I am 31 years old and my husband and I have been TTC for 3 months, except for the past 2 months I have done OPK, CBFM, and BBT monitoring.

I have some questions and hoping that some fellow bees may be able to help me with. My annual pap is due in Oct, so I'll be seeing my gynecologist soon. I'm just wondering if I should try to see her sooner with these concerns (but fear getting blown off as a worry-some patient), so thought I would come here first! (Also thought it would be nice to have some support from others in the same boat!)

1) Brown spotting normally occurs 7 days before my period starts. I've read that this could indicate low progesterone, but that some doctors also blow off early spotting as a problem. Do you experience this? What did the work up entail? Did you get pregnant without progesterone supplementation?

2) I get painful rectal pains (feels like a lot of pressure, not gas though and is painful to sit) the first 2 days of my period. I also usually get a migraine the first day of my period, too. Most recently, I also started have awful groin pain in addition to the rectal pain. I looked up some stuff on google and found that spotting + painful periods could indicate endometriosis. Does anyone else have this unusual symptom?

Currently, I am 11 dpo, but the brown spotting has gotten darker so I am 99% sure that AF is on it's way (due in 3 days). I have been getting hints of brown in my CM since 8 dpo though.