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February 2018 POAS

  1. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    @MrsMom: Have you seen this? I don't know how accurate it'd be and I haven't tried it. I just found it yesterday. https://www.whenmybaby.com/basalbodytemperature.php

  2. Mrs Lavender

    cherry / 164 posts

    Well gals, I'm out (again...) and have a UTI. Life really sucks sometimes.

  3. MrsMom

    kiwi / 531 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: I'm sorry you're having a rough time!

  4. MrsMom

    kiwi / 531 posts

    @afc061018: That's interesting. I've never heard of such a thing.

    Ok so sometimes I wake up at like 3am (cold because i kicked the covers off) and I'll take my temp and then go back to sleep and take it again when I wake up 7:30-8am. Sometimes the temp is the same and sometimes different. Which time should I use? and would the temp when I'm freezing from no blankets be accurate?

  5. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    @MrsMom: I've read that, within reason, the temp of the bedroom or how many clothes you wear, etc., won't significantly alter your bbt. Taking Charge of Your Fertility says 3 hours solid sleep is needed for an accurate reading, I believe. So, I'd pick the temp closest to the other times you wake. If you always get up at 7:30, then I'd always go with the 7:30 temp assuming you had a block of 3 hours of sleep beforehand.

  6. karenbme

    apricot / 372 posts

    @afc061018: Well, obviously 😂

  7. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: Booooo. I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2025 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: oh no! I'm so sorry!

    @MrsMom: i would think that would throw off bbt. If you're getting another 4 hours of sleep after that I would go with the 730-8 temp if that's when you normally take it

  9. karenbme

    apricot / 372 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: So sorry, and a UTI--just feels like a kick when you're down

  10. MrsMom

    kiwi / 531 posts

    @afc061018: @MamaBear87: Yeah I was thinking of going with the later one because when I do sleep all through the night that's when I take it. Thanks for your help!!!

  11. yogifish

    cherry / 128 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: hang in there. all the baby dust for March

  12. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 658 posts

    @Mrs Lavender: that totally blows. I’m sorry.

  13. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2025 posts

    I have my first accupuncture appointment today and was super excited but now all apprehensive! Should be interesting. And midwife appointment on Tuesday. At least feel like we're not just trying blindly now!

  14. Kmomartin

    grape / 77 posts

    @MamaBear87: excited to hear about your experience with acupuncture!

  15. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 658 posts

    @MamaBear87: acupuncture is the best! Even if it doesn’t help you get pregnant it’s still really good for relaxation and stress and anxiety. Also I used it to manage my blood sugar with my GD and it was amazing.

  16. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2025 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: interesting. How is it supposed to help gd? Fyi I was lurking on the October board and you said you're giving up snacks to try and not have it. My ob made it super clear when I had it that there is nothing you can do to keep it from happening and it's not your fault. You either have it or you don't. Not that good eating isn't a good idea anyway but nothing you do will make it less likely to happen.

  17. MrsMom

    kiwi / 531 posts

    @MamaBear87: Good Luck, I hope it's a positive experience for you!

  18. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 658 posts

    @MamaBear87: It made a huge difference in being able to manage my blood sugar. I don’t really know why but my fasting numbers were creeping up up up and then I tried it and they stayed down the rest of my pregnancy.

  19. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2025 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: so cool! Hopefully I'll have a use for this info soon!

  20. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    Spotting and looking like AF tomorrow, right on time. Even DH wasn't able to be his usual positive self about it. We're both going into this RE apt. feeling completely defeated.

  21. MrsMom

    kiwi / 531 posts

    @afc061018: I'm sorry you're feeling so defeated! Hopefully you can get some answers at your appointment.

  22. MrsMom

    kiwi / 531 posts

    I caved and bought a test yesterday, unfortunatly the store I was at only has store brand blue die. I took it this morning and for sure thought I saw a very very faint line, wouldn't show up on a picture though. Now I'm second guessing it. I guess I will retest sometime this weekend. I was so nauseous yesterday until around 2pm and now I have really bad body aches. Probably getting the flu.....just great!

  23. karenbme

    apricot / 372 posts

    @MrsMom: Ugh, ambiguity is the worst! for your next one.

    I'm right there with you. Had a slice of chocolate cake last night and immediately wanted to throw up. Last time I couldn't even smell chocolate without getting nauseous, so of course I texted my sister something like OMG I'm almost sure I'm pregnant. But it could just as easily be the flu. Still trying to hold out to Monday to test again. We'll see if I make it.

  24. MrsMom

    kiwi / 531 posts

    @karenbme: It really is the worst!! I told DH I'm going crazy and probably seeing things. He wont look at anything until I'm sure so he's no help. I'm going to try and hold out until Sunday or Monday as well. Maybe I'll have a chance to purchase a FRER this weekend. I felt so horrible yesterday morning, but today I'm not as bad but still nauseated, seem to feel briefly better after I eat. I hope is on both our sides!!

  25. Kmomartin

    grape / 77 posts

    @afc061018: I’m so sorry you feel defeated. I hope your RE appointment goes well and you leave there feeling hopeful.

  26. karenbme

    apricot / 372 posts

    @afc061018: I'm so sorry! But hopefully the RE will be able to give you an answer and a solution with respect to what's going on.

  27. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2025 posts

    @karenbme: @MrsMom: the waiting at the end is seriously the worst thing! I always say I won't get my hopes up and then do anyway.
    Fingers crossed for both of you!!

  28. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2025 posts

    @afc061018: sorry you're feeling defeated. I hope the re appointments goes well!

  29. Ginaandcorey

    cherry / 161 posts

    @afc061018: I'm so sorry you're feeling so down. That is so hard. @Mrs Lavender: nothing like a swift kick when you're down. I'm sorry. FX next month is it for all of us.

  30. Ginaandcorey

    cherry / 161 posts

    @yogifish: congratulations!! That is one flaming positive! Woohoo!

  31. yogifish

    cherry / 128 posts

    @Ginaandcorey: thanks!

  32. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 658 posts

    @afc061018: I’m so sorry. Fingers crossed for an easy-ish road ahead.

  33. Marfi

    kiwi / 685 posts

    So AF finally showed for me on Tuesday! That means I have my FET tentatively scheduled! My next transfer is going to be on 3/2!

  34. MrsMom

    kiwi / 531 posts

    @Marfi: Wishing you the best of luck in March!

  35. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2025 posts

    @Marfi: good luck for March!!

    So acupuncture is weird but relaxing. Haha I'm not good at just hanging out for an hour. Hopefully next time I'll actually nap instead of just doze.
    I guess for fertility you ideally go twice a week but I don't have that much time so once a week it is!

  36. littleblessings

    pear / 1738 posts

    I never joined this board but we were ntnp and I got this, this morning. I’m in shock and nervous right now

  37. karenbme

    apricot / 372 posts

    @Marfi: Good luck in March!

  38. karenbme

    apricot / 372 posts

    @littleblessings: Congratulations! My first go round was ntnp, so I know it can be shocking, but exciting for sure!

  39. karenbme

    apricot / 372 posts

    Quick vent--I stopped at my fav bakery on my way in to work today and got an almond croissant, but now the smell is making me sick. I can't give it away without creating office gossip (a couple people know my situation)...

    I put it in a drawer hoping I would smell it less and googled what causes increased sense of smell in pregnancy--progesterone--so not even necessarily a symptom of pregnancy, just a symptom of hormones!!!

  40. Ginaandcorey

    cherry / 161 posts

    @foolsintherain - i tried commenting on the March POAS board you posted but I can't for some reason. It says there are -1 comments. Strange.

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