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  1. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2881 posts

    @RKitty: ugh. They definitely need an information diet. I hate when people think they can share this kind of news for you. I'm sorry that happened to you! At least you did tell most of the family first...

  2. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    @Mama Bird: We're just glad they're not on Facebook!

  3. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @RKitty: Super annoying! Almost immediately after telling my ILs they asked when the official announcement (Facebook) was. Like can’t we just enjoy the news just us for a minute! I was only 8ish weeks at the time! It makes me want to hold off even longer just to spite them.

  4. lioneyes

    persimmon / 1252 posts

    We told my ILS yesterday. I was having major anxiety about it for a lot of reasons, but one is that I don't trust them to keep their mouths shut, and as I have said before, it's not about them (which they do not seem to understand at all.)
    Well my mom told me my MIL called her yesterday and was like, "oh they said they don't want anyone to know but I know they didn't mean person XY and Z". Already so over it and them.

  5. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    Sorry everyone is having a hard time with others spilling the beans! It's already a stressful time without having to worry about who knows.

    We decided to tell our whole family over the course of two days. We told our parents, then sent a picture of DS in a big brother shirt to everyone else. We let them know that while we felt comfortable letting our family know now, we don't want any outsiders to know until we're ready. Hopefully they respect our wishes since they know we had a hard time with our first pregnancy and WE still need time to adjust to our own feelings.

  6. lioneyes

    persimmon / 1252 posts

    And one more quick vent... i had a Rubbermaid if all my maternity clothes (mostly stuff from gap and Asos with a few higher end pieces) at my parents house, and asked my mom to get it out for me because it’s getting hot out and I want to switch my closet. She called me tonight and screamed at me that she couldn’t find it, looked everywhere, and I need to stop. ??? She’s always talking about how much storage she has and she also doesn’t throw stuff out. So now I have to find time to go over there and look. I’m super annoyed because it’s a small thing I asked her to do (not lose a box of clothes) and she’s making it into this huge ask AND that it’s my fault she can’t find them.

  7. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @lioneyes: So annoying! Hope it turns up!

    My DD was a June baby so most of my maternity clothes are winter/spring. Got some Gap T-shirts and shorts today because it’s 50% off.

  8. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    I honestly think my in-laws were just too excited. This is their second grand-kid (their first being my first) and they've loved being grandparents. Also for our son we told that entire side of the family at once and due to illnesses we hadn't seen them in a couple of months so they could have just figured they were the last to know. (even though we said something...)

    I'm sorry everyone else is having issues with In-Laws too!

    @lioneyes: that sucks about the clothes I hope you can find them!

    My friend due a month ahead of me is passing off a bunch of finds she's been getting to me so I've got a little bit of a collection going already... but last time I think I had like three maternity shirts and two capri's? I really hope I don't have to shop for pants this year since it's impossible to find tall plus maternity bottoms...

    @rpparker: Your daughter must be 2015... my son is a June 2016 baby

  9. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @RKitty: Yes June 2015! It will be different not having a summer baby!

    I let my DD wear her “big sis” shirt today to school (I wore a maternity work out shirt the day before and it was pretty obvious). I thought her teachers would be so surprised but they just kind of laughed at said that she had told them weeks ago! Hate to know what else she has told them!

  10. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    @rpparker: LOL! I'm dreading the tell all stage... he's already such a talker I hate to hear what he ends up telling people!

    My biggest different I've noticed from pregnancy 1 to pregnancy 2 is that my toddler keeps me so busy I rarely thing about being pregnant and stressing about all the unknowns.....

