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June 2018 moms!

  1. trixi

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    @nwm CONGRATS on the Girl!

    I know how you feel about feeling like certain family members may not react the same for boy/girl but the opposite....some disappointment.

    My husband's family is very boy heavy with 5 boys/1 girl --we too have a son already, and I remember a "oh how nice great news!" from them versus jumping up and down and crying from my side of the family...when we found out DS was a boy back in 2014....

    I expect if we find out we are having another boy...to get a so so reaction from that side of the family which is secretly eating me up and feeling bad for future baby, and for me too.
    We find out TOMORROW! And I am trying not to let those fears damper my excitement. I don't really give a crap if it's a boy or a girl, as long as everything is OKAY with baby! I would love for DS to have a little brother to grow up with...but a girl would be absolutely wonderful in our little family.

  2. sunflowerbee

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    @csross217: Ok, thanks for letting me know about your experience with anterior placenta! I've been feeling a few sharp pains and twinges near my hip bone/lower groin but I'm not sure if that's baby or just an odd cramp. I plan to ask my doctor at my appointment tonight.

    @nwm: Congratulations on the baby girl! That's so exciting! Thanks for sharing your experience with anterior placenta too. I'm glad you and your DH got to enjoy the Eagles awesome victory!

    @trixi: Good luck with your ultrasound and anatomy scan tomorrow! I hope all goes well and the baby shows you its parts!

  3. nwm

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    @trixi: oh man--EXACTLY my experience last time! except with DS, we kind of got it on both sides. i think my mom's exact words were "hmm, a boy? i have no idea what to do with a boy, you'll have to teach us what to do." i was like, uh, sure mom, as a first time mother i'm sure i'll have lots of gender-specific tips. for whatever reason it didn't bother me as much last time though. hope you have an AWESOME scan tomorrow--i for one will be excited for you no matter what you find out, haha! i totally know what you mean--i was thrilled to find out we're having a girl, but at the same time was a little sad for DS not to have a little bro buddy. so many pros to both genders

    @sunflowerbee: have a great appointment tonight! odd twinges sound a lot like the movement i was feeling last pregnancy.

  4. sunflowerbee

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    June Mamas
    6/4 - Sunflowerbee (#1)
    6/9 - Ms. RV (#2)
    6/18 - Csross217 (#2)
    6/22 - Trixi (#2)
    6/23 - Nwm (#2)

    2/7 - Trixi (Anatomy scan)
    2/22 - Sunflowerbee (Ultrasound)

    My appointment went well. The baby's heartbeat was in the 150s. I told my doctor I hadn't felt any movement and he said they don't get too concerned until you're 28 weeks and that's when they like you to feel movement daily. I asked about the twinges I've been feeling and if those could be baby, but my doctor said that it's mostly likely round ligament pain.

    Right after he put the Doppler machine on me, he asked "Did you feel that?" and I answered "No...what?" He said "I just felt a kick." I was so confused and was like "Wait, what, YOU felt a kick?" He said the baby likes loud noises so it liked being able to hear its own heartbeat through the machine. He also said that if he was able to feel a kick on the outside, I should definitely be feeling them on the inside. He said to lay down when I got home and blast rap music or the Hamilton soundtrack (which happens to be one of my favorites, haha) near my stomach and place my hands on my stomach and see if I feel anything. I tried this for several minutes with no success. Very frustrating. But at least the doctor was able to feel something and the heartbeat was still nice and strong.

  5. trixi

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    Hello ladies!

    My anatomy scan went wonderful today. Baby is about 12oz and everything looked perfect. And...it's a GIRL! I cried happy tears while husband was shocked next to me as he was sure our son was getting a little brother! Haha We are both thrilled though and can't wait to share with our families tonight.

    @sunflowerbee frustrating, but do not stress much! You will be feeling baby before you know it! Try again in a few days, but have a sugary snack before you lay down for music time!

