My entire family is in my SIL’s wedding this summer. This is the first time I’ve ever been invited to a wedding with kids, never mind had my kids in a wedding. It is a nighttime wedding.
I’m more curious about whether or not you tried to stick to a schedule at all? My youngest still naps, but I figure there will be pictures before the 5:30 ceremony. Did you skip naps? Move them earlier? I’m planning on having lots of snacks and toys. How late did you stay at the reception? Luckily the reception is at the resort we are staying at.

How did you deal with the other wedding related events? The rehearsal is at 7 PM and the rehearsal dinner starts at 8 PM. I’m kind of nervous about my kids making it that late. And I’m nervous that they are going to be over tired for the wedding day. Am I over thinking this?