In the evenings we can tell our newborn (2 weeks) tummy gives him problems. He usually is just a little fussy and won't sleep for a few hours but always finally settles. It hasn't been anything too horrible

Tonight he was fussy and wouldn't settle for almost 4 hrs. During that time he took a bottle very slowly and nursed once. I just gave him some gripe water and 30 seconds later he spit up sooo much. It had been about 45 mins since he nursed.

He instantly calmed down and went to sleep. I'm wondering if something I am eating is causing him discomfort or is this something that just sometimes happens with newborns ??? I just don't want to be causing him pain by something I am eating (dairy??) but have no idea if that's the problem or how to tell ?

I just hate knowing his stomach hurts and not knowing why. Any advice ?