  6. sunflowerbee

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    @trixi: Congratulations on your baby girl!! I feel like I'll be the tiebreaker between our June group, haha. Glad everything with your scan went well!

    I will definitely try a sugary snack next time. I've also heard that putting something cold on one side can make baby migrate to the other side so I may try that too.

  7. nwm

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    @trixi: congrats!!! so exciting : ) what a well-balanced little group we have.

    @sunflowerbee: hopefully these tricks will allow you to feel something soon--i'm sure you will! also one completely speculative theory is that part of it may be feeling it later because you are a FTM? i am so much bigger this time and i get the sense baby has a lot more room to move around and stretch because all my muscles and skin are just not binding her so tightly this time. i am feeling significantly more movement than i remember feeling last time until like 28-30 weeks. could just be the anterior placenta though, what do i know? the hamilton soundtrack was definitely DS1's most-listened-to music in utero : )

  8. csross217

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    @trixi: Yay! Congrats on a !!!

    @sunflowerbee: You'll be feeling baby move soon! DD was always active after I ate, so I would eat lunch and then sit somewhere quiet for 20 minutes or so and just concentrate on my belly. Sure enough, once I was completely still, I'd feel little flutters.

    My best friend had an anterior placenta during her last pregnancy and didn't feel any movements until 20+ weeks, so it's not abnormal!!

  9. csross217

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    How is everyone feeling now that we're halfway there?

    Things are getting uncomfortable for me... I feel huge. Sleep has been terrible (heartburn, hard to roll over, etc.) and I'm getting lots of aches and pains in my hips and pubic bone. I definitely don't remember being this uncomfortable until 30+ weeks last time around

  10. sunflowerbee

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    @nwm: It definitely could be due to the fact that I'm a FTM. That's really funny that your DS had a lot of exposure to the Hamilton soundtrack, haha.

    @csross217: Thanks for the reassurance from your friend with anterior placenta and the tip about concentrating on your stomach after eating. I'm sorry to hear that sleeping has been difficult. Do you sleep with any body pillows or pillows under your stomach/back? A friend recently gave me her Snoogle and I love sleeping with it now! I definitely share in your misery of heartburn and hip and groin pain.

    So last night after dinner, I had a sugary snack of ice cream (per your awesome suggestions, haha). I sat on the couch and really concentrated on my stomach. My husband and I both put our hands on it and we played some nursery songs on my phone and sang to it. And I'm not 100% certain, but I did feel several rolling/tumbling feelings!! I kept asking DH if he felt it and he said no so I'm not sure if they were all on the inside. They were always the same sensation so I have to assume that it was due to baby. I was so excited but still don't know for certain if it was the real deal. And of course DH was frustrated that he couldn't feel it and I'm like "Now you know how I felt when my doctor felt something before me!" haha. I'm definitely going to continue to watch my stomach after meals and see if we can replicate it again. Thanks again everyone for the tips and advice!!

  11. trixi

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    Thanks everyone I am already going to pickup paint swatches today for baby girls room. Pink or purple is in our future!
    Anyone have any experience with the removable wallpaper some etsy sellers have? Husband is against traditional, but removable I may be able to get him on board!

    I have been sleeping ok so far, but yes I am pretty sure I looked this pregnant when I was 28 weeks pregnant but I am not even 21 yet! YIKES. It's getting harder to have energy to play with my toddler and bend and play on the floor. I am pretty useless when it comes to play time lately.

  12. csross217

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    I broke down and bought a Snoogle! Can't wait for it to get here!!! I'm a little worried about it fitting in our queen sized bed.... but DH will just have to deal with it

  13. sunflowerbee

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    @csross217: They're seriously live changing! I was able to fit DH, me, and the Snoogle in our queen sized bed so you should be fine. Sometimes I catch him snuggling with it when I leave before him in the morning!

