According to Glow I ovulated on August 15th. I took an ovulation test on the 14th & 15th and my LH Surge was high both days. I know it sounds crazy but starting on the 17th my boobs were super sore, a couple days later still sore boobs and nausea something awful. I never actually threw up but I felt terrible. This continued and as days passed fatigue set in. I walk 2 miles a day 3-5 times a week. I could barely walk I thought I was going to pass out every time I did it. I've been walking for 3-4 months. I've literally took like 6 HPTs starting at like 10 DPO because I so anxious. Then the dreams started I've had two dreams that were super crazy and I never EVER dream like this (only when I'm pregnant, I did it the last time I was). AF is scheduled for Wednesday August 29th. Starting Sunday (I was cramping Saturday night while I lay in bed) I wiped and there was light pink on the paper. This continued all day and by the end of the day it was gone. I went ahead and put a pad on just to monitor it. I woke up this morning and it was back. Its more brown now, and there is some on the pad but I really see it when I wipe. I got my hopes up (again!) and took yet another HPT and it was a BFN. I NEVER spot before my AF, except if hubby and I do the deed a few days before sometimes I will spot but then it goes away until my actual start date. We haven't done anything for a week. I usually get a major headache and I feel like my uterus is going to fall out then I start. I feel nothing only the spotting. I walked again Sunday and couldn't finish because I felt dizzy and exhausted. I will add that the last pregnancy I tested on 14 DPO and got my BFP (I don't know if I could have tested sooner because hubby and I weren't exactly ttc. We had the mentality if it happens it happens) Am I crazy?? Am I making up the symptoms in my brain?? Is there still hope or am I finished this round?