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  1. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1203 posts

    @MrsMom: Unfortunately ACOG has made Zofran like 3rd line treatment for MS in pregnancy because there was one study that came out in 2015 that wasn't a slam dunk, but showed some evidence of a link between Zofran and developmental delay. The jury is still out (and more studies are underway right now), but until those are completed, you'll find many OBs and us ED docs hesitant to use Zofran. Just FYI.

  2. MrsMom

    kiwi / 528 posts

    @yellowbeach: Oh good to know, My last pregnancy was in 2014 so that explains the differences. Thanks for telling me

  3. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @yellowbeach: thanks, super helpful!

  4. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    I hope all your morning sickness goes away soon!

    I have a friend due Oct 6th and she's 'out' with the pregnancy and we do a lot of mom things together and it's making me so jealous to be officially 'out'. (She knows about my pregnancy as we both were trying and both struggled to conceive our firsts so I had to share early with her)

  5. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @RKitty: Totally get that! I’m also ready to dress the bump instead of hiding the bloat!

  6. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    Anyone start telling more people?

    I was pretty’s quiet until after first tri last time but I’m having a harder time! I told a friend last night bc I’m in her wedding in October. Let’s say her reaction was a bit off because she’s worried about how I’ll look in a bridesmaid’s dress I told her I’d work with the store and a tailor to make it work!

    I’m considering telling my boss this week too because requests for spring 2019 schedules will come out soon!

  7. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    @rpparker: That's an awesome saying!

    We've told about half our family and few friends - more then last time at this point. I got 'outed' early because when I was 4 weeks-ish I had my right leg swell up really bad and went to the ER (it was the weekend and the only place open that had an Ultrasound machine) to get checked for a blood clot. (Final diagnose was a weird pregnancy thing but to keep an eye on it) Because I spent all day in the ER I had to cancel plans and have my mom watch my son last minute and people kept pestering me why I was in the ER and wanted to know why my leg swelled up...

    We might tell the rest of the family this weekend because some of them will be over and I'll be 12 weeks. But I might also wait a little longer since I'm getting my blood drawn for the NIPT test next Wednesday (the 25th) and should have the results in a week... But I haven't decided yet! But I do have a cousins from that side of the family who has a Baby Shower on the 28th to attend and I might accidentally let it slip... so I don't know!

    Everyone else will wait until the NIPT results come back.

    @rpparker: I'm sorry your friend didn't take your news so well... hopefully just chalk it up to a Bridezilla moment and she'll be happier about it once it sinks in.

  8. lioneyes

    persimmon / 1223 posts

    I’ve told a few friends and my parents. Doing the blood draw for my cell-free DNA this week so when the results come back next week if they are good we will tell my ILs when we see them at 12 weeks. Will probably wait to be open about it until after our 13 week ultrasound.
    Still have constant nausea that gets very bad in the afternoon/evening (I’m 10.5 weeks). Eating (basically plain carbs and oranges) and ice water help.

  9. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2850 posts

    @rpparker: I'm considering telling my boss, because I've got some physically intense work coming up and I'm not sure I'm up to it. There's really no point though, we're somehow understaffed despite new hires, and it's not like anyone can fill in for me... so will wait longer unless it turns out I'm really struggling.

    It's not hard to figure out though, it's probably all bloat but I've already got a belly.

  10. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @RKitty: I can’t take credit, I read it on another board a few weeks ago and it resonated with me!

    Told my boss today! He set up an appointment with HR to go through timing of my leave. My boss at my previous job and first pregnancy was so unprofessional (asked if it was planned and other things) that this was much more pleasant!

    @RKitty: This weekend would be a fun time to share and it would be hard to sit through a baby shower without spilling the beans! And yes, I’m counting my friend’s reaction as just bring overwhelmed with wedding stuff!

    @lioneyes: Sorry you are still feeling crappy! I wish ice water helped me-I always want a coke with crushed ice!

    @Mama Bird: I feel like mine is a legit belly too. I almost uninstalled an app today that said something like “even though you aren’t showing yet...”

  11. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    November 2018 Moms

    11/03: @Rkitty (#2)
    11/10: @lioneyes (#2)
    11/15: @rpparker (#2)
    11/18: @Marfi (#1)
    11/21: @Mama Bird (#3)

    @MrsMom: When you get your C-Section scheduled or if you know the date we can add you to list too Or use your Dec date too...