  14. nwm

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    hey ladies! how is everyone doing? definitely agree that the feeling of being very pregnant has come on much faster this time. it is nice to feel fairly regular kicks/movements now though, makes me feel pretty bonded with the baby. also we are settled on a name (well, DH is noncommittal on the middle name, but...i've committed) so that is helping too. but still feel like it's too far out to do any preparation in earnest. one exciting plan we've made is that i think we're going to spend a solid month or so of my maternity leave in pennsylvania...one of my SIL's lives abroad with her three kids (boy who is four and twin girls who are almost three) but will be back in town for the summer, and my other SIL (who has three boys aged 5-11, who my son is OBSESSED with) is there all the time. between all the good cousin time and being able to get outside more easily, i think it will be really nice for us to be down there for a lot of the good summer months--though i am a little nervous about the relative increase in isolation vs. being in the city and able to order dinner every night, find a mom's group every 5 blocks, etc.

    hope everyone is feeling well!

  15. trixi

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    @NWM Will you be staying in a home somewhere by yourselves or bunking up with family? If you are bunking with family, you are a saint! I get antsy staying at my mom & dads for more than 2 nights! I need my own space, Ha!
    I bet you will really enjoy the non-city life for the month, just think about all that fun cousin bonding those kids will get and maybe some nice walks for you and baby or hubby or summer evenings on the back patio?! With WINE.
    only 17ish weeks til Wine

    I am feeling pretty good lately to be honest. Only complaint is I do get sore much easier. I wiped down a table the other night and rubbed with Old English and then was sore and achy rest of night. Had to get in the tub to sooth my muscles!
    Not sure how this will effect my plans of touching up all the trim in our home AND stenciling a whole wall in the baby's room before she arrives....I might need to choose one or the other!
    Anyone else doing any home projects while pregnant? Anyone else counting down to that glass of wine already?

  16. csross217

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    @nwm: I think you'll enjoy the country life for a while! Everything moves at a slower pace and there's a lot less pressure.

    @trixi: YES to counting down the days to wine! You can bet I'll be having one when I get home from the hospital

    We have a few home projects we're working on before the baby comes. We're moving DD into our spare bedroom (it's bigger) and need to paint the walls, put together her new dresser, decorate, etc. Keeping the walls the same color for new baby's room but need to decorate. Hoping to do that next weekend. We're also having all the windows replaced in our house this spring and (hopefully) redoing our entryway. I feel like I always get the home reno itch when I'm pregnant!

  17. sunflowerbee

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    @nwm: PA is a great place to spend a month of your maternity leave, but I'm definitely biased, haha. I'm not sure what part of PA you'll be in but if you're in the Greater Philadelphia area, we could have our own mom group/playdate, haha.

    I had an ultrasound last night. I was 25+3 but baby is measuring ahead and is at 27 weeks! Baby weighed in at 2 lbs and 3 oz which is 77%. The tech also checked on my partial placenta previa. My placenta has moved in the correct direction away from my cervix and has 1.75 cm of clearance, but I'll need 2 cm before they'll clear me for a vaginal birth. So here's to hoping that it continues to move up and out of the way!

  18. nwm

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    @trixi: ha yes thankfully we have our own place to stay! definitely couldn't handle it otherwise and i totally agree with both you and @csross217: it will be nice to be in the country. if nothing else, being able to step outside by myself in pjs instead of having to get dressed and taking the elevator just to go around the block will be nice!

    @sunflowerbee: yes i will be on the main line! i would LOVE a mom group/playdate haha! and congrats on the progress with the partial previa--hope it continues!

    you guys are inspiring with your home reno plans! we are doing a few things that are REALLY simple like adding/replacing rugs and trying to declutter. i don't have too many lofty goals. baby will be sleeping in our room for a long time, but before she gets here i do want to move the queen bed out of DS's room and move in the second crib (they'll be sharing) and...that's kinda it! it's already a kids room for sure. maybe i'll think of some cute way to personalize it for both of them, like name signs for the door. would love to see photos of your babys' rooms as they come together!

