OMG. I think I have the most alert 2-week old on the planet. The kid will. not. nap. The last couple of days she has been absolutely terrible about sleeping during the day. She isn't fussy or hungry (except during her normal every 3 hr feedings), but holy cow, she just doesn't want to go down! She stares at me with her big eyes, or looks around at everything, or makes cute squeaky noises, but she'll be darned if she naps!

I've tried the swing, her crib, her pack n play, sleeping on me, swaddled and unswaddled. Nope! Girl just wants to look around and wave her arms about.

Sigh. I asked the pediatrician yesterday and he didn't seem too concerned since she is sleeping really well at night (last night she wouldn't go down until flippin 10pm, but she slept in 4, 3, and 2.5 hr blocks).

This sucks for two reasons... For one, I can't get anything done! Every time I think she miiight be getting sleepy, NOPE! Up she gets and whatever I'm doing has to be put on hold. Secondly, I'm pretty sure she's hitting a growth spurt (already surpassed birth weight at appt) but shouldn't she be sleeping MORE?! Am I wrecking her poor brain by allowing this? Even though I really don't know what else I could do?!

Ugh, end rant. I'm going to lose my darn mind.