  12. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    It's funny you all are enjoying ice water and coke. Those are like the two things to trigger vomiting for me right now!

  13. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2850 posts

    @RKitty: That's so hard! I hated water when I was pregnant with DD. It smelled. I'd wash and wash my cup, and I still smelled something vile. I think I spent a fortune on juices and Gatorade back then.

    Can't wait for first trimester to end. I'm not queasy, but the fatigue and headaches are hitting me hard. I wake up in the morning and my first thought is "I'm so sleepy!!!" and that's all I think of, even on good days.

  14. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    Ya'll...I mentioned in a previous post I had a less that excited response from a friend about me being pregnant in her wedding. Well she called me last night and she was livid. Told me that I "blindsided" her. I had already told a mutual friend of ours because she has a daughter similar age to mine, understood stress of early pregnancy, and we had shared struggles together before. She was livid I had told this other friend first. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow, this is "early" to tell a n y o n e! I know that when you are getting married that's all you can think of so I'm trying to give her a moment but I'm also not going to apologize for being pregnant!

  15. MrsMom

    kiwi / 528 posts

    @RKitty: Thanks, I will keep you updated. I go for my first appointment/dating scan May 18.

  16. MrsMom

    kiwi / 528 posts

    @rpparker: That's so sad that she's acting like that. Although I have a family member who is always livid if I tell anyone anything before her so I get how hard it can be to have someone mad at you when it's supposed to be a good thing. One of my bridesmaids told me she was pregnant and I was ecstatic, I promptly ordered the dress in a bigger size for us to alter to fit her. I think it's the stigma of weddings are supposed to be all about the bride, but this isn't a movie and real peoples lives must go on. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this.

  17. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    @Mama Bird: That would be horrible! I can drink water but room temp. Or really really small sips of ice water. I'm hoping it goes away soon.

    I'm glad the I'm nearing the end of the fatigue of 1st trimester. Or at least it been better the last couple of days. I think alot of my exhaustion is due to waking up every couple of hours to pee....

  18. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    @rpparker: wow... I'm sorry your friend has reacted so negatively. If she's this much of a Bridezilla now I hate to think how bad she'll get closer to the wedding. Hopefully she'll come to her senses but you're right you don't need to apologize about being pregnant or not telling her first - would she want you to tell her before you told hubby/SO? Just breathe and let it go, it's her problem not yours.

  19. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @MrsMom: So true! I had a bridesmaid in my wedding have a tragic, tragic accident occur to a friend the morning of the wedding. It's life!

    @RKitty: Ah thanks! Good advice.

  20. MrsMom

    kiwi / 528 posts

    @rpparker: And I agree with @RKitty:, You don't need to apologize and being pregnant this early is stressful enough that you don't need to have anxiety over how SHE's feeling. Take care of yourself first.

  21. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    How’s everyone feeling? I’m starting to think I’m rounding the corner on sickness. Still low energy and some nausea but haven’t been as miserable!

    I also got approved to take spring semester 2019 off for maternity leave so very excited! I only took 8 weeks with my first at a different job so 6+ months is incredible!

  22. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    I've rounded the corner for energy levels but MS is still kind of hanging out but not as bad as it was. But I've started some minor round ligament pain when coughing or sneezing. Pulled out my belly band to see if it helps.

    We told my in-laws and they were very excited. We ended up getting a cake and wrote "Baby *lastname* coming 11/3/18".

    @rpparker: That's awesome to get 6 months of maternity leave! I'll probably do the same thing as last time and take 8 weeks and 4 weeks of part time then back to full time. But last time I was ready for it by then!

  23. lioneyes

    persimmon / 1223 posts

    11w 4d today. Still nauseous in the afternoon/night but had a great weekend (actually made it out for dinner for DH’s bday!) so was surprised when the nausea hit yesterday. Last time was similar, 11-15 w I still had it but not CONSTANTLY so I’m hoping for the same. and, much like last time, all of a sudden all I want is tacos or anything that can be a vehicle for hot sauce.
    Biggest issue is constipation 🤣. Did miralax the past 2 nights and hoping that can do the trick along with drinking tons of water and taking long walks.
    Waiting on my NIPT bloodwork, last time I got it back in 6 days but this time she said could be 2 weeks (did it last Thurs). I want the results back soon bc DH wants to tel my ILs this weekend, and I really would rather not until we know everything is ok.

  24. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2850 posts

    @rpparker: wow that is huge! A long leave is the best.

