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  1. Marfi

    clementine / 794 posts

    @lioneyes: congratulations!!! I’m glad everything went ok!!!

    @Mama Bird: I finally got discharged yesterday!!! It was a very long 6 days in the hospital! T has already surpassed his birth weight! He’s doing so well!

  2. rpparker

    apricot / 363 posts

    1.5cm dilated today at 36 week appointment! I know I can walk around like that for weeks but I was a straight zero all the way until labor first time so this is exciting! It’s also kicked my butt in gear to get things lined up at work!

    Also met with a RN to do my “birth wishes” which makes it feel real!

  3. Mama Bird

    pomegranate / 3127 posts

    @rpparker: so you might be really close!!!

    I'm 36 weeks too, got my bag packed, sort of set up leave with my boss, but all of a sudden everyone needs my help, so I hope I've got at least two more weeks. I'm thisclose to tying up all the loose ends, but just can't seem to get there because new work is coming up all the time...

  4. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @lioneyes: @Marfi: Everything going good with your tiny ones?

    @Lioneyes: do you mind sharing her first name I'm curious if we choose the same name since it's the same letter! But if your not comfortable with it that's cool too

    It'll be pretty funny if all us Nov moms have our babies in Oct!

    I'm 38 weeks today and NST have been looking great. LO has moved back down and starting to engage and cervix is softening and dilated a little bit - but hanging up high. So there was move advancement in the last week. Fundal measurement is at 40 weeks and I asked how big they thought she was. And since my son was 9lb 5oz we're doing a growth ultra sound on Tuesday and then my regular weekly appointment on Thur/Fri. Doc made noise about stripping membranes but I'll see how I feel before I agree to that... but when I left he did say "see you next week - if you make it that far"

    Tomorrow (Friday) is my last day of work so I'm hoping she stays put for a few more days atleast! But I did get my bag about half packed....

  5. Marfi

    clementine / 794 posts

    @RKitty: Everything is going great! Tristan came home last night after 4 days in the NICU and 9 days in the step down unit! It's so great having him at home!

  6. Mama Bird

    pomegranate / 3127 posts

    @Marfi: great!!! He's so tiny and adorable!

  7. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @Marfi: that's awesome hes home already and I love that bassinet/play pen. And your pup looks like he's accepted the hairless one and just wants to play with him.

  8. rpparker

    apricot / 363 posts

    @Marfi: that is the cutest little bassinet!

    2cm today so making progress. Lots of cramping this afternoon but maybe just irritated from the check. It's rainy and cold here so DH is picking up take out (a treat for us) and I've been in pjs since 4:00! Going to make an effort to get lots of rest this weekend - or as much as you can with a 3 yo!

  9. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @rpparker: at this rate im gonna be the last nov mom!

  10. Mama Bird

    pomegranate / 3127 posts

    @rpparker: I hope you can get some rest! The more I try to convince my three year old to let me rest, the more she insists I've got to do stuff with her

    Still hanging in there... found out this week from HR that if I make it to my due date, I'll have more paid leave thanks to a new state benefit. Just have to get through three more weeks...

  11. Miss Sarah

    persimmon / 1259 posts

    November 2015 mom over here de-lurking to say I'm excited for you all!! I can't believe my baby will be 3 on the 17th. November babies are fun!! Looking forward to seeing updates from everyone.

  12. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @Miss Sarah: thanks hopefully my lo comes sooner rather then later.

    Everything for me is ready to go just waiting for baby to pull the trigger to come... They offered to schedule an induction but my son has had a mild cold and I rather let the baby make the call. However my next appointment is on Tuesday and they said we will schedule an induction at that point.

  13. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @rpparker: How are you doing? I'm sorry to hear about your father.

  14. rpparker

    apricot / 363 posts

    @RKitty: Thank you...hanging in there. I was able to travel up to see my mom and one brother yesterday - this morning. It was great but really really hard. At one point, my mom was like “let’s talk about the baby” so everyone is looking for a happy distraction.

  15. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    Blood pressure was a little high again so had an ultrasound to check fluids and sent to the hospital for some blood tests. Everything was fine so I was sent home... but i'm on the standby induction list so I can get called at any point to go in or Thursday I reach 41wks and become medically needed induction and have an appointment at 4pm.... so the end is near!

  16. Mama Bird

    pomegranate / 3127 posts

    @rpparker: I'm glad you were able to see your mom, and she's looking forward to the baby. Everyone is telling me the same thing, that they can't wait for some happy news for a change.

    @RKitty: good luck! That's so soon!

    I've got like 7 days left, and I think I'll start working remotely after today. I end up standing a lot on the train home because there are so many people, and I'm so done with that. It's not even that no one offers a seat, I just can't get anywhere near the seats.

    I hope baby waits till after the weekend... DS is supposed to have a small birthday party, but of course the whole thing will be off if I'm not feeling good.

  17. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @rpparker: i'm glad you got out to see your mom. And baby's are a happy distraction and I hope your lo's arrival gives you that happiness.

