Hi there, I'm new here. Just discovered this community and I'm thrilled to have found it I'm only 13 weeks pregnant so I've still got a lot of time, but I'm starting to do some stroller research and I'm getting incredibly confused!

I live in a small walk-up apartment in San Francisco. I walk most places but use the car for bigger errands. I am getting so lost and overwhelmed with all the strollers on the market, and I have some questions hopefully you experienced moms can help me with!

--- Should I get an infant car seat with a simple stroller frame, or get a a full stroller travel system?

--- How often did you use the travel system in the beginning? If I get a stroller that is not compatible with a car sear, will I regret this once the baby is is older?

--- For the stroller, do I opt for a fancy luxe bells and whistles stroller since I walk A LOT (i.e. uppababy vista, stokke scoot, city select, etc), or a lightweight, easy to fold compact stroller that will be easier to carry up a flight of stairs to get to my 2nd floor apartment (i.e. mountain buggy nano or uppa baby luxe)?

--- Do I also need a super compact lightweight stroller specific for traveling?

The thought of getting a stroller frame, a regular stroller, AND a travel stroller seems completely ridiculous to me, but I don't know - is that normal?

My apartment is small so I want the least amount of stuff necessary, but I am all about function and having things that are going to make my life easier. To me, the stroller is one of the most important purchases, so while price is a factor, I am okay with splurging if it's going to make my life a lot easier.

Thank you in advance for any and all advice! None of my friends have kids yet so I'm pretty lost.