Hello! We are expectant parents with an interesting problem. We moved to the suburbs about a year ago and my wife is currently 7 months pregnant. We moved from NYC to NJ to enjoy the better schools and more space for our soon to be baby girl.

Her parents recently let us know that she is being gifted with 1.5 MM to invest in an NYC apartment - and that we can live there rent free! To us, it is a major gift - we do not like the suburbs and prefer city living (granted, its only been a year). Our major concern, however, is the NYC Public Schools. I cannot imagine sending my little girl to a "bad" school, it simply will not happen.

That being said - with this gift, we have come to a bit of a crossroads. From my research there are some districts in NY with good public schools at the elementary level, and from there it appears to be on the student/parent to prepare for admissions into the public middle/high schools. Should we go ahead and move back to the city - enjoy shorter commutes and lesser expense(No mortgage!) and ensure we find our baby the best school possible?

The other option is stick it out in the burbs, in all likelihood grow more used to it and ensure our baby has a good public school.

It is a blessing, no doubt, to be gifted with this money - however at the same time it raised many questions for our soon to be growing family!

Thanks for your advice!