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  1. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 130 posts

    @trixi: @nwm: I started working from home last week at 39 weeks so I'm constantly getting IMs and emails from coworkers asking for baby updates, why I'm still working, etc.

    I had my doctor's appointment last night and was only dilated 1 cm and 50% effaced. The doctor said that my cervix didn't seem favorable enough, so they want me to come in the night before the induction to receive the cervidil medication. She also felt the outside of my belly and said that she thinks the baby could be upwards of 9 lbs (!!) even though my main doctor a week ago guestimated that it'd be closer to 7.5 lbs.

    The doctor last night also decided to scare us by telling us she wasn't sure if the baby was still heads down (which is has been since about 30 weeks and was at all of our ultrasounds), so she did a 5 second ultrasound and confirmed "Yup, there's the head." So the appointment didn't go as well as we were hoping and it looks like if baby doesn't come on its own in the next 2 days, I'm going to be induced and potentially could end up with a C section if the baby is as big as this doctor thinks it could be (she'll be the doctor on call and delivering me). So we shall see.

  2. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @sunflowerbee: ugh, sorry your doctor's appointment wasn't more encouraging. i am more than a little skeptical of gauging the baby's weight by feeling the outside of your belly ?! that sounds a tad unscientific : ) of course my ultrasound said my son was 7lbs 10 or so ounces at 39 weeks and he was born 6lbs 12 ounces for whatever that's worth. anyway, hope it doesn't make you fret too much--sounds like baby is still head down? which is great news, and if nothing else you know only a couple days til induction and baby!

  3. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 130 posts

    @nwm: Yes, baby is still heads down which is a very good thing. I spoke to a couple of other moms and they agree with you about not putting too much trust in the doctor using her hands as a yardstick to measure baby's weight. My boss gave birth 2 months ago and they also told her that her baby would be 8+ lbs and at her 41 weeks induction, the baby was just shy of 7 lbs.

    Thanks for the reassurance and I am really excited that in a few short days, baby should be here with us on the outside!

  4. csross217

    kiwi / 545 posts

    @sunflowerbee: Ugh, I'm sorry that you had a not-so-great appointment!

    If it makes you feel any better, DS was much bigger than they thought he would be (dr said between 8-8.5lbs, he was 9lb 2oz), and I was able to avoid a c-section. I was a few minutes away from an emergence one due to heart rate issues, but never because of his size. Fingers crossed for you, and that your body can do it!!!

  5. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 130 posts

    @csross217: Thanks for sharing your story and for the vote of confidence! How is everything going as you're settling in and becoming a family of 4?

  6. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    had my 37 week appointment today. basically same as last time--i'm "a good 2 cm" but not much progress overall and they're still saying that the best predictor of when i go into labor is when i went last time. so, not feeling too panicked that i still haven't packed my hospital bag (just made a packing list that despite me using half what i packed last time is still insanely long). am going to try to do that tonight though! and finally got around to ordering a breast pump (trying out the spectra this time because people seem to like them so much more than the medelas). progress!

  7. trixi

    cherry / 105 posts

    @nwm I have my 38 week check tomorrow and since I am a 3 now and 80% I really cant see how I can make more progress and am still walking around with a baby, but what do I know! I will report back when she checks me tomorrow. I am afraid I will be sitting at a 3-4 at 40 +5 again like my son--although with him I think I was only dilated to a 1 even at 40 wks!

    @sunflowerbee sounds like a sort of stressful appointment. Did they set an induction date yet?

  8. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @trixi: i feel like i have probably been dilated to at least 1 ever since i had DS let us know how tomorrow goes!

  9. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 130 posts

    @trixi: @nwm: @csross217: It’s a girl!! Baby B was born at 7:45 PM on 6/7 via C section. She weighed in at 8 lbs 6.5 oz (the doctors and ultrasound tech were right about her size!) and is 21 inches long. We are both doing well and DH and I are so in love!!

    June Mamas
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    6/7 - Sunflowerbee (#1) Baby B

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    6/23 - Nwm (#2)

  10. csross217

    kiwi / 545 posts

    @sunflowerbee: Hooray for a !!!! Congratulations, and so glad to hear that you're all doing well!!!