    Miss Zoë made her arrival on 11/8 at 41 weeks! She weighed 8lbs 10.9 ounces and was 21.5 inches long.

    I called Wednesday for an induction and was told there was like a .01% chance I'd get called in so we went about our day and were out shopping -when I got a random phone call calling me in... which sent us in kinda a frantic omg what do we need to do lol. I ended up starting my induction at 3pm with a round of cytotec. 4 hours later very minor contractions about 5 minutes apart so got another dose of cytotec. 4 hours later I had dilated to 4 and contractions about 3 minutes apart and very very manageable- but they were mostly in my back again. So we started the pitocin about 30 minutes in I decided to get an epidural. Doc showed up about an hour later (so 1amish) and I was a 6 and broke my water. When they came to check on me around 2:30am I was at a 9 and started to shake really bad. Nurse said almost there and to call if I for any urge to push. (Please note the sleeping husband on the couch through all of this) Two contractions later I called her back and was lik uhhh I don't have to push but I have to poo... and she's like ohhhh. Woke hubby at this point (who wasn't sleeping just resting his eyes) and summoned my mom from the waiting room. Nurse had me push twice and doctor showed up we pushed a handful of times and she arrived at 3:28 am. So in my opinion a very easy delivery - my son was over 3 hours of pushing.

    We got released Friday afternoon and have mostly been adjust to life with a newborn and a toddler pretty well.

  18. lioneyes

    persimmon / 1286 posts

    @RKitty: YAY CONGRATS! And love her name!!! (We went with a different spelling )

  19. MrsMom

    kiwi / 568 posts

    @RKitty: congratulations!! Glad it was fairly easy this time around. Glad to know you all are adjusting well.

  20. rpparker

    apricot / 363 posts

    She’s here!! I ended up using my maiden name as her middle to honor my dad. Easiest labor ever! Will post more later. Little peanut at 6lbs 14oz

  21. MrsMom

    kiwi / 568 posts

    @rpparker: precious! Congratulations! Glad things went well.

  22. Mama Bird

    pomegranate / 3127 posts

    @RKitty: congrats! So funny about your husband being able to nap in the middle of it all! I was sooo mad when DH just slept through early labor with our first, but turned out he did the right thing. At least one of us could still think straight when it was time to go to the hospital...

    @rpparker: congratulations! I'm glad you found a way to honor your dad in her name.

    Small victory over here. DS's birthday party happened as planned, and everyone had a good time. My parents graciously agreed to host, because the kid wanted a proper cookout with a grill. DH and I were the only ones who know how the grill works, but thankfully I was feeling great and we managed to do all the cooking and still enjoy the party.

    I guess now baby can show up anytime she feels like it

  23. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    Thanks everyone!

    @lioneyes: I was curious! It's such a popular name now but I had it picked out back when I was in middle school and it wasn't popular at all!

    @rpparker: congrats! I think that's a great way to honor your father and I hope she's been the tay of light you needed lately.

    @Mama Bird: yah... i figured it be best if one of us slept. And I didn't mind but it was funny how he was like im not asleep! Sorry love but the snoring tells a different story.

  24. Christy412

    grape / 83 posts

    Hi everyone! Joining from the December board as someone decided they did not want to wait to join our family! Hunter decided to arrive 4 weeks early, right at 36 weeks on 11/12. He was 5lbs 3oz and 18in long! No NICU stay 😊. At my checkup on 11/8 I was already 4cm and progressed to 6cm over that weekend. Went to the hospital with closer and slightly stronger contractions and was admitted at 6cm. They thought I was going to labor quickly, but 12+ hours of staying at 6cm and walking the halls of antepartum, I finally quickly progressed to 8cm, broke my water and 19min and a few pushes later delivered! The contractions once I finally progressed were sooo painful, I give anyone credit who has a natural delivery. I was swearing for the anesthesia team to hurry up! I got the epidural just in time even though I felt like I could have pushed! Soo here I am, joining you ladies!

    Hunter is doing well, we’re working on maintaining his body temp so he’s a little burrito 24/7. He joins his big brother, Oliver who is 2 and was also born at 36w4d because of severe PreE. Apparently my boys don’t like going to term!

  25. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @Christy412: congrats! Hes adorable! Early babies seem to be all over this board!.

  26. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @Mama Bird: has your little one shown up yet? Or do you have an eviction date set?

    @Mrs. Cheesecake: Havent heard from you! I'm hoping your little one made a safe arrival by now!

  27. Mama Bird

    pomegranate / 3127 posts

    @Christy412: congrats and welcome!

    @RKitty: little R showed up yesterday, right on her original due date! Three-hour labor, and she's a giant baby compared to her siblings - 7.5 pounds. I'm still in disbelief how fast that happened. Timing was perfect though - I went into labor half an hour after everyone got home, so my parents were able to come and put the kids to bed, and I headed to the hospital with DH.

  28. RKitty

    apricot / 341 posts

    @Mama Bird: congrats! I'm glad the timing worked out so well for you


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