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  1. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    Oh my goodness @sunflowerbee and @nwm I also tested for low iron with my glucose testing and they asked me to start iron supplements! SO weird! I just bought them yesterday but haven't taken any yet. I will take start today. I wonder if I notice any difference too in energy etc.

  2. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @trixi @sunflowerbee @nwm Another low iron with glucose testing over here! I've been anemic on and off for most of my life, and was during my last pregnancy. I started taking iron supplements about a week about but haven't seen much difference in my energy level unfortunately

    Things are good over here! Feeling baby move all the time, with lots of BH. I feel MASSIVE and just don't imagine how my belly can possibly get any bigger over the next 10 weeks! I feel like I'm the same size now as I was at the very end with DD. We've been nesting a little and just got DD moved into her big girl room so that we can redecorate the nursery for DS. I still feel like there is just wayyyyyy too much to do though!

    We've narrowed it down to 2 names and have only shared them with my mom and best friend. We didn't decide on DD's name for sure until after she was born so I'm thinking it'll be the same this time! I love both names and keep going back and forth on my favorite.

    Question: What does everyone think about children having the same initials? One of our top names would give both LO's the initials of EMR. The names don't sound similar at all though so I don't feel like they are too matchy-matchy, but what about having the same initials? Is that weird????

  3. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    oh my gosh ladies i can't believe everyone is anemic, oh dear! @csross217: sorry it hasn't helped you--i definitely am not exactly a bundle of energy right now, but i was running so low on energy that i really just noticed an increase in my mood. and i had told my husband i thought i was developing restless leg syndrome--apparently that's a symptom of anemia, and that has thankfully abated some, though in my experience it was more annoying than anything.

    definitely sympathize with feeling like there's so much more to do! i just cleared out a bunch of space in my son's dresser since we don't have space for a second dresser in their room, and goal for this week is to get the closet space cleared out too--fortunately the kids' room has a huge closet, so much so that my husband and i use it for overflow, so we're going to try to get rid of that stuff so baby girl has half the closet to herself and we should really have more than enough storage once that is done.

    we are holding off ordering the crib i want until our amazon registry completion triggers. DS1 (2 years 2 months) is still in a crib and we are considering if this is the right time to convert his crib into a big boy bed. despite being very mobile and kind of a risk-taker, he has not figured out that he can climb out of his crib yet, so we have been really hesitant to convert him to a big-boy bed, since we suspect he will be up all. the. time. that said, he's definitely getting old enough and maybe if we switch him over now he'll take us seriously when we teach him you have to stay in bed once you're in? have the second timers all moved your older kiddos into beds vs. cribs already?

    @csross217: i don't think same initials is weird! sounds cute

  4. trixi

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    @NWM We moved our son to big boy bed just before his 3rd birthday. He too did not figure out he could climb out so we didn't push it! He did reallllly well when we did transition him. We talked up being a big boy a ton and let him pick out a new blanket etc. Because of this, 2 yr, 2m might not have worked for us as he would've been too young to get the conversation maybe? I wanted to wait until right before his birthday so we could say things like "big boys are 3 years old, big boys sleep in their own big boy beds!" and make a big deal about it.

    @csross217 I think same initials is really sweet. Only thing I'd ever worry about is monogrammed stuff, or if they put their initials on stuff ever, like school projects etc. But that is a super small concern. GO WITH IT if you love it!

    We have two names in the running, and still considering others. We aren't sharing with anyone until she's here-- but I think since HB is pretty anon I will share with you ladies! Opinions please!

    Genevieve Catherine
    Nellie Nancy

    Genevieve Catherine
    Pros: Genevieve is DH late grandmother's middle name, & a special great aunt to me was Catherine (or Aunt Kate)
    I think a nickname like 'Vivi Kate' (pronounced Vivvy) is really cute.
    Cons: Our friend and neighbor has a little girl who is 2 named Genevieve. It's getting to be a popular name I see on lists too.

    Nellie Nancy
    Pros: Nellie is my late grandmother's name, and Nancy is DH late grandmother's name.
    Our last name is VERY common in our area, (like Smith!) I think there will be a very small chance of her sharing Nellie with anyone else since it's not very popular.
    Cons: Since our last name starts with an N, her initials would be NNN !!! Is that odd?
    I feel selfish using my grandmother's name, when I know I have several other female first cousins that were close to her too. However, they are all around my age and not even in relationships, so I don't think they are thinking baby names soon. But still feel the guilt for some reason!

