. This coming year, it's like a day after his birthday.

  8. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4175 posts

    @KT326: we get out May 31 so there are about 14 days left after today! I had to order 1st grade supplies (our pta does it) already. Crazy! We go back Aug 20.

  9. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @cascademom: Sounds like fun! We are doing summer camp through our after care program. It looks like they have a field trip every week (though some weeks are "in-house" field trips where they don't actually go anywhere).

    @bhbee: wow! I should ask about 1st grade supplies. Our school provides everything for Kindergarten, no idea about the other grades.


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