One of my oldest friend is getting married across the country from me when Baby Shopaholic would be ~ 2 months old. She is one of my life-long friends (through family) that I've known longer than almost anybody. When we got married in Hawaii, she made that trip from the East Coast by herself to attend. So despite LO being so young, I'd decided I could make the trek by myself and stay with my auntie to attend the wedding. My grandma "might" go too in order to help me. However, all my family members there would be going to the wedding.

I was just confirming the date (no formal invites have been sent yet) and now she texted me to say she has a "no kids" rule for now. I don't know what to do. I feel bad for not attending, but what would I do with a 2 month old in another state? I told her that I wouldn't know who would watch her and she'd need to be BF like every 2 hours. I think she is thinking about it at the moment. But I also feel bad if she tells other people "no kids" and I'm the only one she made an exception for?

In this instance, what would YOU do?