  19. trixi

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    I can't wait to get started on baby's room. I bought a few prints at Homegoods and moved DS crib into the room. One of the prints is a Unicorn with flowers around her head. My husband made fun of it as being too 90's ..it probably is, I would've LOVED a unicorn photo in my room as a little girl LOL

    We have picked out two options for paint (both lavender!) so I will hopefully get some samples next week. Still considering if I want to stencil a wall or not. My dad said he will come stay with us and paint the room this Spring. I don't think I can count on him to stencil, that would be all me!

    I will post photos when we get started.

  20. nwm

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    @trixi: ha, that sounds so awesome, i agree about the unicorn. also unicorns seem to have solidly made a comeback. lavender sounds great!

    also i forgot to add to my last post that OMG i am definitely counting down to the wine. for me actually more beer, but uch, i took a sip of DH's wine the other night and then threw myself a little pity party. looking forward to summer

  21. trixi

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    @NWM same. I just went to lunch with DH and we were discussing a trip we took last Spring and the fun we had out at a bar one night. I also felt sad afterwards, I am missing an evening out with that sweet relaxation beverage in my hand! I keep telling myself.. I will be able to enjoy a cold beer on the 4th of July! A baby in hand, but a beer in the other.... LOL oh my.

  22. trixi

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    had my 24 week checkup yesterday, everything was good HB 160. Next apt is glucose and my Rhogam shot, then I start going every 2 weeks! I think it will start to go much faster then.

    I asked my doctor if I could get a spray tan for an upcoming wedding and she said spray tans are totally fine when pregnant. I am thrilled! I know I'll be feeling huge and that extra oomph and glow will hopefully make me feel more like myself for the weekend.

  23. nwm

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    @trixi: awesome congrats!! had a good appointment too on Monday. heard a good strong HB on the doppler and good belly size. i agree, i think things are going to suddenly accelerate. i do feel like i'm so big now that it's a major focus for people...but still feels like there's so long to go!

    that is great that you can use spray tan if you want! i went to a black tie event a few weeks ago and i was really feeling like i did not want to get all dolled up with a huge belly, but ended up finding a dress that i really liked and feeling a lot more perky/attractive than i thought i would. did you know that you can filter rent the runway for the trimester you are in? it is awesome.

  24. csross217

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    Has anyone started working on their birth plan yet?

    I'm going to reuse my original birth plan for DD at the hospital, but I'm stressing about who will watch her when I go into labor! My mom wants to be at the hospital with us for the birth and will go stay with DD after DS is born, but that leaves us having to figure out what to do while I'm in labor. My brother and SIL have offered to come over, but I'm worried about them not being able to leave work, etc. Our neighbors are all older, retired couples who I'm sure would help, but I'd feel horrible waking them up in the middle of the night. I'm stressing!!!

  25. nwm

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    @csross217: good question! curious what your full birth plan was. i think mine will basically be the same, except i'm basically 100% team epidural this time, and also way more willing to go with formula if needed given my early difficulties with breastfeeding last time.

    i have totally not thought too hard about delivery day, but i should! my parents live in the same city, so i guess i figured if during the day the nanny will just handle handoff to grandparents, and if middle of the night my mom will come right down to our place. if needed, i think i would be OK going to the hospital myself while my DH waited for my mom, but shouldn't be necessary as they are really just a 10 minute cab ride/30 minute walk away. i guess i am lucky in that i do NOT want my mom in the delivery room haha. my mom doesn't like that i feel this way, but i want as few people around as possible. last time i told them not to come until invited but they took the announcement of the birth as an invitation and showed up immediately anyway. i'm hoping this time having responsibility for LO1 will keep that impulse under control.

    when did you go first pregnancy? i was 40+4, so while last time i was like making plans to be out at the drop of a hat at 37-38 weeks, this time i'm basically assuming i'll go full term.

    i have not done that much to prepare for this poor LO! honestly i think may will be our big prep month.

