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  1. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @bushelandapeck: I've cut back exercise to walking (no more than 1/2 a mile at a time), stretching and housework (and even that an hour or two is my limit) since probably about 20 weeks - which is when the pelvic pain started. Rest really seems like the only remedy. Of course I've got twice as much baby as you do which is why I had to cut back earlier. But honestly I'm impressed that you've still been exercising so much, even with one!

  2. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3010 posts

    @bushelandapeck: I’ve found that I am definitely slowing down in my Barre classes, and even while I’m out on walks! I’ve had to take more little breaks between things that we’re doing in classes; my lung capacity is getting more and more squished!

  3. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @theotherstark: I am still trudging along with barre too but it’s defintley getting harder to comfortably get into some of the positions! I worked out right up until birth with both of my other two and hope to do the same with this one but maybe not quite as intense. I’m also older, so that probably has something to do with it too! Haha

  4. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3189 posts

    I may be the exception but I liked the off registry gifts, in that it was clear that friends had put thought into them and it was really sweet. However, the only big ticket items we got gifted were from MIL (and these were from the registry), so we didn't get stuck with any big item we didn't like.

    I'm at the point where I feel like I've been pregnant forever - doesn't help that I have a nasty cold now and just feel so drained... But I still prefer our little guy to stay put for awhile longer, so just need to deal...

  5. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    Ugh. Well I had an exciting night.

    I went to put together the shower stool, you know, the one I bought so I wouldn't fall in the shower shaving my legs?

    As I went to throw away the box, I guess I missed the threshold to the kitchen, rolled my ankle, and broke my fall with my face. I ended up on my stomach, but we weren't sure if I actually hit my stomach or not, so we went ahead and went to L&D and were monitored for about an hour. the baby's fine...of course he was so busy moving around it kept us there longer because they couldn't get a good stretch of him without him moving away from the monitor.

    I, on the other hand, have a sprained ankle, bruised knee, bruised elbow, split my lip in two places (which is lovely. ugh), and bruised my cheek and brow.

    The baby finally moved up out of my pelvis again yesterday, but I ended up not sleeping well because I woke up hurting my ankle every time I tried to roll over.

    I'm so tired!

  6. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3681 posts

    @MaryM: oh no!! what a pain! so glad baby is ok.

  7. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3189 posts

    @MaryM: I'm so sorry That sucks. But it's going to be uphill from here...

  8. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    @MaryM: Ugh that sucks. Glad baby is ok!

  9. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @MaryM: Ouch! I'm so sorry that happened to you but so glad baby is okay!

  10. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    @dominobee: I got a fisher price baby swing that was pretty expensive from my shower last weekend that I didn't register for. I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I just don't see myself using it, so I can understand the frustration with getting off registry items. Is there a baby resale store near you that you could sell the expensive high chairs at? Or maybe you could try craigslist? My in laws also gave me a ton of shit for registering for the stroller and car seat that I did, which was super annoying, they said it was because it was expensive ( we planned to buy it regardless, I just wanted the 10% completion discount), but my SIL revealed to me that it was just because they wanted me to get an infant car seat stroller click combo, and that it wasn't really about the money. They meddle so much.

  11. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3189 posts

    Anyone have any preferred pregnancy-safe cold remedies? Feeling so blech...

  12. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @MaryM: Noooo I'm so sorry that happened to you!!! I'm so glad the baby is okay but super bummed for you that you're now dealing with a sprained ankle and all those other bumps and bruises. Wishing you luck for a quick recovery!

    @periwinklebee: I'm also pretty over being pregnant, but of course I want these two guys to stay put as long as possible. Just 54 days until 38 weeks, which is when OB wants to induce. So about 52 days until my preferred birthing time begins - mid day Saturday, February 3rd. I can't help but laugh at myself when I visualize it so specifically - but I guess it couldn't hurt!

    Though last night I read a bunch of twin birth stories on HB and only like 2 of 8 went even close to 38 weeks - plus only 2 of 8 were vaginal and not c-section. Sooooo who knows when these boys will be coming! I think if I focus on just getting ready for their arrival, the days will start to fly by, and they'll be here before I know it.