  11. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @sunflowerbee: awesome!! Congratulations mama!!!

  12. trixi

    cherry / 105 posts

    YAY! Congrats! @sunflowerbee Welcome baby!

    Well @NWM ...it's just me and you! I had my 38 wk check yesterday and I'm still a solid 3 and at 80% just as I suspected I'd be sitting at a 3 dilated for weeks! But she said next week's apt she wants to do a membrane sweep, which she said she think will probably send me into labor (it did with DS, although he was late when we did it) so I'm realllllly hoping for a father's day weekend baby!

  13. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 130 posts

    @csross217: @nwm: @trixi: Thank you all so much!!! She and I are both doing well!!

  14. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @sunflowerbee: so glad to hear it!! hope you are able to get lots of rest & recover easily!

    @trixi: i know!!! i guess not surprising given how far off our due dates still are. it's hard not to get impatient but i'm also really enjoying this time. my work slowed way down recently when two of my cases ended, so i've been able to rest a lot more than usual and get great time with LO1, so i'm trying to wallow in that a bit before the infant sleep schedule/crying/breastfeeding all hits!!!

  15. trixi

    cherry / 105 posts

    @nwm I'm a little anxious now, my 38 week check (with membrane sweep) got moved up to tomorrow at 1:40 instead of this coming Friday. Which means I could have a baby BEFORE father's day weekend lol, I keep saying I am ready...but am I?!
    Watch I will have anxiety for next 48 hours and it won't even work!! LOL

  16. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @trixi: i hear you--i definitely have been going through stages of denial and i still think i have a few more to get through, haha! are you ever truly ready?! at least now i have my hospital bag 90% packed and we have the baby's mini crib set up in our room with the sheets washed and everything, so the logistics are mostly set and it's the mental we have to contend with. are you feeling like you have the logistics down?

    also, you could always decline the membrane sweep, right? or wait until your 39 week check? i totally understand why you would want to do it, but i'm sure you could wait! my doctors don't even really offer it but i am going to raise it at my 38 week appt on wednesday. i think next week i'll feel ready, but this week i'm just not quite there yet. i'm also going to start talking to them about induction schedule if i go late again so i can mentally prepare. 41 weeks would be a saturday, and 40+6 would be my birthday--a scheduled induction might not be my top choice of birthday gifts, but then again a healthy baby surely would be!

  17. trixi

    cherry / 105 posts

    @nwm Oh I can totally decline it, but I won't
    I think physically I am ready, mentally I will never be ready because I am a chicken and I remember the pain!! But, I just hope for quick and healthy delivery like last time.

    We have the logistics down-- I think. I'm an over planner and over preparer--so the "not knowing when" thing really gets to me.
    Plus LO keeps saying baby's birthday is on Tuesday...(every week LOL) so we are like hmm maybe he knows something we don't!

    And yes, if you are like me you just want to know ~the plan~ if you are late etc. It would be sweet to share a birthday with your LO but I'd be thinking the same thing...do I want to be in labor on my birthday? At that point though--I would be like GET THE BABY OUTTA ME.

  18. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @trixi: i'm vicariously excited for your appointment today, haha! hope it goes great and kick starts some action for you although i'll be sad to be the only one left on this board for like two full weeks.

  19. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    also i posted about this a long while back, but good friends of ours are getting married friday, at a venue that is like a 3 hour drive from home, maybe 3.5. we hemmed and hawed but ended up sending regrets because our doctor and like everyone else (except all our friends going to the wedding) thought it was crazy to even consider. but if friday comes and goes and i don't have the baby for like another two weeks, i'll feel both sad and dumb for missing it

  20. trixi

    cherry / 105 posts

    @nwm appointment went fine! Doctor did the sweep and it just felt a tad more uncomfortable than the check. just more like pressure and moving around in there. I am still the same as I was Thursday--a 3 and 80%, which doc said is favorable. She said it's gonna be cramping and some blood which is a good thing. I had like a droplet of blood so far in my pad an hour later, I can't remember how much with LO but I remember some greenish stuff later which was prob part of my mucus plug. She said if it's going to work, it should be within 48 hours. Otherwise we can do it again next week. I made my 40 week apt for Tuesday afternoon. Hoping I have to cancel it! I've got anxietyyyy big time. It's supposed to thunderstorm tonight, LO was born during a snowstorm, maybe this one will come during a thunderstorm!

