SOS! Help! I reached out to your crew with my last baby and you were live savers, so I thought I'd throw my new baby's sleep situation at you to see if you could help.

Situation: Just turned four months. We've gotten SO LUCKY with sleep so far - he just started sort of miraculously sleeping through the night around 6/7 weeks. He would sleep 8:30 pm - 7 am, it was SO RIDICULOUS. And yes, we knew how lucky we were at the time He was swaddled tight and loved it. Fast forward to last week, when buddy rolled over in his swaddle (!!) before he was even four months old. What?? We were totally unprepared, and had to cut out the swaddle cold turkey. Since then night sleep has been total chaos. He wakes every few hours, and can't seem to be settled with anything but nursing, even though I know that he clearly doesn't need to nurse, since he didn't eat at night for the last 2.5 months. We tried the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit, and he literally rolled onto his tummy within a minute in it. I think we have a herculean baby on our hands.

Our problem is that unlike our first kiddo who we had to pull out all of these sleep tricks on (rocking, sucking on our finger, shushing in ear, etc. etc.), this reacts to literally zero sleep tools (besides nursing) because we've never had to use any. Which means it's all falling on me, and I fear I'm giving him bad habits. We're 11 days into this post-swaddle hell and I need help! He's 4 months and 1 week - way to early to CIO, right? I can't go on nursing him every two hours, especially when I know he doesn't need it.