  13. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1394 posts

    @MaryM: I'm so sorry you fell, that sounds scary and not fun Glad baby is ok of course and hope you recover soon.

  14. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1394 posts

    @dominobee: @theotherstark: @bushelandapeck: I am slowing down too but impressed with you ladies keeping up your activity level! I have been so bad this pregnancy, I haven't even been walking our dog around the block like I did up til the end with my first. Our toddler does keep me fairly active and I did do a lot this weekend around the house and by the end of the day I was totally spent/ felt gross. So trying to balance out activity with not overdoing it!

    @periwinklebee: I also feel like I've been pregnant forever! I am trying to remind myself that not being pregnant and having a newborn will be a whole new set of challenges. But pregnancy sleep is just so crappy right now that I'd almost trade it for newborn!

  15. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1394 posts

    @Tionn3: Do you know where the swing was purchased? Is space an issue? We didn't have a swing with my first and we survived but sometimes I wonder if things would have been easier with it! We have a hand me down one now that I'm looking forward to having as an option.

  16. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    @petitenoisette: It came from babies r us, I have the packing slip so I'm pretty sure I could return it for store credit, and there are definitely many many things I know I need that I could get with that credit. Space isn't an issue at the moment. I did get a baby bjorn bouncer, but I know that isn't the same as a swing.

  17. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1394 posts

    @periwinklebee: Usually I just grin and bear it, however I do take flonase daily for allergies and I think it has definitely helped with congestion. I've basically had 3 colds in a row the past month or so and I have never felt too terribly congested.

  18. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    @periwinklebee: Mucinex was the only thing that worked for me. With LOTS of water

    @Tionn3: I had a friend offer a swing, after already offering a momaroo and we got the vibrating bouncy chair thing. I don't know what to do with all the stuff, but they say that all babies are different and some will like one thing when others like something completely different.

    So until he comes, I plan to keep them all. Then I'll offer what he doesn't like to friends due right after me. But it's hand me downs, so I can't return it.

    Is there an expiration on returns? Can you hold on to the swing and see if your baby likes it or not?

  19. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    @MaryM: I think I have 90 days to return the item, but since it was delivered in November I will have to return it before the baby is barely here. I guess I could keep it and if I don't use it I could sell it to a baby resale store and get a reduced rate. There is just soooo much stuff. I don't know what to do with it all.

  20. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    @Tionn3: I totally hear you on that. Our nursery is full and the crib isn't even put together!

  21. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3189 posts

    @petitenoisette: 3 colds in a row - ugh, that sounds awful. I know I need to get used to if for when my kid starts daycare, but I swear it's makes every pregnancy symptom ten times worse. Sleep is a disaster and coughing does not help rib pain And on that note, the next time someone (it's almost always a man) tells me to enjoy sleeping before the baby gets here...

    @dominobee: I hope they stay baking as long as possible, despite the pregnancy misery (which I'm sure must be worse with two of them squirming around in there)!

    @Tionn3: We tried to be minimalist but still ended up with a giant pile of stuff, largely as a result of hand-me-downs. I did get a swing because I've heard so many people swear by it, though we really don't have room.

  22. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    @periwinklebee: My OB's NP ended up prescribing codeine cough syrup once my cold went into my chest. I didn't take it because it counteracted another medicine I'm on, but it could be a possibility! That stuff always helps me sleep

  23. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @periwinklebee: flonase and the neti pot if you can stand using it.

    @Tionn3: I agree with others who have said you might end up using things with one child that you won't with another....so it might be worth keeping the swing if you have space because you never know what your baby will love and it's nice to have options

  24. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3681 posts

    About off-registry gifts, I usually returned them without receipt to Target and said I got it as a gift, and they would gift me store credit. If it was something Target didn't carry, I think I tried another store like BRU, or I sold things on our local consignment group.

