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  1. RKitty

    apricot / 303 posts

    @YogiRunner: @buttermilk: it's odd because I've had high blood pressure not enough to send me anywhere but theyve been keeping an eye on it

    And the two nov babies were already born in Mid Oct! So our board seems to favor early babies...

    Lots of walking over here and spending time with my first as well.... havent really been hitting up the sex angle to much because it's been uncomfortable the last couple times.. but trying to eat spicy food too!

  2. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2073 posts

    Planning to take some castor oil around noon. Eek! Just a low dose. Hope it works. I think I’m on the verge.

  3. Silva

    pomelo / 5826 posts

    @buttermilk: good luck! I hope it pushes you over the edge

  4. yogifish

    cherry / 128 posts

    @buttermilk: hoping something happens soon! It’s so hard to wait at the very end.

    How is everyone else managing with the new babies? I’m currently finding the toddler more of a hot mess than dealing with a new baby. Lots of tantrums and only wanting mommy.

  5. Silva

    pomelo / 5826 posts

    @yogifish: the baby wasn't gaining weight, so I'm now having to manage pumping to bump up my supply. Its day by day- some days I'm okay, and feel ready for my husband to go back to work on Tuesday because I want to get back in our routine- other days I'm crying every 20 minutes and feel like I've made a huge mistake.
    Luckily those days are fewer and fewer. I surrendered to bed sharing at night, which we've always done previously but had tried to avoid this time, so I'm getting reasonable sleep. I just couldn't manage my life when I was up all night with the baby.
    both my big kids are managing surprisingly well. the toddler has been a little sad today, but I'm wondering if he's getting sick because its a pretty sudden departure from his usual mood.

  6. YogiRunner

    clementine / 800 posts

    @yogifish: so many people told me the toddler would be more difficult than the baby, and so far they’re right... he’s a sweetheart with his little brother but just so needy right now. I do miss our 1:1 time. Tonight he requested to rock in the glider and sing the ABCs together before bed and I happily obliged... tried to soak in every second of those cuddles.

    @Silva: Hang in there, you’ll back get to a routine sooner or later. I totally get wanting DH to get back to work to just feel like life is getting back to normal again! We are also doing what it takes to get some sleep around here. Each night we rotate from the bassinet to the rnp to be sharing - whatever works to make sure I can function the next day.

  7. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2073 posts

    He is here! Baby boy Francis arrived at 2:19am I’m 11/4. 9 pounds and 6 ounces! I had a quick natural birth and cannot believe I pushed out such a large baby! My vagina is certainly feeling the 2.5 pound difference between him and my daughter lol.

    I took one tablespoon of castor oil at noon on Saturday, followed be a second tablespoon an hour later. I had about 4 BM’s, diarrhea but no cramping or nausea at all to go with it. At 6:30 my normally painless Braxton Hicks started feeling a bit painful and within an hour I knew labor was starting. Labored at home and arrived at the hospital by 12:30am. I was 6 cm but so thin the midwife said she could have stretched me to 9cm. After being admitted I labored in the shower for 1.5 hrs. The hot water helped me cope soooo much. I ended up pushing for 25 mins which was much less than the 2 hrs with mu daughter but holy hell did it feel terrible, I guess due to his size! I am completely in love with my big chunkster. Had a scary situation this morning with postpartum hemorrhage and manual extraction but finally recovering from it.

  8. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2073 posts

    This comment has been deleted by the original poster.

  9. Silva

    pomelo / 5826 posts

    @buttermilk: congratulations!!! He’s so cute!!

  10. alwayssunny722

    coffee bean / 49 posts

    @buttermilk: Aww congratulations!

  11. yogifish

    cherry / 128 posts

    @buttermilk: aww he’s very cute! Hopefully he’s treating you well so far!

    @Silva: hopefully the extra pumping is helping with the weight gain. That’s such a hard thing to balance when you’ve already got bigger kids to deal with. And agree the toddlers can be so emotional too and when you’re tired I find I am so much less patient with the emotional outbursts.

    @YogiRunner: I think the first baby is just such a shock to the system that the second time baby seems so much easier because really all you can do is feed, change, comfort if they are fussy. The toddlers and their complex emotions seem much more complicated when you’re sleep deprived!


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