Hehe...twice in the last week I have been asked if I want boozey beverages! Once at TGI Friday's (where I was wearing a very fitted non-maternity top and you could definitely see a bump) and once at a sports bar (where I had on a fitted sweater dress and a friend had just said "yaaay, you're showing!"). Also, at Friday's the hostess asked if we wanted to sit in the bar, and I said "is there smoking there?" "yes" "then no, we'll wait for a table" <-- she glanced at my belly and then shrugged.

It's very possible that I just look chunky and not pregnant, but I wonder if servers ask everyone out of habit or if it's a precaution, just in case they're not 100% sure whether it's a beer belly or a baby. I guess no one wants to get in trouble for discriminating. Do YOU get offered alcoholic drinks while pregnant?