The room we'll be using as baby's bedroom is tiny and I am trying to figure out ways to maximize storage. Hoping for some tips from moms who also live in apartments/small spaces.

There is a closet in the room with hanging space but not so sure how to best use the space below the hanging rod (since any clothes that hang will only take up a bit of space as they're tiny!). Thinking of hanging one of those Ikea storage hangers to get more room for clothes, like this Any other tips for closet storage?

Also plan to use a small dresser as a change table (just waiting around for Ikea to get new dressers after that recall... such unfortunate timing!) and trying to think of ways to store changing supplies and other random objects that I'll need to place somewhere. A little rolling cart beside the dresser? Or a hanging organizer like this, to hang on the side of the dresser?

I wanted to hang some shelves on the wall since there's limited floor space, but it's an old house with plaster walls and I don't know if that's a good or safe idea.

Any advice much appreciated... and if you have photos of how you organized a small room for baby, I'd love to see them!!