Not sure what board to put this on.

I know this is common, but we're struggling a bit. My 18 mo started daycare for the first time a month ago. He has adjusted really well and we usually have minimal tears at drop-off and seems like he's doing pretty well at school. They say he is pretty reserved and quiet, which is like the opposite of how he is at home, so I think he's still kind of overstimulated/freaked out.

Anyway, at night and on the weekends, he is just a wreck. Constantly crying, miserable, exhausted. Today we put him down for his (one) nap at 10:45am because he was literally sobbing hysterically and rubbing his eyes nonstop. I mean he was like crying inconsolably, we could not calm him down until he fell asleep. (Normally he goes down around 11:30-12 on weekends). Everything makes him cry, he is so fragile. He slept 12 hours last night, too, so it's not like he was up at night. We can't do ANYTHING on the weekends or take him anywhere because he's like this.

This is not his normal personality. He's definitely getting more intense and hitting the toddler no's/tantrums, but in general he's a pleasant, very friendly little guy who likes to do things with us. We used to go to the library, the park, etc. on weekends and we can't do anything now.

I guess this is just daycare exhaustion? I hate it because he is so miserable. It's like he's telling us it's too much for him to handle. I feel so guilty. Maybe it will get better as he gets used to school? I'm having so much mama guilt.