  11. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    So I had the most stressful check up this morning! Everything is fine but whew! After getting checked in, the doctor came in to do the heartbeat and warned me that he can't always find it with a doppler at 12 weeks. We always had trouble with the doppler with my DD so felt prepared. He finds what he thinks is just my heartbeat so orders an ultrasound just a few doors down the hall. THEN, the doctor and my DH just start shooting the shit about my husband's work, hunting, I don't even know what?! So I still have my pants like half up because I think we are heading to ultrasound that they are just chit chatting away for a good 10 minutes. So in that 10 minutes someone else heads to ultrasound so I had to wait another 20 with just so much anxiety. I get the doctor wasn't worried, my DH wasn't worried, everything was fine and the doctor was probably just trying to fill time but I was (I guess still am) LIVID! I didn't even really want DH at this appointment and now I don't want to ever take him back. In the hallway between the appointment and the ultrasound the doctor was like "well I guess we talked to much, do you have any questions about the pregnancy?" Uh yeah actually I do! The only positive was we got an extra ultrasound and got the cutest pic of some baby feet, saw two legs, two arms, and a strong heartbeat! The ultrasound tech said something like well I know it's stressful when they can't find it at first - like, thank you, someone finally gets it.

    Ok, I feel better just typing it out.

  12. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    Baby feet just because

  13. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    @rpparker: oh gawd that be horrible! At least the US tech was sympathetic. I couldn't imagine being forced to wait that long when you should have gotten in right away!

    That's an adorable feet photo! You can even see little toes!

  14. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @rpparker: Those feet are adorable!!! Sorry you had such a frustrating appointment. Your Dr sounds like he was happy to have a man to talk to HAHAHA. But at least you got to see your baby!

  15. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2881 posts

    @rpparker: that's horrible, at least you were kind of expecting to have trouble with the Doppler, but still... But awww, those adorable baby feet! I've got my next ultrasound next week and I can't wait!

  16. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    Thanks for the commiseration!

    DH and I went to a golf tourney this weekend. So nice to have a shirt break from DD! But check out this bump!

  17. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    Got our NIPT results back on Friday and everything was low risk and we're having.....

    A GIRL!!!!!

    So excited... so much sparkles! So much ruffles! So much purple!

    I started sorting my son's clothes mostly because he's changed sizes recently but now I don't need to keep boy clothes... but I'm totally NOT ready to get rid of all of his clothes yet....

  18. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @RKitty: Eekk!! So fun!!

  19. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @RKitty: That's so exciting!! Congrats!

  20. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2881 posts

    @rpparker: what a cute bump!

    @RKitty: aww congrats! Girls are awesome (though boys are awesome too )

  21. lioneyes

    persimmon / 1252 posts

    Just came from 13 week appt- heard the heartbeat again (strong), got our NIPT resutls (all good) and found out the sex!
    Not doing an NT scan, and just got lab orders for the spina bifida testing in 2 weeks.

  22. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    @rpparker: @MrsMom: @MrsMom: Thanks! Boys are fun but girls have such cuter clothes! It's what I was hoping for but wasn't very hopeful as our families are boy strong.

    @lioneyes: Are you going to share? Glad everything came back good for you!

  23. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @lioneyes: share, share, share, share!

  24. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @lioneyes: That's great that everything came back with good results! Such a relief!

    @RKitty: Girls do have such cute things. Our family is boy strong too so I'm kind of expecting a boy again but I would be happy either way. So excited for you!

  25. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    Almost broke down last night and bought one of those sneak peak gender kits. They are having a Mother’s day special on amazon!

  26. yellowbeach

    persimmon / 1400 posts

    @rpparker: If I wasn't having mine drawn today I'm sure I would have! Although when you look closer, the 1 week turnaround is like 3x the price!

  27. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2881 posts

    @lioneyes: yay, glad the appointment went well!

    Had my NT scan last night, and the tech thinks baby is a girl. DD is thrilled. DS is pouting. I'm a little shell-shocked. For some reason I was convinced the kid is a boy. DH totally saw this coming though - he kept asking me how come I'm craving all that cake again Funny, a couple of weeks ago I was getting weepy because DD won't get to have a sister, and now I'm tearing up because DS won't get to have a brother.

    Also, they bumped my due date up to less than a week from DS's birthday. Yikes. Good thing we threw him a really big party last year, he may have none this time!

  28. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    @MrsMom: This pregnancy has been so different then my first I was a little hopeful I was going to luck out. I guess all the puking is worth having a girl?