    @RKitty: @lioneyes: glad you're feeling a bit better! Hope we're all feeling great soon!

    I've finally had two good days when I'm not in too much pain. I'm not holding my breath that this is it, but I'll take what I can get. I've fallen behind at work and the house is a mess, so there's a lot to do while I'm able. Saw my OB yesterday and she gave me a neurologist referral to make sure it's "just" headache, and now I'm debating going, in case it comes back, or just waiting it out. If I go, that's hours of time I don't have, spent in waiting rooms...

  25. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    Apparently I spoke to soon about the MS going away. Last night was exciting... and my hubby got to see me in action too....

    Did you know it's possible to pee yourself when your busy throwing up? Neither did I! I keep learning so many new things...

    @lioneyes: Are you AMA too? Or just doing the NIPT test because? I get my blood drawn tomorrow for it and I'm hoping for a quick turn around too. We're waiting for the results to tell everyone else too.

  26. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    @Mama Bird: Call the Neurologist it might be several weeks before they can see you. And in that time if the headache stays away you cancel when the appointment gets closer and if they come back you don't have to wait weeks to get seen.

  27. lioneyes

    persimmon / 1223 posts

    @rkitty yes am AMA but did it last time when I wasn’t- my OB prescribes them for everyone with the caveat that insurance might not cover it unless you’re AMA.

  28. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2850 posts

    @RKitty: good idea, thanks!

  29. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    @lioneyes: That's cool that they offer it. I missed being AMA with my first pregnancy by 2 weeks! I honestly don't remember if we did the NIPT test but I know they did the Ultrasound part of it....

    I got my blood drawn today (after she murdered me trying to get my blood! 4 pokes!!!! And two nasty bruises later...) for the NIPT and somehow missed the fact that was an US along with it so got to see the peanut today! He/she was super active and now I know why my left side has been sore as that's where they've taken up residence right now.

    My paperwork also shows my due date as 11/1 now instead of the 3rd... Last time the date this doc chose wasn't the same as everywhere else and he guessed it right on the button so I'll trust what he says. (but Im gonna wait till my next appointment to change it here and I get to talk to him) And then the ultrasound dated us a little farther along and a due date of 10/29... But my first based on ultrasound size was due up to two weeks before his due date.... my family grows big babies...

  30. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @RKitty: A surprise ultrasound would be so fun!

  31. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    Alright, I’ll go first with the bump pics. 11 weeks today, first maternity shirt (partly because I just like it), sucking in and standing straight. This is crazy!

  32. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9141 posts

    @rpparker: Stalking this thread (as an early December EDD)... when did you start showing with your first? I’m really fearful I won’t be able to hide as long with work this time!

  33. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    I went back and looked at pictures from my first this morning bc I couldn’t remember! I was wearing maternity clothes at 12 weeks but I think I was just excited bc I didn’t have much of bump in hindsight. By 14-15 weeks it was much more defined.

  34. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9141 posts

    @rpparker: I remember my pants being uncomfortable at the end of the day around 10-11 weeks. I didn't tell work until 17 weeks, I think? And families at 14. Should be interesting this time...

  35. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @LindsayInNY: probably didn’t help that I retained a little belly from first pregnancy! I’m just so much more comfortable when I can relax and show!

  36. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2850 posts

    Hmmm, in hindsight this was not a good choice of clothing considering no one at work knows... I've got to reconsider wearing stripes for a while!

  37. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @Mama Bird: Love the bump! I wore a stripped dress the other day and it was pretty obvious

  38. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    Bump photos make me jealous!

    I'm tall and plus sized so I wasn't obviously pregnant until like 8 months last time...

    I know there's a bump there but right now but I still look more bloated then anything.

  39. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @RKitty: some days it’s more bloat than bumb for me too!

    I know there has to be more Nov mamas out there! Maybe now that we are getting out of the first tri more people will join!

  40. RKitty

    apricot / 312 posts

    I hope we find more mommas too! They got be out there!

    I found out this weekend my In-Laws spilled the baby news to rest of my hubby's family. Apparently us say we haven't told rest of the family yet wasn't clear enough and that we should have said "Don't Tell ANYONE". (pretty much what my MiL said....) One of the aunts they told called them out on it at least... and we had told most of the really close family already. We did catch them before they told my hubby's brother (who lives out of town) and they're under strict orders not to tell him. I also told her she's gonna be the last to find out the gender...

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