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  1. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @MaryM: My midwives did the TDAP vax at 29 weeks I think (maybe early because twins come early?). DH still needs to get his.

    @periwinklebee @lazypanda: I'm a FTM but I've been "full term" size for well over a month now so I feel you on the discomfort, trouble sleeping, waddling, general immobility, lower back pain, etc. I think it's probably a good thing that these are my first babies, so I don't have anything to compare it to. Otherwise I might be more miserable, but right now, this is just the reality of pregnancy.

    And yes, being in Pittsburgh I'm a little worried about the weather! Hoping that I start w/ contractions and not water breaking so we're not rushed to get to the hospital. Since I'm doing Hypnobabies I've been visualizing my birthing time and I'm focusing on a sunny day with no precipitation and clear roads!! We live in a hilly neighborhood so the very last thing we need is slick streets trying to get to the hospital.

  2. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3170 posts

    @dominobee: Your little boys are going to be sooo adorable, but I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is to have two of them packed in there. I think I've been really lucky with third tri symptoms but what gets me are how big the movements feel and the lightening cervix I think having a cervical check made it worse - in retrospect I would have declined...

    I like that your visualization involves clear roads! I know odds are that roads will be fine, in case not I'm thinking we should leave well before 3-1-1 and get a hotel room within walking distance of the hospital...

  3. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    @dominobee: I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but our birth instructor told us if the weather got bad near our due date, to call the dmv and tell them our situation and they’d make sure our streets were a priority when plowed

  4. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3675 posts

    I got the Tdap booster at 30 weeks at my OB/gyn. I asked DH to wait until now in Jan, though he got it back in Nov 2015 in preparation for LO1 and should be still good.

    I need to start reading my birthing books! I recently got news that my platelet counts went significantly down, so risks are going up and anxiety is starting to nudge me again. I can do steroid treatment to help my platelet count close to delivery time, but I was doing some reading and there is some risks associated with that, as well.... mainly inducing gestational diabetes and hypertension, plus one source mentioned placental abruption I'll get my next platelet count in about 2 weeks and that will be a better indicator of how things are going.

    We had an ultrasound on Tuesday and baby is head-down, so that's great. Estimated size is average 50th percentile, and I know that ultrasound measurements at this stage aren't trusted very much but I'll take what I can get! LO1 was 8lbs 10oz with a 90th percentile head so I'm hoping for a wee bit smaller this time

    33 weeks tomorrow! I'm going to start a Labor & Delivery thread.

  5. JJ2626

    cherry / 144 posts

    Just checking back into this board after awhile! Got super busy at work and stressed by everything I hadn’t done and had to take a break. But great to see you all still here and doing well! We are so close. I’m 35 weeks and just had my GBS test and an ultrasound this morning. Baby is head down and looks good. I asked what contractions feel like and she said “you’ll know.” Hope that’s true!

    I really can’t believe we are so close! Sending good thoughts to all of you!

  6. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3008 posts

    @DesertDreams88: aww man, sorry about the added anxiety. That sounds stressful. I hope your platelets normalize and that things stay fine. I need re-read my birthing books too!!

    @JJ2626: glad to see you back! Hope things have calmed down with work, etc. Great that baby is head down! At my appt in two weeks, they’re going to do an ultrasound to check that baby is still head down, and do my GBS, too. And FWIW, I was induced, but I still couldn’t really tell much of a diffence between regular contractions and BH.

    Can’t believe we are all getting so close!!

  7. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    Fun stuff : My shower is tomorrow and I'm 34 weeks! I've got most of the new set up on the master bedroom established for when our little guy arrives. The last things to put in there are a changing pad and my diaper cart. I even installed the car seat! I'm definitely on a nesting binge.

    Not so fun stuff: I was peeing pink/brown this morning so I went and had a urinalysis. It came back positive for red blood cells (blood) and some bacteria. They sent it out for culture, so I'll know those results in a couple of days. The doctor thinks it might be a bladder infection, but I didn't really have any white blood cells in my urine so they're unsure. I haven't had any symptoms either, except for the pink/brown urine.