    Does anyone read Swistle baby names blog? I am considering sending her our options and seeing if I get a reply, I love her advice!

  5. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    @trixi: ok this is seriously weird bc my first name is nelly and my mom is nancy!!! i am completely unable for that reason to give you any type of objective input into your name selections haha!!!! FWIW, i love having nelly as a name (people very often spell it nellie, including my own relatives, so i think you are making the right call on spelling though i like my own and haven't been willing to change it and you are definitely right that it's fairly unusual and doesn't seem to be reemerging on any popular names lists. i do come to the name a bit differently because i have an even more unusual first name that is my full/formal name. everyone who knows me calls me nelly, but i have the full name on my work email, business cards, etc. i really love my full first name, i think it's beautiful and i like that it's unusual and slightly gender ambiguous, but i will say that it causes a ton of confusion when i tell people i go by nelly, since no one has ever heard the combination before (even though it's way closer than, for example, dick to richard, at least that's a nickname combo most people are familiar with).

    so i guess that's a vote for nellie nancy, although i also think genevieve catherine is beautiful--you can't go wrong.

  6. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @nwm: We won't be moving DD into a big girl bed for a while. She's 2 (birthday this weekend, OMG!) and hasn't tried to climb out despite being a little spider monkey. We ended up buying another crib for DS. Luckily they are both convertible so we'll use them for toddler beds as well when the time comes.

    @trixi: I'm partial to the name Genevieve! So pretty and I haven't seen anyone else with that name, at least in my area! Nellie is really cute as well, and I love the idea of using family names (DD is named after my maternal grandmother).

    So, my best friend works at an MFM and snuck me in over the weekend for a scan. Now I'm TERRIFIED because DS is measuring in the 97th percentile and is already 5 lbs She tried to make me feel better by saying that he probably just went through a growth spurt and will slow down over the next few weeks and everything will even out, but all I can think about is potentially birthing a 10 pound baby!!!! DD was 7 lbs and labor/delivery was really fast, so what if it goes too quickly this time around and I can't get an epi.... I'm totally freaking out! Trying to figure out how to bring it up to my OB at my appointment this week.....

  7. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @nwm here I am looking for unbiased reviews and I'm asking Nelly about Nellie LOL! I keep going back and forth, I have a feeling it will be one of those two names, even though we still consider others here and there, we always go back!

    @csross217 I bet your friend is right though, baby probably had a growth spurt right before that! Don't stress! They are always a bit off on the measurements I feel like too! Don't worry if you can't get an epi if baby comes too fast, that's exactly what happened to me the first time around with my son and I actually HOPE this time is the same as far as speed and ease! It was quick and yes, painful, but SO FAST. Then the pain was over and gone!

  8. sunflowerbee

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    @csross217: So I can relate to your possible big baby news. I had an ultrasound last night at 33+3 and was told that my baby is measuring in the 84th percentile and is already 5 lbs and 10 oz! I am also hoping that baby recently went through a growth spurt and doesn't continue growing at this fast pace!

    However to make us both feel better, my boss's doctors told her at an ultrasound at 38 weeks that her baby was already 7.5 lbs and she should expect an 8+ lb pound. She was a week overdue and was induced at 41 weeks and when she gave birth last week, her baby was a petite 6 lbs and 15 oz. So hopefully our babies won't be as big as expected!

    @trixi: I like the name Genevieve Catherine! And the nickname Vivi Kate is really cute.

  9. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    Thanks for the name help ladies, husband and I will probably just decide when we meet her like we did with DS.

    I woke up in the middle of the night with one of those leg cramps in my calf. Husband tried to help but I had to get out of bed and walk around to get rid of it. I hate those! I have been adding bananas to my morning smoothies in hopes that would avoid those this time around...apparently not! Anyone else get those when pregnant?

    I go back to dr next week for our scan. So excited to get some good pics of our girl. When we went to our 32 week scan with DS we could see he had hair! I hope we can see if baby has hair too. Can't wait. I'll be closer to 33 weeks by then...time keep moving fast please!

  10. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @sunflowerbee: I know ultrasounds can be a pound off either way, so that's what I'm hoping! I'm just trying to accept that my body will be able to do it. My coworker had two 9.5 lb babies, both med-free. We can do this!!!