  26. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @nwm: I feel you about not being prepared! I went at 38+4 with DD and by this time last pregnancy I think I even had my hospital bag packed.... I'm starting to stress a little though so I really need to hunker down and get a lot done in the next month.

    My birth plan last time was pretty simple - quiet room, birthing ball/tub, epidural when requested, immediate skin-to-skin, LC support. This time, I have a feeling I won't be able to get an epidural (very short labor with DD) so that will be a scary change!

    I'm hoping that things will work out with my brother/SIL and neighbors watching DD so that my mom can be in the delivery room! She and I are very close and she was there for the birth of DD so I really want her there for DS too.

    27 weeks today Time is flying by!

  27. trixi

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    @csross217 @NWM I am also having anxiety over the birth plan for us too. Mostly with LO. For myself, I imagine it will (hopefully!) be quick again and no time even for meds and just get it over with!!

    Last time I was scheduled to be induced at 40+6 but went into labor on my own at 40+5. Had a very short labor...we were only at the hospital 1.5 hours and LO was born! So, I am pretty nervous about getting someone to watch LO and STILL making it to the hospital on time.

    We live around some family, but my in-laws are pretty flaky sometimes. They sort of 'la di da' around. We will probably call a few friends that live in the area as June gets closer and ask them if they can be plan B, C, and D! I am really crossing my fingers it happens in the middle of the day so LO will be at the sitter and no one will need to know we're at the hospital until she is here!

    I hate to turn it into an in-law complain thread, but thinking about LOs birth ALSO gives me anxiety for reason:
    We clearly didn't get the message to my in-laws last time that we only wanted US at the hospital. Husband is partially at fault because in the chaos he called them to tell them we were in labor and on our way in (for what reason i still don't know?)
    They showed up (during that 1..5 hours I was in labor) and asked the nurses to ask if they could come in the delivery room. I said NO in between contractions...LO was coming quick, no time for meds, and of course I was moaning and even screaming at the end. Come to find out my FIL RECORDED the audio with his phone while sitting in the waiting room. Now every time we talk about LOs birth he brings it up ---because he thinks it's "just a miracle"-- and I quietly seethe. I also have anxiety about going into labor, dropping LO off at my in laws nearby and them subsequently leaving LO with my sister in law (who is 18 and living at home) and heading to the hospital right behind us AGAIN!
    Rediculous to let myself get anxiety and irritated over it I know, but my MIL especially doesn't always GET what you are trying to tell her nicely.

    Of course I have this anxiety over what I ~think~ will happen, and I will end up being in labor for 48 hours or something

  28. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @trixi: I really hope you don't have to worry about that with your in-laws this time around! Can you talk to them about it in advance and let them know that it's really important to you that they watch LO while you're in labor? Maybe talk about how you're feeling anxious about it and having them commit to staying at home to babysit would really ease your mind?

    We aren't very close with my IL's (DH has a rocky history with them) so I'm not worried about them showing up at the hospital. FIL didn't even come to visit until DD was almost a month old. They have offered to watch our dogs though, which is a big help!!!

  29. trixi

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    @csross217 Oh man. I didn't even THINK of our dog. I guess we will have to load him up in the middle of everything too. Lol, our poor doggy has moved to #2 baby and it shows sometimes!

    I guess I need to be thankful I have in-laws that do want to be around and spend time with us, just sometimes it's a little bit of a 'Everybody Loves Raymond' situation.

  30. sunflowerbee

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    @csross217: As a FTM, I don't have to plan care for another LO but I have been reading up on what a typical birth plan is like. I briefly asked my doctor about it and he already told me not to turn in a 3-5 page book report, haha. He actually recommended not writing anything down so I wouldn't be disappointed if the birth doesn't go "according to plan," but I know that with my Type A personality, I'm going to want to have some notes/preferences written down on paper.

