To preface: we just started talking about not trying, not preventing a week or two ago. I
haven't charted my cycle since we conceived our first in Jan 2014. I have no idea when I ovulated, but AF is due tomorrow or Thursday-ish, I think. Based on a normal schedule (my cycles have been 26-27 days) we DtD 4 days before the earliest I would have ovulated.

I have been feeling a little weird/off for a week now: bloated, irritable, excess saliva, stuffy and feel twinges in my lower abdomen (not cramps, but like I did too many sit-ups).

Because the symptoms have been driving me crazy I bought a three pack of FRER and took them 4, 3 & 2 days before AF was (roughly) due and they all were pretty clearly negative. However tonight I was home alone and still driving myself mentally crazy so I took a FR rapid response and got this. Do you guys see what I'm seeing?? (I upped the contrast and highlights on this photo to what I feel like I see in person)

I know I should just wait another couple of days to see, but instead I'm here on hellobee