  8. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @Tionn3: enjoy your shower today! I hope whatever is going on with your urine is easily treated. No fun to have any added stress at this point.

    DH and I are headed for an overnight baby moon at the place where we got married. Looking forward to a prenatal massage this afternoon and lots of lounging/reading by the pool. Oh, and not having to get up at 6am with my kids Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

  9. dominobee

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    @MaryM: If worst came to worst I'd just bribe my next door neighbor, who works in Public Works for the city and has a snow plow on the front of his truck!

    @desertdreams88: Sorry to hear about your platelet count, that really sucks.

    @tionn3: Booo on a bladder infection! Terrible timing too. Hope you can get it cleared up soon.

    @bushelandapeck: Have a great weekend! That sounds really nice.

    DH got me 2 hours in massage gift certificates for my birthday and give them to me a couple of days ago when I was having a total meltdown. I was trying to describe a new pain I was feeling around my cervix/pelvis area and I just started crying because I'm so hormonal/tired/uncomfortable. I think part of what made me lose it - or feel like I had permission to lose it - was the midwife telling me that morning that I was measuring at 42 weeks. So it really hit home that I was carrying around the weight of an overdue pregnancy, and had been carrying "full term" for over a month, and yet I still had 3-4 weeks to go. Carrying twins is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. And despite how difficult it is right now there's no current payoff. Like, I don't get the babies yet. I just have to wait and power through. I know there are harder things coming down the road for me as a parent, but at least then I will actually *have children*, you know? I visited with a friend yesterday who is currently pregnant with her second and she said she had been thinking about me. She was very sympathetic which really helped. Pregnancy is hard, y'all!

  10. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    Omg. SO overwhelmed! It took three cars to get all the gifts home from our shower. So much stuff!! I think tomorrow will be spent figuring out what gets returned. I have a few duplicates, and probably way too many clothes in small sizes.

  11. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @MaryM: It’s so much work sorting through all the stuff! Glad our big shower was early Dec. so we could get through it all, especially since twins come early!

    Good luck... I hope your DH enthusiastically pitches in bc I know how hard that kind of chore can be as you get bigger and bigger!

  12. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    Survey: what time do y’all go to bed? It’s 7pm and I really want to get in bed and read. But I know I’ll be out in less than an hour if I do that. And then I’ll be sleepless around 4 or 5am.

    Trying to manage the fatigue w/ naps on the weekends but I still just want to get in bed ridiculously early. Basically as early as an infant would go down for the night, haha.

  13. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1394 posts

    @dominobee: ha, that’s probably good practice really! I go to bed around 8:30 but have to be up during the week at 5:30. I’m all off schedule though from the holidays and then I only worked 2 days last week due to snow days. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep until around 11, hopefully won’t repeat that tonight 😕. My sleep has been pretty bad lately and I am basically looking forward to newborn stage sleep where at least I don’t wake up for no reason all not long.

    I prioritize sleep, pregnant or not, so try to ensure that I can be in bed for at least 8 hours normally and then 9 when pregnant.

  14. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1394 posts

    @Tionn3: hope nothing much came from the infection and that you had a good shower.
    @MaryM: good luck with the organizing! People love to gift the small sizes, huh?!

  15. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    It ended up not being too bad. A few things in off season sizes (don’t think we’ll need fleece sleepers in 6 month size) and WAY too many towels! But I’ve sorted and taken inventory so I won’t be so overwhelmed after the next (smaller) shower

    Hopefully I start getting more 6 and 9 month clothes!

  16. LadyDi

    apricot / 426 posts

    @dominobee: I go to bed around 10:30 or 11 and wake up at 5:30 during the week or 7:30ish on the weekends. But one or two nights a week I usually end up passing out on the couch around 9.

    @MaryM: I think people just like to gift tiny clothes! I had very, very few 9 and 12 month clothes for my son. I agree with towels and blankets, I ended up with SO many. Your closet looks great! So exciting

  17. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @MaryM: We have that bathrobe too! And another one like it but with a different pattern.