    @rpparker: I've never heard of those! Im to cheap though to do extra tests lol

    @Mama Bird: Hormones do weird things to us! You could always go for a fourth !

    This week has been so stressful because my son is getting kicked out of daycare for biting and we're trying to figure out what to do. So I'm trying to not stress out to much but at the same time all the stress from him is making me not worry at all about this pregnancy....

  29. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @Mama Bird: I felt all the hormones in that one post. I'm sure once she's here everyone will be just as happy.

    @RKitty: This pregnancy has been very different for me and everyone keeps saying it's going to be a girl, but I don't know if I believe that or not. So many people say their pregnancy's were completely different and ended up with the same gender so I'm trying not to lean one way or the other. Also I can't believe he's getting kicked out, There's a girl that bites at our daycare and has bit my son three times but we've taught my son to tell her no and not let her get close enough, I would be very sad if she got kicked out for it. Now as soon as we walk in he points at her and tells her no biting LOL but they're best friends.

  30. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    @MrsMom: Morning sickness and appetite have been the biggest difference for me - that and that my boobs actually grew... which was the most thing that made me think girl. I would have been fine with a boy too, but I just needed to know ahead of time so I could get over the any disappointment of not having a girl.

    And I'm pissed about the whole daycare thing. He's only 23 months and he hasn't even been there a month! Before we switched to them we asked about biting and TOLD them he was a biter and we were told they don't kick out students for biting. They offered to put him on a behavior plan but its for only two weeks and he can't bite at all during that time. Like that's going to happen...

  31. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2881 posts

    @RKitty: ha! That's what my husband said I don't know what he's thinking, because if I ever get this sick again, he knows he'll be on mom AND dad duty for weeks!

  32. MrsMom

    kiwi / 532 posts

    @RKitty: I feel like maybe there's some more interventions that they can do to help curb the biting too. Some kids are biters and especially at his age when he's still learning. My son and the girl are 3 and she's just now realizing that when she bites he doesn't want to play with her and it hurts him so she hasn't done it in a while. And as long as it doesn't break the skin then I don't get upset about it. But our daycare is very good about watching and trying to prevent anything since they know she has a tendency to bite. Do you think maybe another parent is complaining and that's why they're being harsh?

  33. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2881 posts

    @RKitty: that's terrible! I can't believe they won't work with you... are there other day care options? I mean, I kind of get it, we had a biter in our day care and he bit another kid really bad, and no one wants kids coming home with tooth marks that break the skin. But even the parents of the kid that got bitten understood that everyone in the group is still little, sometimes they just act immature, and day care is doing what it can to cut down on the incidents. FWIW, DS is still friends with the biter even though he also got bitten once.

  34. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    @yellowbeach: oh good to know!

    @RKitty: so sorry about the daycare situation! That does not seem like an appropriate solution on their end!

  35. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    It ate my post twice.

  36. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    soo super short version.

    Mostly we're pissed because we switched daycare because they promised us when we enrolled they don't kick out kids for biting... and then they kick him out with less then a three day notice? And he hasn't even been there a month?! And now they say they want to charge me for next week since they require a two week notice? Not happening....

    Thankfully we're in a situation that daycare isn't as urgent as other families due to my work flexibility and my husbands weird schedule. And daycare isn't impossible to find, just difficult. We'll manage...

  37. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    Also when this LO comes there was a strong possibility I was going to end up leaving my job - this just might accelerate that.

  38. rpparker

    apricot / 342 posts

    Happy Mother’s Day! I posted a pic of DD in her big sister shirt this morning so cat is out of the bag

    Hope everyone gets some me time doing what they want today!

  39. Mama Bird

    nectarine / 2881 posts

    Happy Mother's Day everyone!

  40. RKitty

    apricot / 314 posts

    Happy Mother's Day everyone!

    I made gender revel cupcakes for family on Mother's Day and for work today. My MiL we teased and told her she didn't get a cupcake since she blabbed earlier....

    Just have FB left to 'out' myself too now!

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