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Babies in SMALL Spaces & Apartments!!

  1. BronxvilleBump

    cherry / 119 posts

    @HoneyBear WHEW, it is soooo refreshing to here all of this! I'm glad that the minimalist route works out fine for most people. I tend to be a minimalist in general when it comes to my home because clutter tends to give me anxiety. It's so nice to hear everything you did and what worked for you. Thanks!

    @Lindsayinny I wish we could Lindsay! Right before I met my husband he purchased some really beautiful expensive HUGE bedroom furniture pieces and we were lucky enough to have them fit in the bedroom. They will not fit anywhere else and probably are the most valuable items we own. I do have a closet that is pretty deep in the bedroom and space next to my side of the bed though. The jumper is a great idea! I'd love to hear what your friend ended up doing in bronxville.


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