  18. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @dominobee: That was sweet of your DH to get you the massages! Any chance you can sneak away and have one before the babies come? As for sleep, I go to bed after we put the kids to bed at 8pm, so usually around 8:30-8:45pm. I'm wide awake at 5:30am most days and throughout the night due to insomnia and having to pee every couple of hours. I'm definitely feeling much more tired the past week or so.

    @petitenoisette: I also prioritize sleep I like to aim for 8-9 hours in bed, even if I'm not able to sleep the whole time.

    @MaryM: way to go with the organizing! So glad you had such a nice shower and got the things you need! I exchanged a few of the 3 mos size outfits we were given for larger sizes but I still feel like we have WAY too many/. Oh well. I've been lucky to have been given a bunch of second hand clothes in larger sixes too so I think we will be set for a long time.

    As for me....I need to get the carseat installed and plan to do that this coming weekend now that the weather is a bit warmer. I also need to set back up the pack and play but may put that off for another week because of how much space it takes in our room. I'm also going to wait to set up the swing until we come home from the hospital because I know my kids will end up playing with it and I don't want to deal with that for the next few weeks. haha. I have my Amazon cart ready to order some last min items (diapers, wipes, tucks pads, nursing tanks, etc) and will probably pull the trigger on those next week sometime. I think I'm still in a bit of denial that we are about to be a family of 5!

  19. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    Y'all, I'm experiencing period-like cramps. Should I be worried? Also feeling very warm all of a sudden. Really hope it's nothing since I'm only 34 weeks and because I'm supposed to go to a concert tonight!

  20. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1394 posts

    @bushelandapeck: Your plan sounds a lot like mine, I'm not really going to set up the pack and play or anything until we bring this baby home. Just gotta have stuff washed and ready to go! That's a good idea to have stuff set in your amazon cart. I really figure, worse case scenario I place an amazon prime order in the hospital and it will get delivered by the time we get home. I probably will put some stuff in my cart for my post-delivery care and not order it til the baby is born in case I end up having another c-section.

    @dominobee: I wouldn't worry too much yet but just try to note if there develops any sort of pattern to the cramps. A call to your doctor can't hurt to see what they want you to do. I think contractions are pretty unmistakable from normal cramping but not necessarily early labor.

  21. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    @bushelandapeck: (and anyone else)...

    Building an amazon list for after the baby is born is really smart! What would you suggest first time mothers add (specific brand recos appreciated!)? I also need to stock up on anything needed for breast feeding. I didn't want my in laws asking inappropriate questions, so I didn't register for anything related to boobs (nipple cream, etc)

  22. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3008 posts

    @MaryM: these are all just personal recs, and I did get some of these in small samples from the hospital the first time, but I just placed my own Amazon order for most this last weekend

    Earth Mama Bottom Spray
    Tucks Witch Hazel Pads
    Medela Lanolin (for your nipples when breastfeeding. There are different nipple creams, and this was my favorite, but see if you can get some samples and decide which you like best! I know a fair amount of people like the Earth Mama version)
    Nipple pads (for leaky boobs. I just used the Lansinoh disposable ones, but you can also get reusable)

    I also liked the disposable diaper underwear the hospital gave and took a bunch of their ice packs home also. I know some people make padcicles or whatever, but something to keep things cool and help with inflammation!

    Oh, and take the peri bottle from the hospital!!

  23. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3008 posts

    @dominobee: I hope things calmed down! I have occasional cramps like that; I can imagine with two it’s hard to tell what is going on with all of the decreased space, etc. I would just try to drink a lot of water and change what activity you’re doing (sit down if standing, etc). If they continue, and in any kind of pattern, I would call.

    Hang in there!! It must be so tough with two in there! You’re doing a great job - keeping them in this long is awesome!!

  24. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3170 posts

    @dominobee: I have had period like cramps for a few weeks. They started out pretty mild and infrequent, and for the past couple of nights have been regular and more painful. However, at my appointment today, I was still only one cm. So it doesn't necessarily mean much. However, given twins and being not yet full-term, I would definitely call if in doubt. I hope everything calms down and you enjoy the concert!