    My plan is very similar to @csross217 in that I also want an epidural when requested, preferably a vaginal birth (pending low lying placenta and now finding out that baby's head is in the 98 percentile! ), immediate skin-to-skin, and LC support.

    @trixi: I also hope that everything goes smoothly with your in-laws and that they respect your wishes and don't come to visit until you request them to do so. My MIL was in the delivery room for SIL's two births, but I plan on just having it be DH and me. We haven't discussed/figured out yet when we'll call the in-laws and my parents to let them know I'm in labor, but I'd rather both sets stay home than sit in the waiting room for hours.

    Has anyone had a 3D or 4D ultrasound? We had one last Monday and it was the coolest thing to see baby's facial features and hands and toes in 3D! I have another ultrasound this Thurs. to check on my placenta location. Can't believe I'm already at 29 weeks today!

  31. nwm

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    @trixi: oh my goodness, i would really be unhappy if my FIL had a RECORDING of the birth from outside the room i specifically said he wasn't welcome in!!!! holy cow. i can understand why that would make you upset, for sure...

    definitely think @csross217: has a good proposed solution for talking about them being the ones to keep LO1, having them be the ones to share the news that the baby is there, etc. or, would you consider making your friends in the area plan A ? might not be worth it to you if it offends the ILs, but based on your lack of trust in them it seems to me like a very legitimate thing to consider!!! also, is your DH on board with keeping them at a safer distance this time/does he know how you feel?

    i really like my ILs and feel somewhat relieved that they're so averse to driving into the city where we live that they basically didn't meet LO1 until my DH outright asked them to come, for like 3 hours, when he was 3 weeks old. my FIL is so averse to embarrassment i think he'd sooner never hear the birth story EVER, and i feel the same way, haha!

    @csross217: @sunflowerbee: those sound like great plans i was induced last time after my water broke, so while i feel slightly more at ease this time knowing what to expect in some ways, i am definitely nervous how it's all going to go down this time ! i have no idea how quickly natural labor would go for me if my water doesn't break first, etc. also last pregnancy i found out LO was breech at about 36 weeks and freaked out, since even though i thought i had been very open minded and chill about everything, i clearly was picturing a vaginal birth for myself. luckily, he flipped back around and i was able to do it, but now i think i've fallen into the trap again of thinking, well it went this way last time, why would it be a C-section this time? i do think i need to take @sunflowerbee's doctor's advice to get ready for things not to go quite according to plan

  32. csross217

    kiwi / 554 posts

    @sunflowerbee: 3D ultrasounds are really cool! So glad you got to see baby in so much detail! I had one at 20 weeks, and will probably go in for another one in a month or so.

    @nwm: @sunflowerbee: I'm trying to be really laid back this time around with my birth plan! I was only in active labor and at the hospital for about 6 hours with DD, so I'm anticipating another quick l&d. Everything went perfect - arrived at 4 cm dilated, got my epidural a couple hours later at 7 cm, labored pain-free for about another hour and then delivered DD after 30 minutes of pushing and only a couple stitches!

    I'm really trying to be a little more prepared for possible "complications" (no epidural, c-section, etc.) than I was last time - I'm operating under the assumption that it's not going to be as easy this time!!

  33. Ms. RV

    pear / 1566 posts

    Hi ladies... I just wanted to pop in and say hi! I have been reading, but with all the stuff going on with this baby's heart I haven't felt much like replying. It is quite overwhelming. Oh and I decided I am crazy and I am building a new house, due to be complete in July. So I will be having my current house on the market in May. You know... because having a two year old, a fulltime job, and a ICU baby weren't enough stress

  34. trixi

    cherry / 119 posts

    @Ms. RV that's ok! Chime in whenever you feel like it!

    We built our home a few years ago--we acted as our own general contractors and did much of the work ourselves. It was STRESS-FUL. I cannot imagine adding a pregnancy on top of it. Sending you good vibes! And show us pics when you have time!