    @trixi: Leg cramps are the worst!!!! I get them in my toes/arches of my feet too. Soooo painful. Nothing seems to help, other than getting out of bed and stretching.

    I had a full blown breakdown this morning about my clothes, or lack of them... it's going to be in the 80's here today and I have absolutely nothing to wear! My office dress code is business casual and I just realized that all of my maternity clothes are for fall/winter. I only have a few t-shirts that still fit, and nothing office appropriate! I really don't want to have to buy new maternity clothes with only a few weeks left

  11. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    Hey @csross217 I have been there!! I actually am wearing a ton of LuLaRoe these last two months. I was never into the leggings or anything like that, but their pencil Cassie skirts and Julia dresses are pretty stretchty and I'm wearing my normal size still. I got a bunch on a going out of business page for $15 bucks each. I will still be able to wear them post pregnancy so I'm thrilled. Have you tried their stuff?

    I work in a bank so I keep the look professional with accessories and solid tops and blazers and heels or flats. I think even the pencil skirts I can wear with a V neck tee and flip flops on weekends! I think I have the link to one of the sale pages if you want it!! lmk.

  12. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @trixi: I love Lularoe! I actually tried on both a Cassie (couldn't find a top to match) and a Julia (a little too tight) this morning. I have a few Carlys and Nicoles that still fit well but just make me look massive! I much prefer to wear fitted clothes when I'm pregnant but I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and wear flowy dresses!!!

  13. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @csross217 I am the same way. I like more fitted things when pregnant. I think because I am short and curvy- flowy stuff just adds to it. Fitted clothes give me a shape. Not too long, but I get it, it's going to be 80 today here too--I'm just glad I won't be pregnant all summer long!

  14. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @trixi: I broke down and ended up buying a couple more maternity tops for $4 each at a consignment shop after my OB appointment this morning!!! They are neutral and I should be able to wear them to work for the next month or so. The last straw was when I went for a walk with DH and DD last night and my shirt kept riding up over my belly

  15. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @csross217 I thought of you this morning when I had a mini meltdown in my closet when the outfit I picked out last night and steamed for work today looked ridiculous when I got it on me ...and I didn't have a backup option steamed and so I would be late for work LOL.. It didn't help our house was humid while I was getting ready and put me in a mood!

    $4 each is not bad at all, and you can mix and match if they are neutral. Just think of it this way for 20 bucks you bought yourself comfort and sanity!!

  16. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    hi ladies! sounds like i am having the opposite problem. went in for my 32 week check up and they said i was measuring slightly behind so they had me do a quick u/s. the u/s tech said everything looked fine, but just small, at 25th percentile. my son has been 25th percentile for weight his whole life and was at birth so that didn't seem concerning. then the doctor called and left a message that the abdomen was actually measuring a little behind that and so they want me to go in for a more detailed growth scan next week "to make sure they're not missing anything." gah! what does that mean?! i'm waiting for a call back from the doctor and trying not to freak out.

  17. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @nwm Oh my keep us updated!! I'm sure everything is fine, you just carry small and baby is a bit smaller, don't panic! Wait and see what doctor says! Good vibes coming your way!

  18. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    @trixi: thank you so much for the good thoughts, they honestly really make me feel better!!

    just spoke to the doctor and she made me slightly calmer. she said it could just mean the baby is small, but they just want to keep an eye on growth and make sure there isn't a growth restriction. we haven't done a u/s since 20 weeks so who knows if this is just how she has been growing basically since then. anyway i'm trying to force myself to eat a bunch of more nutritious food (she didn't even say this is something i should do, but i have had no appetite lately so obviously i'm worrying about that) and have a more detailed scan scheduled for monday.

  19. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @nwm: I'm glad the doctor followed up with you and was able to calm you down. Hopefully this just means that you have smaller babies, especially since your son was the same percentile. Are they going to schedule you for a follow-up ultrasound? Eating more food and nutritious food sounds like a good plan!

    I asked my doctor about our 84th percentile baby at my appointment on Tuesday and he said they don't get too concerned unless your baby is in the 90s or you have GD, which I don't. He said the head to body ratio is normal but of course they won't know if baby will fit until I'm in labor. I have my final ultrasound scheduled 2 weeks from today at 37+3 so I'm hoping baby's growth will have slowed down a little bit.