  25. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @petitenoisette: exactly! I'm sure I'll have some time to do impulse shopping while I'm nursing in the hospital
    I do need to figure out where to install the infant seat though. Toying between which side of the car vs the middle, between the other two kids. Logistically all the options are hard, so I'm trying to find the best-case scenario without having to move them around more than once!

    @theotherstark: I agree with all your recommendations! I also loved the Dermaplast spray they gave me in the hospital (non-organic version of the Earth Mama bottom spray). I didn't end up needing to buy it on my own once I ran out but definitely grab it if they offer it to you! It's basically like numbing spray for your lady bits. lol. And yes, definitely take the peri bottle-you will be glad you did!

    @MaryM: I used reusable and disposable bread pads for leakage and liked both. It was just a matter of convenience which ones I ended up using at any given time. I would buy some larger pads for home as the hospital ones are great for a few days but I found them to be too bulky once I left the hospital. I bought like the super ones with wings I think (note to self to add those to my cart). I bought some larger sized underwear and used those for the first couple of weeks postpartum as well. I'm going to buy a new set this time around too.

  26. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1394 posts

    @bushelandapeck: second buying larger and cheap underwear. Also might consider buying high rise, I had to purchase some after my c-section and just plan to use those again this time around. @MaryM: I also liked earth mama nipple cream, the Lansing’s nursing disposable nursing pads (I brought reusable ones too but didn’t end up using them much). For nipple pain, if you get really roughed up I really recommend getting an RX from your dr/midwife for this cream called APNO. It was a lifesaver for me and I think I’ll prob get a prescription just in case before I leAve the hospital this time. It wasn’t covered by my insurance but worth every penny. @theotherstark: def taking that peri bottle home again! We still use the one from my first for cloth wipes with LO1.

    Will be following recs for care following my hopeful VBAC!

    @bushelandapeck: good luck with the car seat configuration! I think since the infant bucket seat is technically “safer” that I’d put the infant on the passenger side door? I feel like having to put it in the middle would be a serious pain.

  27. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5720 posts

    @petitenoisette: that’s what I’m leaning toward now, and moving my oldest to the middle since he can buckle himself and DD can’t. He will probably also be the most helpful if baby needs to be soothed in the car or needs a paci replaced.

  28. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3675 posts

    @MaryM: this might be too much detail, but I'm just copying and pasting from an email to a friend.

    What I found overall is that all the products basically serve the same purpose, so it's probably better to go with the more versatile / inexpensive options.

    Definitely buy:
    Witch Hazel: Multipurpose: can be added to your perineal irrigation bottle, used to soak frozen pads (though I didn't do this), or re-wet Tucks or wipes that have dried out a bit. Antibacterial and cooling.

    - Tucks: Can be used for general pain or hemorrhoids, perfect size, layer on top of pad.

    - Pads + disposable underwear (hospital) and large black underwear. I thought Depends would be a waste bc of how often you should be changing things. The hospital will have some crazy size pads that will meet your needs when you're there.

    - Colace or Miralax and some kind of disposable wipe for when you go #2.

    - Dermoplast or Earth Mama spray

    - Perineal irrigation bottles: 2 per bathroom

    Items other people liked but I didn't care for:
    - Sitz bath: you can't immerse yourself in more than 2-3 inches of water for 10-15 min at a time, so you either sit there shivering in your tub wasting water, or have to buy the herbs AND the sitz insert for your toilet. Combo price like $15-20 and unnecessary if you have the above items. I bought and returned.

    - "Padsicles" - the hospital had them (frozen icy pads), and I only used them once or twice a day at the hospital to decrease swelling. Padsicles don't absorb as well, and the other products numb you up anyways.

  29. LadyDi

    apricot / 426 posts

    Had my 36 week appointment today and the doctor thinks this little guy is breech! I was completely surprised by that...it feels like I am carrying him the same as my first. I have an US on Tuesday to see what position he's in. I am not particularly upset but I hate it when things just don't go as planned and this would take a VBAC off the table for me and would likely move up my csection date to January!

  30. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    @LadyDi: I'm pretty sure mine is still breech (he was at 30 weeks...and I think that's still his head hitting my ribs!), and really hoping he'll get the move on soon!