  35. nwm

    apricot / 399 posts

    @Ms. RV: so glad you did! we are happy to have you as much or as little as you like i have been wondering how you are doing, i am really sorry to hear that things have been overwhelming. i hope you feel good about your doctor team and all the plans they are putting in place!

    and wow, haha, you have definitely got a lot on your plate right now! if your two year old is anything like mine, they are getting to be a bigger handful by the day (though i am loving the emerging personality & attitude.) a new house sounds exciting, though! so cool!

  36. nwm

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    hey ladies! how is everyone doing? had a bit of a panic last week that i have done effectively nothing to prepare for baby, but i made a shopping list and a calendar for prep stuff and i'm feeling a lot better. how's everyone else?

  37. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @nwm: Hey there! Sounds like you're getting organized and having a shopping list will definitely help you to feel more prepared.

    I'm doing pretty well. My DH and I had a nesting weekend last weekend where we did our first load of baby wash of clothes, towels, swaddles, etc. and organized and put everything away in our new nursery furniture which was just delivered. I still feel like there's a lot to do to prepare, but glad to have some things physically put in their spots.

    As for baby, I'm feeling tons of kicks all day long and through the evening too. Baby loves to give strong kicks while I'm in a meeting and trying to have a conversation with someone, haha. In other good news, my low lying placenta has shifted and moved up out of the way as of my last ultrasound so I'm cleared for a vaginal birth!

    How is everyone else doing? I can't believe we're all about 2-2.5 months away from meeting our babies!

  38. trixi

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    Hello @sunflowerbee and @NWM
    I can't believe how close we are, but still seems so far away! Now my OB appts are 2 weeks apart, that feels like things will fly. Plus we are EXTREMELY busy the next 4 weeks with family plans and work events so I know it will go quick.
    We have the baby's room painted and furniture, but nothing is hung on walls yet, and I'm still on the hunt for an area rug. But we are making progress! I think at the end of this month I will get out my son's baby clothes and see what I can pull for baby girl and get those washed up and put away. Right now everything I buy I just pile in the crib. I will need to sort and wash everything there too.

    My son had a cold over Easter, then of course I got it...so now I'm over the sick part, but I'm fighting a TERRIBLE cough. Keeping me and husband up at night, so the days have been feeling long. But, I have the day off tomorrow, it's finally nice weather here in Illinois and we're going to shop for patio furniture weee! I can't wait to lounge on the deck this summer with baby and family.

    Does everyone have their names picked out? We have two top contenders, but are still considering others. We don't talk about it much lately because neither of us can decide!

  39. nwm

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    @sunflowerbee: @trixi: sounds like you guys are in amazing shape, you have done so much i'm excited to pull out and wash the newborn clothes, but need to get the dresser and closet reorganized a bit first in the shared bedroom. one of my good friends is putting a big box of her daughters' hand-me-downs in the mail (we have a LOT of hand-me-downs from DS and his four boy cousins but basically no girl stuff) tomorrow, so that will be super fun to open--she has amazing taste.

    i agree--can't believe we're already at the point where we have to go every 2 weeks! sorry to hear about your cold/cough @trixi ! i passed my glucose test last week but it caused my doctor to realize i was anemic, so i have been on iron supplements since and they are making me feel SO much better. didn't really realize how crappy i was feeling until i started to feel so much better!

    we have a name picked out! we are not sharing with anyone, but my sister in law guessed it! i didn't tell her she was right, but i guess we are very predictable haha anyone want to share their selections or contenders?

  40. sunflowerbee

    cherry / 132 posts

    @nwm: I also passed my glucose test and the bloodwork also showed that I'm anemic and am now on iron supplements too. We have a lot in common, haha. I'll have my blood drawn again at my next appointment at 36 weeks to monitor my iron levels.

    We too have the name picked out but are similarly keeping it under wraps. That's pretty funny that your SIL guessed it correctly! I'm sure it must have been hard to keep a poker face in front of her.

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