    @dominobee: I don't mean to be a naysayer and I totally haven't done serious research, but I thought that the average gestational age of twins was 36 weeks??So mayb 38 weeks is an unrealistic goal? I got very emotional every day that I went "overdue" with LO1 (41+9, and had a 24-hr induction), and I'm trying to this time try to be really realistic and open about many possibilities in regards to birthing. It's not really about the birth experience, it's about the baby.

    I imagine you've seen this? https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5709a9.htm

  25. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3010 posts

    @MaryM: aww man!! I’m so sorry, both that you’re hurting and that you had such a scare! Glad baby is okay, and I hope you heal quickly.

  26. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3189 posts

    @MaryM: @bushelandapeck: Good suggestions! I'm really hoping to be able to sleep at least a bit better soon...

  27. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @dominobee: @DesertDreams88: my sister had a set of twins (#4 & 5 for her) and she carried them to 36w5d. I think they told her anything after 35w was typical for twins. They were 7lb1oz and 6lb2oz.

  28. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @DesertDreams88: I think a LOT of that “average” is due to complications, inductions and scheduled c-sections. So many twin moms get GD, PE, HELLP and/or have low amniotic fluid. Definitely knocking on wood here but so far I’ve been perfectly healthy and the boys are right on-track growth wise. I don’t see any reason why we can’t make it to 38 - and the OB must be confident too bc the last time I saw her was 25 weeks and she said I didn’t need to see her again to talk birth plan until 35 or 36. I’m seeing just the midwives in the interim - and this past visit they had me with the midwife fellow who has less than a year experience and no experience with twins, so they must be pretty confident about my pregnancy as well. And they also said we’ll talk birth plan details around 35 weeks.

  29. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @bushelandapeck: Good to know! I’m aiming to be ready by 36 logistically speaking, but would love them to bake longer.

  30. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @dominobee: totally!! I know someone who had a set of triplets 2 years ago and went to 38w+ so I think it’s totally doable! I hope your guys bake as long as they can

  31. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @bushelandapeck: Whoa that’s incredible!

  32. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3681 posts

    @dominobee: yes, the average is definitely affected by that, for sure! But since they all develop in the 3rd trimester and are unrelated to previous health, I wish you all the best in avoiding those complications

  33. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    Anybody else starting to feel individual feet?! Not just kicks but when you put your hand on you belly? This is a trip!

  34. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    Did about 90 minutes of cleaning and a couple hours of errands and I am BEAT. I think I’m even more fatigued than I was during the first trimester, which I honestly did not think was possible. At this rate I feel like I’ll never get the nursery done. Just keeping up with daily life is really taking it out of me!

  35. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @dominobee: yesterday I stupidly helped DH move two dressers around, one was up a set of stairs to the nursery. I can barely walk today my pelvis and lower back hurt so much. Lesson learned! On a positive note, now that the dresser is in the baby’s room I can start putting clothes away and move the changing pad to his room. I sorted the clothes we have and we have SO much 0-3 mos stuff!

  36. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @bushelandapeck: OMG yes I am 100% done lifting anything! I hope you feel better soon!

  37. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @dominobee: you too!! I can only imagine how it must feel to be carrying two babies around and still trying to get things done!

  38. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3189 posts

    @dominobee: I've been super tired too. I think part of it is that cold and flu season is at full rage now, and our immune systems are suppressed so as not to attack the little parasites, so I feel like between growing baby and trying to fight off all the crud that's going around with a weaker than normal immune system, there's just not much energy left. I'm sure it's a zillion times worse with two babies.

    I did assemble the swing and bassinet yesterday, and the high chair (which will fold up for storage until we need it). Then I dreamed all night - when not up peeing - that I was assembling baby furniture (argh....we're almost there)

  39. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @bushelandapeck: From the comments on the FB group it sounds like I’m actually more comfortable than a lot of ladies! Feeling very fortunate for that.

    The very worst task is sweeping the floors, it just kills my lower back. I think DH will have to take that one over for a while!

  40. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3681 posts

    As of yesterday I am 2 months out from my due date.... So some ladies must be getting much closer! Anyone have the due date and gender list easily accessible? Can't believe it's almost time to start a labor and delivery thread, whatttttttt.

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