    The nurse that taught our birthing class suggested doing cat/cow stretches/poses and being on all fours for while each night. I don't think it's helped me so far though... I guess we'll see on Monday (I'm hoping we'll do the growth scan then)

  31. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1875 posts

    @dominobee: how did the cramps turn out? Hopefully you made it to the concert and everything is just fine.

  32. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    @snarkybiochemist: I had one more wave of cramping but nothing came of it. I guess prodromal labor is beginning for me? Makes sense as I'm very rapidly running out of space and just 2 1/2 weeks from full term. I went to dinner w/ friends and to the concert and it was really great! Even though I'm super tired today I think it was a positive thing for me to do, to get out and let loose and feel like myself a little bit, even if I am gigantic and uncomfortable.

  33. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1875 posts

    @dominobee: Awesome, I'm so glad it was nothing and you got to hang out and do normal things.

  34. MaryM

    pomelo / 5086 posts

    Ugh. It's been 78 degrees in my office the last two days. And it's supposed to get warmer outside the end of this week, so I'm thinking it could possibly get worse?

    In addition to underboob sweat I'm now dealing with underbump sweat. This is gross.

  35. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    Both of my urine cultures came back negative so I don't have a UTI...but I had visible blood in my urine in the mornings for 2 whole days. I'm totally freaked out. I don't have any pain indicating kidney stones, but I guess it could be bladder stones too? I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow so I will discuss it with her then. The gynocologist from L&D said that if the bleeding persisted then a kidney ultrasound would be a good next step. The bleeding stopped though. I'm definitely freaking out because I googled gross hematuria and read all sorts of scary things about severe kidney disease and even kidney cancer!

  36. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3675 posts

    @Tionn3: confusing info - to get negative results despite seeing blood! I hope the midwife can give you some answers that give you peace. Even though worst case scenarios happen, I always remind myself that they're VERY rare.... that's why they are called WORST case scenarios.

  37. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    @DesertDreams88: I feel like I should just ask for the urology referral to get the kidney/bladder ultrasound for piece of mind. The OB said in L&D that I could defer the ultrasound till after delivery but I don't know, if I can mentally handle that. I just can't stop thinking about it. Part of me is probably overreacting because my SIL was just diagnosed with breast cancer at 31 and 18 months postpartum, and so I'm sensitive to the possibility that visible blood in your urine can be a sign of urological malignancy even if it is super rare for someone like me.

  38. dominobee

    pear / 1553 posts

    My boobs hurt. That is all.

  39. lazypanda

    kiwi / 636 posts

    @Tionn3: I hope you get answers from your midwife today. I would also suggest letting your midwife know of any concerns you have for this pregnancy. I’ve been laying it out for my OB so that they are aware that much of my concerns going into this pregnancy are due to real life experiences that close friends have had...despite how rare those issues are.

    @MaryM: ugh, underboob sweat sucks...it gets worse when the milk comes in and you end up with sweaty sticky boobs from leaking during sleep. 🤦‍♀️ Also, as for recs, I would suggest taking anything & everything they give you in the hospital! It’s all part of the charge for the hospital stay & you’ll at least get a feel for each of the items. I’m so glad I saw the lactation consultant when I was in recovery & they were able to give me two nipple shields which helped with nursing in the first two weeks. And I ended up with a hospital pump so I was able to have three sets of pump parts (one from using while in the hospital, one from when I had to be discharged with a hospital grade pump, & one that came with my free regular breast pump). Also, ask for the mesh undies, I felt much better knowing that I could just throw those suckers away & not worry about washing undies during the first 2 weeks home.

    @dominobee: I’ve started wearing my nursing bras already to help with the support. I have the stretchy bravado ones & amazon’s I love Sia ones (which are significantly cheaper).

  40. Tionn3

    kiwi / 582 posts

    @lazypanda: The midwife told me that since I've stopped seeing blood in my urine I don't need the renal ultrasound. However, if I start to notice blood in my urine again they will send me for the renal ultrasound. She maybe thought I had just passed a stone or something. Apparently if you use tums for an extended period of time you can get stones...and I have been using Tums ever since I got pregnant, not every day but certainly at least once or twice a week.

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