    As far as the wedding goes, I remember you saying that earlier on the board. We had one about 5.5 hours away two weeks ago, that DH was supposed to be a groomsman for. We told them about a month before that we would not make it, which was good because by then I was 37 weeks and already a 3 and 80%, but again obviously I didn't have the baby so potentially we ~could've gone~ in hindsight. We just blamed it on the doctor and said she said told us we should stick around.

  21. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @trixi: awesome, fingers crossed for you!!! sorry about the anxiety, hope you can get some good R&R in over the next 48 hours.

    i am actually totally not anxious right now, which in and of itself makes me anxious because i am typically a pretty anxious person and i feel like i'm jinxing things by not being anxious haha. i was just so nervous last time that now i sort of have some idea what happens i feel like i'm a bit more ready for it. (obviously i've mostly blocked out the pain memories but i'm also on team Definitely Epidural this time.)

    sounds like it was the right call for you to miss that wedding and it was definitely the right call for us too. and the bride and groom are probably the most understanding people of all. i just have serious FOMO!

  22. trixi

    cherry / 105 posts

    @NWM do not worry, I am feeling like I will be sitting pregnant with you...I don't feel any different! I did have a bit of cramping last night, but nothing really spectacular, and today I'm not even wearing a panty-liner...nothing going on. I know she said 48 hours, but I really think with LO I was consistently crampy etc and had him about36 hours later...Soooo, I guess this time my body is not ready!

  23. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    hm, did the site eat my post?

  24. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    looks like it did so i will try again!

    @trixi: i'm sure you will be there soon even if it's not the sweep that does it!

    i had my appointment today and have advanced from "a good 2cm" to "a good 2-3 cm". the doctor said they'd let me go as long as 10-12 days past my due date (assuming all else looks good) but that she really didn't see that happening. so, fingers crossed.

    the ultrasound also showed baby estimated at 7lbs 2oz. even if that's an overestimate, i feel like that is a good sign she'll at least be over 6lbs--so i'm officially ready for her to show anytime! let's get this show on the road baby!

    hope all the other june new mamas are doing great!

  25. trixi

    cherry / 105 posts

    @nwm No baby yet for me but I did have a quite large glob of mucus just now, which I haven't really had any discharge or spotting since the sweep so this made me excited HA! I know it can still be days but progress is progress!

    10-12 days overdue that would be hard to swallow. I can't believe you'll go that long either, that seems like worst case scenario. It sounds like you are dilating now too so that's gotta mean baby is getting ready!!

  26. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @trixi: nice! exciting that sounds like some progress! i am really keeping my eyes peeled for my early labor signs...keep waiting for the burst of energy but so far nada, haha.

    i know--i'm glad i asked, though. i appreciate they are so non-interventionist, as that is (in theory at least) my preference, but i need to start preparing mentally for that possibility a bit better, since i was thinking of 40+6 as kind of a hard stop date!

  27. trixi

    cherry / 105 posts

    @nwm yep I keep thinking of 40 + 5 as my hard stop too, since that's when I had LO but really I think they will induce me at 41 weeks. I mean, it could happen still even with this "progress".. I really really hope for our sakes we have babies somewhere between 39 & 40 weeks!!

  28. csross217

    kiwi / 545 posts

    @nwm: @trixi: It sounds like you both are making some good progress! I'm so excited for the last of the June babies to arrive!!!

    Things have been a bit rough here - DD caught a cold just a few days after DS was born which made her SUPER cranky, and it's making its way through our whole family. I've been hit the worst since my immune system is already shot, but it's soooooo sad to hear DS's little coughs at night. Luckily, he's a champ and is still eating and sleeping well. I have my first postpartum appointment today, so I'm going to ask what meds I can take while nursing. Normal postpartum crappiness + head cold = worst thing ever

  29. nwm

    apricot / 330 posts

    @csross217: oh nooooo! having a head cold PP sounds pretty brutal, especially with it hitting the whole family! hope you guys are coming out the other end, though! so glad to hear the little guy is being a champ through it all. hope you can get some good meds


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