  20. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @nwm: I'm glad to hear that you received good news! Keep us updated on how the scan goes on Monday!

    @sunflowerbee: My OB had the same reaction when I asked about my 97th percentile baby a few weeks ago. I was only measuring 2 weeks ahead based on fundal height, so they are going to keep an eye on it and if they are concerned about his size in the next few weeks they will schedule me for a scan. At my appointment yesterday though, I measured right on for fundal height and had only gained 1.5 lbs in 3 weeks, so it seems like he might be evening out! I'm really hoping he had just had a big growth spurt before my last scan!

  21. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    hi ladies!! scan today went great. overall, she was measuring at 28th percentile, which was actually up overall from my 20 week AS where she was 22nd (i didn't realize this, but went back to the same place that did that scan so that was their baseline). and her belly is still measuring smaller relatively, but up at 20th percentile so still pretty far from the high risk zone. phew! i feel a lot better. can't decide if cramming myself full of food all weekend helped or it's just more evidence that ultrasound measurements are imperfect, but either way i'm feeling much more reassured. plus, she was measuring under 4 pounds last week, and just over 4 pounds this week, so that is good progress.

    @sunflowerbee: @csross217: glad to hear you are getting reassurances on size too!!

    how is everyone's prep going? i've started to make some progress--organized and sorted all the baby clothes, figured out how to take apart and clean the infant car seat (plus while i was at it, took apart and washed covers for the baby seat, rock n' play, etc.).

    my one last decision point is what to use for the baby to sleep in the early months, before we move her into a full crib in shared bedroom with DS. last time we used an arms reach co-sleeper that i borrowed (though we just set it up as a mini-crib, not attached to the bed), but i just found out that my friend who i borrowed it from is now pregnant again herself so will need it back before we're ready to transition. trying to figure out what to do instead!

  22. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @nwm SO glad you got good news and are feeling reassured. Baby will probably be a little chunk now and surprise you

    I started getting out my son's baby stuff to see what is neutral enough for a girl to wear, surprisingly a lot! This weekend I will start washing things up and putting them away in her room. We still have to hang things on the walls and arrange the furniture.
    I got the rock n play out,--but still need to get out the swing and car seat.
    There's a list things on my list I have to buy still. I just need to fill my amazon cart and purchase. But I know it will be a big one!

    With my son he slept in the rock n play next to us for the first 4 months of his life. We will probably do the same, unless we move her crib into our room. It's a Jenny Lind and it's pretty light and on wheels so we may do that if she's not a good rock n play sleeper.

  23. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @nwm: I'm SO happy to hear that you received good news!!!!

    The nursery is almost finished, but I still feel like there's so much to do! I placed an order from my Amazon registry last night (woohoo completion discount!). I have a few things set out for my hospital bag but need to finish packing. This weekend we're going to wash/clean the cars and install the infant seat base.

    Our plan is to have DS sleep in the bassinet attachment of the PnP next to our bed. DD ended up sleeping in the swing though, so we'll have that ready to go too. I just need to get everything out of storage and wash all the covers.

    I'm convinced I'm going to go into labor at least 2 weeks early (DD was born at 38+4), so I'm starting to stress out about getting things done!

  24. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @nwm: I'm also so glad to hear your good news update!! Just over 4 lbs seems like a good size!

    I had a big nesting weekend last weekend. We did another load of baby wash, pack and play sheets, and crib sheets. We put all of the crib bedding on and I absolutely love walking by the nursery and admiring it. We still have to hang some picture frames and finish decorating the walls with decals. I also started laying out everything baby and I will need for my hospital bag. My thought is that if I have the bag mostly packed and ready to go, baby won't make too early of an appearance, haha.

    We're also getting our family room/main living space together and are planning on setting up the pack and play, rock and play, and swing tonight.

    Our plan is to have baby sleep in a Halo bassinest next to my side of the bed. A backup plan is for baby to sleep in the bassinet portion of the pack and play, but I'm hoping that baby likes the Halo and we can keep the pack and play downstairs for naps.

    I can't believe how close we all are to meeting our babies!! Since it's been a while, I figured I'd post our due dates so we can count down together!

