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  1. Silva

    pomelo / 5705 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: ugh, I’m sorry. There are so many indignities with pregnancy

  2. Silva

    pomelo / 5705 posts

    It is so easy for me to over do it! Last weekend I took my oldest to a small amusement park and got dehydrated and ended up throwing up the next morning when I tried to drink a lot of water on an empty stomach. It took me two days to feel “normal” again. This past weekend was a family reunion and I didn’t sleep well, plus I accidentally ate some gluten (I have celiac disease) so I was pretty sick on Sunday (but there was more family stuff and travel scheduled so I couldn’t just rest.
    Luckily today is an easy day for me- I’m just doing paperwork, grocery shopping and some online CEUs but it’s hard to head into a week of parenting my two kids when I’m already feeling this beat up.

    I was starting to get significant pubic pain after waking but I’ve worn my support belt the past couple of times and haven’t had pain, which is awesome.

  3. RKitty

    apricot / 279 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: Just keep applying a hydrating lotion to your belly and it helps a lot. Anything high in Vitamin E is good... in fact you can just pop open a Vit E pill and rub the oil on your stretch marks. I used a local brand of Shea butter and Vit E and I've mixed up my own too before. If I remember right red stretch marks are okay and keep treating them and they hopefully will go away. It's when they turn white it's a lot harder to treat!

    And if you are really bothered by them try to think of yourself as a fierce tiger who is earning her stripes.

  4. YogiRunner

    clementine / 772 posts

    So I had my 30 week appointment today and they detected a heart arrhythmia with the doppler and sent me right into the ultrasound room... structurally the heart looks just fine and the heart rate is on target, so they said it looks like PACs (premature atrial contractions), which are apparently common and usually go away before birth. But, still need the follow-up next week in the city. Sigh. I'm surprisingly not anxious, maybe because this little one is MAJOR mover in there and constantly active, which is reassuring. At least my 2 year old was a star during our 90 minute appointment!

    ETA: Anyone had experience with this and has dropping caffeine and trying to curb stress helped? I've definitely had my cup a day and yesterday a kid bit my toddler hard on the playground and I was kind of a wreck over it. I'm thinking of cutting caffeine and going to a restorative yoga class this week!

  5. littleblessings

    pear / 1708 posts

    @YogiRunner: I've been having that problem this pregnancy too. The only thing I've found to help is not taking any medicine or drinking any caffeine before exams. Mine is mostly a medicine problem.

  6. Kmomartin

    olive / 65 posts

    Checking in- uh is time flying for anyone else?! Had my 28 week appointment today and everything is normal- blood pressure, blood count, baby's heartrate, etc. Just kind of cruising through the summer besides having a space heater attached to the front of my body.

    I had my GD test last week and passed, so that was a positive, too! Getting things ready in the nursery now, but feeling super overwhelmed with the pure volume of how much stuff a baby needs. My mom had a shower for me last weekend so we have most of what we need, which is great- now I just need to put it all away and organize it!

    I feel super fortunate to have so many people that love and care about this tiny human already, it's kind of incredible. He is veryyy active at night right when I am falling asleep, which doesn't bode well for my sleeping habits but is also the coolest thing ever to feel him moving around in there.

    Hope everyone is getting through the summer heat- we are almost there!


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