When my husband and I were TTC the biggest question we had was... "Where are we going to FIT the baby?!". Now that I am pregnant I can't get it out of my head!

Question #1.... What have you done or plan to do with your SMALL SPACE?!

Anyone live in a small 1 bedroom or studio apartment? Please share your ideas, photos, suggestions, plans! Also, what do you do about storage space?

Question #2 ... Do babies really need a crib?! Do they even end up using them?!

My husband and I live in a typical New York City style apartment (3rd floor walk up). Luckily we do have a 1 Bedroom now (use to have a studio) and we have a pretty small BONUS sunroom off the kitchen that has a 2 seater ikea sofa and standing lamp in it now. We usually use that space for guests when they sleep over, big enough to pull out a small full sofa bed. Our bedroom at the moment is TIGHT, mainly because we have big furniture (bed, dresser..etc) but there is a closet and a small space next to my side of the bed.

Babies in SMALL spaces! Help! =D