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May 2017 POAS

  1. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: DO IT!!!

    Not enabling or anything....

  2. mrslibrarian

    coffee bean / 32 posts

    Using my ovulation date I am 4 weeks and 2 days. Using my Period I am 5 weeks.

  3. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    @mrslibrarian: I would go with your ovulation date!

  4. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    @mrskansas: my next 4 patients are all 6 months old and under. Aaah!

  5. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pear / 1711 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: I would only test if you're feeling like you need the reassurance.

    I'm getting nervous about my hcg draw tomorrow - worried it is going to be way too low for how far along I should be. I think I just don't have good associations with hcg draws after having so many of them done after losses.

  6. jhd

    honeydew / 7030 posts

    @periwinklebee: thinking of you I know this is so hard

  7. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pear / 1711 posts

    As for CM, I notice the thick, sticky stuff maybe 4 or 5 days before ovulation. To be honest, I have a hard time telling EWCM from leftover "ingredients". I don't think I have that much, though.

  8. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pear / 1711 posts

    @jhd: Thank you I'm super grateful to have been able to get pregnant, which I wasn't expecting. Trying to stay neutral and distracted...

    How are things going for you? Thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes.

  9. jodyblair

    kiwi / 579 posts

    I think I'm going to move over to the June board. I'm still waiting to ovulate CD 17 today and I think I'm just now getting EWCM and my cervix is moving up. I think my body was just messing with me with the close to positive opk a few days ago.

    Has anyone ever noticed they ovulate later when they ovulate from a particular side? Call me crazy (but aren't we all? ) but I can usually tell the side I ovulate from and the last time I ovulated from my right side, it wasn't until CD 22. The last few months it's been from my left side and has been more like CD 16 or 17. Weird!!

  10. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    @mrskansas: well. My FRER was as faint as the first tests. 😏

  11. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: Really?? That's surprising. How long was your hold?

  12. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4445 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: some people's tests never get darker. A line is a line!

  13. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    @mrskansas: 4 hour hold. @dc yoga bee: yeah there's still a line there. I'm just gonna keep believing my digital!

    No spotting happening though. I told a very close coworker today because she and I have really crazy clinics and she can take over my patients if needed since my headaches and cramps are making me wanna lay down.

  14. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: Ugh sorry for the uncertainty. @dc yoga bee: is right though, a line is a line.

  15. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @jodyblair: That is strange but then again our bodies do weird things! Hopefully ovulation is right around the corner

  16. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    @mrskansas: it's getting a little darker than the first tests now that it's dry. I saw about 6 babies this morning and all they did was smile and stare at me. It's like they know! 😂

  17. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    @jodyblair: Oh poo, sorry about the delayed ovulation. I think my ovulation pain (when I think I feel it) varies from one side to the other, so I'm no help.

  18. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: Can you post a picture of it? That's good that it's drying darker!

  19. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    Ok now I feel like a dumbass. I guess it's getting darker, albeit slowly.

  20. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: ok yeah that's quite a bit darker!

  21. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4445 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: That's darker!

  22. jodyblair

    kiwi / 579 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: Definitely darker!!!

  23. bhbee

    nectarine / 2403 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: definitely darker! looks promising!!

  24. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pear / 1711 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: looking good!

  25. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5255 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: way darker! Thinking only positive thoughts for you!

    Hanging out at 7DPO over here. Zero symptoms which I don't know if I should be happy about or not. Lol. Last month I had more cramping and sore nipples so maybe the lack of symptoms is something. Will know in a few days!

  26. Coral

    kiwi / 719 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: that looks great!!

  27. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    @Coral: @bushelandapeck: @periwinklebee: @bhbee: @jodyblair: @dc yoga bee: @mrskansas: Thank you, ladies. What would I do without you all?! I'm officially done POAS and temping. I will try to relax and wait for my OB appt. 6/21 seems like it's a year away!

    Hope your Friday is off to a good start!

  28. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5255 posts

    I caved.....tested this AM at 8DPO on a wondfo and I swear there is *something* there. Can't be sure if it's just an evap or a true second line but it did come up within the window. I would post a pic but I don't think you'd be able to see anything.

  29. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pear / 1711 posts

    @bushelandapeck: for me zero symptoms has always been a good thing. All the times I thought I had a ton of symptoms were bfns.

  30. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4445 posts

    @periwinklebee: same!!zero symptoms with my first.

    @bushelandapeck: crossing my fingers it turns into a line!

  31. Mrs. Oreo

    GOLD / persimmon / 1360 posts

    @bushelandapeck: good luck! @periwinklebee: I had ZERO symptoms with this one too!

  32. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @bushelandapeck: good luck
    ETA: You should definitely post a picture. You know we all love starting at HPTs.

  33. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    I'm officially in the TWW... We are able to BD at 2pm yesterday and then at 1am. I'm pretty sure I ovulated overnight so we should have covered our bases.

    I am so bloated though that it was hard to walk when I got out of bed. My stomach just feels really sore, especially on my right side.

  34. jodyblair

    kiwi / 579 posts

    @mrskansas: Yay for good timing! Hope the TWW passes quickly for you.

    @bushelandapeck: Post a picture!!! Fingers crossed for you.

  35. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @jodyblair: I hope so!
    How are you doing? Any progress with your OPK?

  36. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pear / 1711 posts

    @mrskansas: Yay!!! Enjoy the "Hawaiian vacation" of the early TWW

  37. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5255 posts

    Okay. I'm going to post the one with SMU because I think it's better lighting.

  38. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pear / 1711 posts

    HCG is 7025 (23 or 24 dpo) - I know one draw doesn't tell you much but according to beta base it seems pretty good for 23-24 dpo so yay! One step at a time... Will go back for another draw Monday.

    Out of curiosity and b/c I like peeing on things, I took one of the CB weeks estimator tests with very concentrated urine. It is supposed to give 3+ when hcg is above 2500, I think, and it gave me a 2-3.

  39. periwinklebee

    GOLD / pear / 1711 posts

    @bushelandapeck: I see it! Get a FRER if you can!

  40. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2182 posts

    @bushelandapeck: Is that a Wondfo or easy@home? Just asking because of the false positives from the easy@home tests a few weeks ago.

    But I definitely see it!

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