Baby Bookworm is just over a week old, and it's already terrifying how strong she is. She rolled from her left to right side at 4 (!!) days, and is starting to lift her head up pretty frequently when I'm burping her on my chest.

So, super baby doesn't seem to be agreeing well with our A&A swaddles. She was always able to break out, even when the expert nurses at the hospital did it, but last night it's like a switch flipped and it *really* bothered her to have her hands out. We tried double swaddling, no dice.

I'm sending DH to Target in a couple hours, and could really use some help on what new swaddle to buy. She is currently working back up to her birth weight of 7lbs9oz, and is a very long, lean baby.

Help! We were up all night trying to calm her down and keep her darn arms from scaring her, and we all need some sleep!