    June Mamas
    6/4 - Sunflowerbee (#1)
    6/9 - Ms. RV (#2)
    6/18 - Csross217 (#2)
    6/22 - Trixi (#2)
    6/23 - Nwm (#2)

  25. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    love seeing this countdown!!! it's definitely seeming very close to me too--though, i went 40+4 with my son and have been counting on going pretty much full term again. i am NOT prepared for her to arrive in 3-4 weeks, ha! my to-do list at work needs to get a LOT shorter. of course i'm sure in 3 weeks i'll be over it and ready for her to just show up early anyway.

    @csross217: my mom and sister decided to organize a very small sprinkle so i am waiting on that before placing my big amazon order, but i am psyched to take advantage of that completion discount!!! i loaded a bunch of stuff on there for DS, plus enough wipes and boogie wipes to fill our entire closet, haha.

  26. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @sunflowerbee: Eek! Seeing the dates makes me realize how close June really is!

    @nwm: I'm not ashamed to say that about 50% of my registry is things for DD

  27. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    I started throwing a few things here and there into an overnight bag last night. I am convinced our girl is going to be late like her brother was (40+5) but then I thought...well it won't hurt to have something ready for me and an overnight bag for DS too for grandma's house.

  28. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    @trixi: so organized, haha, great work!

    not quite ready to start a hospital bag but will probably do so in the next couple of weeks. good reminder too to pack an overnight bag for DS, haha, i had not even thought that far! i heard a tip that a good idea to ease sibling transition is to give the older sibling a present at the hospital and say it's from the new baby. anyone else planning to do this and thoughts on what you will get? part of me wants it be like a sweet stuffed animal but i'm sure DS would prefer a toy truck of some type.

  29. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @nwm: I'm planning to do this! DD is super into Thomas trains right now so I'm thinking some kind of fancy Thomas toy? It's on my (very long) list of things I still need to do to get ready....

    I was at least able to cross a few more things off my to-do list over the weekend. We cleaned out our vehicles and I have my hospital bag mostly packed. Next up is to make some freezer meals and lactation cookies to freeze.

  30. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @nwm I have thought of doing a gift exchange between the two also. We'll see if I can find a few things to add to my neverending amazon cart!

    We enrolled DS in a new big brother/big sister class at the hospital for this Saturday. I will be interested to see what he says after. It's just an hour and they talk about feelings and how to hold a baby etc.

    I also got a ton of clothes washed and put away this weekend, husband FINALLY built me some shelves for her room. So I can start putting knick knacks away soon too. I feel less anxious now that some stuff is done, but plenty more to do!

    @csross217 I had big plans to make freezer meals, lol but it is at the bottom of my list to be honest.

  31. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    How is everyone feeling as we get towards the end? I can't believe it's only a few more weeks until June!!!

    At my OB appointment yesterday, I mentioned that I've been having pretty consistent BH in the evenings when I sit down to relax. He was a little worried and said that I need to start taking it easy. Not bedrest, but that I should take a break in the middle of the day to lay down and then again when I get home from work. I just don't see that happening since I'm struggling to get a HUGE project done at work before mat. leave and when I get home I'm chasing a 2 year old around until DH gets out of work....

  32. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @csross217 Ya I understand about the 'taking it easy" there is so much to do, and plus you want to give your kiddo some time with mama!

    I have my 36wk checkup next week, DR will check to see if there is any progress. I am setting myself up for disappointment because with every step I take there is so much pressure this week-- like in my hips and pubic bone area I just tell myself "that's your body progressing, that's baby getting ready!"
    LOL then next week when I get checked I will probably be at only a 1 and 10% or something

  33. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @csross217: I also can't believe that we're so close to June! Yeah I agree it's definitely hard to rest and lay down, especially in the middle of the work day. Hopefully you're able to take it easy after you get home from work.

    @trixi: Good luck with your 36 week appt! It definitely sounds like your baby is getting into position.

    As for me, I had my 37 week appointment on Wednesday. The doctor said I'm still not dilated or effaced, but she was able to feel the head and confirmed that baby is heads down.

    I also had my final ultrasound last night. The baby weighed 5 lbs 10 oz and 84% at 33+3 weeks and last night at 37+3, it weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz and 82% . That's 4 oz bigger than I was at birth! The tech said there's a margin of +/- 7 oz and predicted that baby will be 7.5-8.5 lbs depending on when I deliver. She asked me to stop by after the baby is born so I can update her on the final weight since she's curious too!

