My husband and I were talking about our options and frustrations last night. He is very doubtful that IVF will ever work for us because of his male factor issues. I brought up different options and then he dropped this on me:

Hubs: Why don't we just use a sperm donor?
Me: I don't want to have a baby that's with another man. I thought we already ruled this out?
Hubs: Well, what if it was a relative?
Me: What? Like your cousin or something? That's weird! Besides, I wouldn't even know how to ask something like that!
Hubs: Um, it's already been offered.
Me: Huh? Who offered?
Hubs: My dad...
Me: YOUR DAD? What? No!
Hubs: Why not?
Me: Um, because you would be a brother and a father to the kid. Did he offer in front of your mom? What did she say?
Hubs: She was on board.
Me: What did I marry into?

My husband apologized for bringing it up and said he's just been feeling desperate lately. effing weird is that? Every since we told his parents about our struggles conceiving, they have been offering suggestions left and right. They usually range from "he just needs to lose some weight" and "stop thinking about it so much" to "just give up and adopt". This latest suggestion takes the cake though. I wish we had never said anything because now I am officially creeped out and will not be able to look my father-in-law in the eye. Does any one else regret spilling the beans to family?