Hi all,

My 10mo is currently on two naps a day. I’ve been following a 3/4/4 schedule and it has been working well except as of recently, the second nap has been more difficult. Usually LO has a morning and afternoon nap.

Example schedule:

Wake up: 7:00am

Nap 1: 10:00 (I’ve been pushing it to 3.25 to 3.5 hrs wake time and nap 1 is usually 1-1.5hrs).

Awake 1130ish

Nap 2: I attempt nap at 315-330 and usually he fights it and wants to stay awake and play. He doesn’t end up asleep till after 4 and sleeps about half hour. This effects bedtime bc it seems he needs at least 4 hours awake after nap 2 and he’ll wake up between 430-5 from nap 2.

What do I do so bedtime isn’t so late since nap 2 ends up so late? Drop nap 2 and stretch wake time in the morning? If I drop nap 2 and opt for an earlier bedtime he’ll be way too tired by the time dinner rolls around.