    Tomorrow is my birthday and baby and I have an understanding that he/she has to wait until after then to have its own birthday, haha. I'm still hoping to make it to June but I'm fine with it coming anytime after Sunday.

    Are you ladies planning on working up until you give birth or taking any time off or working from home? I'm planning on making next week my last week commuting to my office, since I work about an hour's train ride away from my house and hospital, and then working from home up until baby is born.

  34. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    @csross217: i fully sympathize--i thankfully haven't had really noticeable braxton hicks, but i'm pretty effing tired these days and have just reached the stage where everything is effort, but the idea of taking it easy doesn't seem very doable! i have massive goals at work over the next couple weeks, plus definitely want to squeeze in as much time as i can giving DS1 full attention and lots of love. but given that you're now on doctor's advice i really hope you can find some good rest time to yourself!

    @sunflowerbee: i am planning to work right up until the end, but definitely may do some of that from home. i have a few things that i need to be physically present for the week of june 4, but after that i may start working from home more. the only problem for me is that working from home means i get almost nothing done, since DS is around and we live in a tiny NYC apartment. even though the nanny would try to distract him, it is difficult to coexist. honestly if we get REALLY close and i achieve my work goals i'm considering rewarding myself by getting a nice hotel room and spending a work day there, ha, is that way too self-indulgent?

    with a due date of the 23rd i still have a fair amount of time before i think i'm even in the likely risk zone, but it's definitely starting to feel very real & soon! achieved a major goal yesterday by getting DH to finally move the queen sized bed out of our kiddo bedroom--we did use it a lot with DS (read books on, etc.) but it was taking up so much space, where we want to eventually put a crib, etc.--it feels like such a load off! so looking forward to tidying up that space, getting the crib set up (even though it will mainly be for naps if anything early on), and doing a bunch of other stuff the extra space affords. the weekdays are too busy but every weekend i feel like we move a couple steps closer to "the baby could arrive today and it would not be an epic disaster," so feeling good about that

    happy birthday @sunflowerbee: !!

  35. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    happy birthday @sunflowerbee ! Mine is next week and my family is visiting for the weekend to celebrate and help get the nursery decorated.
    DH asked what I wanted for my bday and I had a hard time coming up with something...um to not be pregnant anymore We will see what he came up with!

    @nwm @sunflowerbee no working from home for me. My office isn't really set up for that. I have a large presentation Tuesday, then the rest of the weeks before I leave is going to be spent creating guides and checklists for my colleagues to get a few of my audits done while I am out for 12 weeks. My goal is to get it all done by month end. I'm not due til 6/22 but I will be anxious if I don't have something set up for them just in case.

  36. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @sunflowerbee: Happy Birthday!!!

    I'll be working right up until the end. We have a big federal grant due on June 8, so I need to wrap that up before the baby comes. If we can get it submitted early (hopefully) I'll probably start working some from home, but we'll see. I'm due June 18, but DD was 1.5 weeks early so I'm anticipating that this LO will come early too!

  37. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @nwm: @trixi: @csross217: Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, ladies!! It’s been a great birthday so far!

  38. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    Hi girls! Had my 36 week check on Friday and doctor checked me. She said I am already a 2 almost a 3, and 80% thinned. She told me baby is also low. That really put our butts in gear this weekend and we packed our bags and made freezer meals! Although I know baby could just stay put for weeks like that, hearing that made me a little nervous to get things ready. She's going to check me this Friday too, I will be anxious to see if I've made any more progress at all.

    Anyone else dilated this early? what was your experience?

  39. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @trixi: Glad to hear that you're progressing - did your first come early?

    At my 36 week visit last week I hadn't made any progress yet, which surprised me, but we'll see at my visit on Thursday! With my daughter, I was 1cm at 38 weeks and the doctor did a membrane sweep (without telling me, that's another story...) and I went into labor that evening!

  40. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @csross217 Nope I was late with my son, and I was maybe at a 2 at my 40 week appt.
    I actually asked my doctor about membrane sweep before my due date this time around (like 38 week I'd be ok with) as she did it when I was 40+3 and I had my son at 40 + 5 and I really think that put me into labor. She said it really depends on every person and how they are progressing when she does it, I think at 38 weeks I will be asking for her to sweep me!

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