So LO is still not drinking milk. He refuses the bottle and supplement formula. I still nurse at night so he’s getting BM. I stopped pumping once at work since yesterday because he won’t take BM in a bottle or cup. He will only drink water from his cups. It’s a good thing he weaned from the bottle so quickly but I am worried he hasn’t drank enough milk. I give yogurt,cheese and other calcium foods daily. Doc said to give time. I’m just scared he will lose weight. Is it normal for a 12 mo old to start to “thin out” as he’s walking and not on the formula etc???!? My family thinks I am worrying too much and he just had his well check up but that was before the transition. Any other suggestions? I offer high fats and he eats but is so active and just wants to go go go which I assume is normal because he just learned to walk....I give some solids and pouches because he’s eating that more. He throws his food on the floor at times so we feed him or hand him the food and encourage him to put in his mouth. We do a lot of praising for positive behavior and ignore the negative. I’m just worried he’s not getting enough.... sorry for being all over the place ——TIA